Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 7)


Nameste, Namoskar, khammaghani, sat srī akāl and assalam ‘alaykum,
How r u? Thanks for reading my ff and bearing it.
NOTE- Guys the sister of yuvi will be Kaavya instead of mahi.So guys I m not including mahi in my ff so that there is no confusion.The role of kaavya will be played by ( u have to choose one)
-Sheena Bajaj( last seen as dolly in best of luck Nikki)
-Sanaya irani ( seen as Khushi in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon)
-Niti Taylor( seen as nandani in kaisi yeh yarrian)
-Sukriti kandpal( seen as rajjo in tashan e ishq)
– Sonarika Bhadoria( seen as parvati in devo ke dev mahadev)
– Krystle Dsouza( seen as jeevika in ek hazzarow me meri behna hai)
– Drashti Dhami (last seen inMadhubala Ek Ashq Ek Janon)
– jennifer winget (last seen in sarashwatichandra)
Sorry for the grammatical mistakes and typing errors.

Note- Its a twiraj ff not twinj

Recap- Yuvi,Twinkle and kunj make a plan to get kunvya( kunj and Kaavya) closer by acting.

Here it goes.
At. Night
Kunj, twinkle and yuvi were talking and someone knocks at the door of yuvi’s room
Twinkle goes to open the door and then goes to washroom.
Anita was there.
She came to them. Yuvi was sitting on the bed.
K:- hello Aunty
A:- aree kunj, when did u come here?
K:- I came in the afternoon will stay here with twinkle till yuvi becomes fine.
A:-That’s so sweet of u and twinkle.
Y:- yes mom, u want something?
A:- no beta, I just came here to ask u this question only
Y:- okay mom

A:- kunj beta would do a favor on me.
K:- sure Aunty
A:- can u just go to kaavya’s room and get a dress for twinkle and get a blanket from the next room. I m sorry beta, I m bothering u but I have some work.
K:- aree it’s okay aunty, I m also like ur son. U should order me instead of saying sorry(happily agrees as he was asked to go to kaavya’s room)
A:- thank u so much beta ( saying this she smiles)
Kunj leaves
A:- chalo yuvi, I have some work. U enjoy( she winks at yuvi)
Yuvi understood that she send kunj out so that twinkle and he can spend some time with each other.
He smiles to himself.
Twinkle comes out from washroom and ask for Anita and kunj.
Y:- twinkle, mom had some work and she send kunj to kaavya’s room to get a dress for u.
T:- okay. Now that’s good because kunj will get some time to spend with Kaavya ( smiles)
Y:- yes, but here I m getting bored.

T:- hmmm
Y:- sitting on bed and that to without work is like a punishment.
T:- yup, should I switch on the Television.
Y:- yes please.

Twinkle switch on the Television and sits on the couch.
A romantic movie starts.The scene of the film was same. A girl sitting on the couch. A boy sitting on the bed with one leg fractured. They both share eyelock just like seen in the film. Yuvi smiles seeing this. Suddenly Twinkle goes out of the room saying that she want water.

The screen shifts
Kunj goes to the room next to kaavya’s. He brings a blanket.
After taking the blanket, he starts to go to kaavya’s room but the electricity goes.
It’s all dark. Kaavya gets a little scared but still doesn’t show. She is sitting on the couch chatting with Nidhi. She tells her that she won’t come to office for next two days as her brother is not well. Then only a man enters her room. She is not able to see him as it’s quite dark. She takes a pillow and starts beating him. He is kunj.

K:- aahhh, It’s hurting.
Kaavya:- thief, thief, thief ( she screams)
Kunj:- I m not a thief.
Kaavya:- then who the hell r u?? ( surprised)
Kunj:- it’s me kunj, I just came to take few clothes for twinkle.

