Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 5)


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Note- Its a twiraj ff not twinj

Recap- yuvi’s dream.

Here it goes

Mahi in her office. She was working in her office suddenly a colleague comes there. Her name was nidhi.
M:- Hi nidhi
N:- Hi mahi (one hand on her hand)
M:- what happened to ur head and ur eyes, they r blood red.
N:- yaar since yesterday, I m having headache.
M:- okay so may be u should consult a doctor.
N:- I think the same.
M:- so go, what r u waiting for.
N:- Actually as u know I have shifted to this city a month before, so I don’t know much about this place.
M:- okay, come I’ll take u there
N:- but will the boss give u a leave.
M:- aree y not, my work is almost done. I’ll inform him first
N:- thank u so much Mahi.
M:- yaar it’s okay.
They both leave for a check up in a nearby hospital.
In hospital.
Receptionist- hello ma’am how can we help u.
M:- umm, we need to meet a doctor which consults the headaches
R:- okay, u can go to cabin number 3
M:- thank u so much
R:- anytime ( smiles)

They go to the given cabin. And there a girl wearing a white long overcoat is seen sitting on a chair with table . It was a white big room with almirah( medicines r kept), refrigerator (vaccinations r kept) and all necessary accessories required in a cabin of doctor.
That girl was none other than twinkle.
T:- hello, how can I help u
M:-hi, I think we know each other.
T:- R u Yuvraj Luthra’s sister.
M:- yes and r u Leela aunty’s daughter
T:- yes
M:- oh I m so sorry. I completely forgot u.
T:- It’s okay Mahi.
M:- ummm, I m sorry I forgot it name.
T:- It’s okay, by the way myself Dr. Twinkle.( they both shake their hands, whereas nidhi is confused)
M:- that’s so sweet of u.
T:- so u here.
M:- yes, actually she is my friend Nidhi
T:- hello nidhi
N:- hello
M:- and she is having headache from yesterday.
T:- okay
She examines her and ask few questions.
T:- there is nothing to worry. It becoz of the stress she is taking.
T:-yes, as u told me that u slept only for 4hours day before yesterday. That’s y only ur eyes r blood red.
T:- u should at least take 7-8 hours sleep.
N:- okay, thank u doctor. Mahi, I think I should leave bcoz I have to complete that design.
M:- sure
Twinkle and mahi talk for some time then mahi leaves.
Twinkle was studying a case then only her phone rings.
It was from kunj.
K:- hey, twinki.
T:- hey kunj.
K:- r u free, right now
T:- no I m very expensive( she laughs)
K:- yaar, this not the time to joke
T:- what happened?
K:- I have decided to tell yuvi about me, I mean I want to tell him that I like her.
T:- but y now
K:- I don’t know, just my heart is saying to tell him
T:- okay
K:- u just come to hard rock café. I have also called yuvi there.
T:- I’m coming.
She disconnects the call.
After some time. She reaches there. She sees that kunj and yuvi r already there.
T:- Hi yuvi
Y:- Hi ( just lost in her and smiles)
K:- yuvi I want to tell u that I like mahi
Y:- haan
K:- haan( oh really)( happy)
T:-haan??( confused)
Y:- (comes to his senses) what haan??
T:- u only said haan
Y:- for what
K:- the thing which I told u just before 2 minutes.
Y:- which thing
K:- that I like mahi. And u approved for that
Y:- when?? ……w8 w8. What did u said right now??
T:- he said that he likes mahi( with a smile)
Y:- really( with smile)
T:- yes
Kunj blushes
Y:- so what’s the problem
T:- that mahi and kunj don’t talk much
Y:- so this means mahi doesn’t like kunj
K:- no she do……..may be………or may be not
T:- I’ll check that
Y:- so what I have to do.
T:- u have to unite them
Y:- but y should i?
K:- bcoz u r my best friend
T:- yes. please please please( she folds her hand)
Y:- no no twinkle plz don’t do that again okay??? ( he opens them) okay I will help u unite them
K:- thank u so much yuvi.
Y:- bro it’s needless
Twinkle hugs him. Yuvi reaches on cloud 9 but before he could reciprocate it she broke it.
T:- thank u so much yuvi. U the sweetest guy I have ever met.
K:- really??
T:- yes becoz u call me siyappa queeen
K:- like seriously??
T:-Yes sadu sarna
Y:- ( has a broad smile on his face) okay guys com’on stop it now.
K:- okay
Twinkle tells them something which is muted.
They all has a smile on their face.
Screen freezes on their smiling faces.

Precap- kunj at Luthra mention with a bouquet in his hands. Mahi smiles seeing kunj at her house

Is kunj gonna propose mahi infront of everyone?
Why does mahi smile seeing kunj at her house?
Does she also like kunj?

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Credit to: Anushka

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