Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 16)

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Hey Guys this is Anushka hope u haven’t forgotten me!
I m so sorry to the sqr of infinite guys for not posting this ff but can’t do anything as I had my exams till 9th may and I was a little busy with my school project also. So finally I m done wid my exams and project.
I guess u will be finding it difficult to find my ff in these millions of fan fictions .
U can read previous episodes from clicking on this link.

U can read my os on twinj.

Recap-: twinkle pours a bucket of water on kunj.
Here it goes
K:- twinki now tell me y did u poured the whole bucket on me.
T:-I m sorry kunj but the thing was so so so important.
K:- tell Na ( worried)
T:- yuvi
K:- kyaa kiya uss yuvi ne. I know he is my best friend but how can he hurt u.
T:- no no he didn’t hurt me but
K:- but what
T:- but I think I love him. ( blushes)
K:- what I m so happy for u. Did u tell him
T:- no I didn’t.
K:- y
T:- what if he don’t feel the same for me. What if he likes someone else? What if he breaks the frndship ?
K:- no that’s not true .
T:- what’s not true??
K:- that he likes someone else.
T:- really ( with a broad smile)
K:- yaa becoz when u accidentally kissed him today his cheek was glowing like a 1000 volt bulb. And do u remember his face when ur mom told u to meet a boy in café. I think he likes u but still I will ask him.
T:- she blushed badly
K:- oh ho blushing nd all ( teasingly)
T:- shut up kunj, now think how to escape from this meeting??
K:- hmmm. ( starts thinking)
T:- think fast or else….
K:- or else what¿¿¿¿¿¿
T:- u would be separated from Kaavya.
K:- what rubbish( worried)
T:- it’s not rubbish but reality. U will be separated from Kaavya and I from yuvi.
K:- but I don’t even know whether she likes me or not.
Twinkle thinks should I tell him that Kaavya likes him or not.
K:- oh madam, think something or else I won’t be able to get my lady love.
T:- y…y should I think?? The thinking job is urs.
K:- do u really think that??
T:- yes I really think like that.
K:- But for this problem u will think the solution.
T:- no I will not.
K:- yes you will
T:- no I will not
K:- yes
T:- yes
Twinkle realising what she said makes disgusted face.
Screen freezes on her disgusted face.
Precap- same as the last 1…..
Sorry for short update and grammatical mistakes.
It’s a twiraj ff.
Love u.
Take care.
Keep commenting.

Credit to: Anushka


  1. tara

    i had guessed thats its a twiraj didnt comment as i wanted u to say first…
    bt it was superb..

  2. Abc

    Nice episode
    Missed u so much. Welcm back dear…. U posted after so many days so u should get punishment. And ur punishment is that u will have to post a episode everyday otherwise I won’t talk to u.

  3. Anushka

    Guys I m so sorry for not replying u individually but I m really thankful to God for giving me such good frnds on Tu. Thanks a ton dear commenters.
    Dear abc, I won’t be posting the episodes regularly as I have ended this ff, I mean I have just submitted the last episode of this ff.

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