On the other hand
Twinkle was going to drink water in the kitchen but due to dark, she returned to the room.
The Television was switched off. She was going towards the bed but her foot stucked with some cloth and she fell on the bed where yuvi was lying. Twinkle on yuvi. They both were not able to see each other’s face. Yuvi was losing his control from his feelings. He just wanted to hug her, but was not able to.
Still he was happy as his love was lying above him.

In kaavya’s room~
Kaavya:- I m soo sorry kunj, it was dark so I didn’t identify u. ( saying this she holds her ears)

Kunj:- areee no need to hold ur hands, it’s okay ( he removes her hands from her ears)
She cries.
Kunj just simply hugs her to console her. She also reciprocates the hug. Kunj reaches on cloud 9. He was happy as hell that they both hugged each other.
Suddenly Kaavya realises what she was doing, she broke the hug. Kunj understood it. Kaavya opens her wardrobe and takes 2-3 dresses. She is avoiding eye contact with kunj. She gives those clothes to kunj.
Kunj:- what is this?????
Kaavya:- kunj, these r the dresses for twinkle, u asked for them
Electricity comes back.
Kunj:- ohh yes. Thanq
Saying this he leaves with smile on his face. On the other hand Kaavya smiles recalling what had happened before few minutes.

In yuvi’s room~
The electricity comes back. Twiraj composes themselves. Both were feeling awkward. Twinkle goes out of room avoiding eye contact with yuvi.
Yuvi:- Now due to this acting to unite kunvya, I’ll get close to Twinkle. Thank god I agreed to this idea or else I would have never got a chance to come close to twinkle.

Precap- Twinkle will make yuvi drink soup with her own hands.

Does twinkle like yuvi?
Y did Twinkle made yuvi drink soup?

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Credit to: Anushka

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  1. kavya shud be sanaya irani….good ff dear….though u know im not a twiraj fan…so I comment to appreciate ur writing skills only…coz u are a really good writer

    1. Thanq so much Akku di. Ur comment nd that too on the top means a lot to me.

  2. hi dr. I think krystle dsouza should be kaavya. and ur ff is very gd

    1. Thanks rose.

  3. Very nice anushka
    I like sheena♥♥♥♥

    1. Thanq so much sanam. Can I ask u one thing, what’s ur real name. Hope don’t mind if I ask u that.

      1. Melrine I know that’s kind of complicated
        U can call me Mel

  4. I loved it annu. I hope u don’t mind me calling u that. And yes u can call me sri, I would love it. I m a big fine of twiraj. Thanq so much Anushka for writing another ff on twiraj. I think Kaavya should be played by sanaya Irani.

    1. Sri, Thanq so much for commenting. U r like my sissy.

  5. soo nice anushka….i think kavya should be sanaya irani

    1. Thanq so much gopika di for commenting. Ur comment means a lot to me.

  6. Awesome episode Anushka. Sanaya Irani would rock

    1. Thanq so much Anu Mishra.

  7. Amazing episode di. Love u and your ff so much that I can’t explain in words. U rock. Plz post next episode as soon as possible. I suppose Krystal would suit with kunj as Kaavya.

    1. Thanq so much bro. I love to 2. U just left me speechless. Once again thanq for commenting dear.

  8. Very nyc.. Continue.

    1. Thanq u so so so so so much Nayana for commenting.

  9. ohhh.i realy love this FF.plz post 3 to 4 as yo write toooo short and 1 in 3 days.twinraj more romantic sences

    1. Thanq so much Misha. Love u. But I m so sorry for short update. Next episode will be a little longer compared to others. Sure ur request for romantic scenes is accepted.

  10. Plz upload one more today. And sanaya will be best.

    1. Thanks Aakriti for commenting but so sorry won’t be able to upload next episode today. I m a little busy. So sorry once again dear.

  11. Sanaya would rock with kunj. By the way nice episode.

    1. Thanks Abc.

  12. U r a amazing writer Anushka, Sheena would look perfect with Kunj. My real name is Aashima as u asked me before sorry was not able to reply at that time.

    1. Oh Aashima, thanks for commenting dear.

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