Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 15)


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I m so sorry for not posting this ff but try to understand that I’m writing 2 ffs at the same time. And I m little busy with my school project also.
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Recap- Twinkle agrees to meet the boy. She feels strange about her feelings for yuvi.

U:- aree Anitaji, Leela aur Maine milkar tum sab ke liye kisi ko select kiya hai.
A:- toh tume unse Milne Jana hai.
All four:- par kisse? ( but who)
L:- that’s a surprise.
A:- u will get the details on ur phone.
U:- In some time.
L:-And today u all r staying in this house
So raamu kaka plz show them their rooms.

Raamu kaka takes them all to their respected rooms.
Twinkle’s room is in between of yunj and kaavya’s room is opposite of kunj’s room. They all head towards their room by saying good night to each other.

@twinkle’s room
She was feeling restless. She just didn’t want the person guy. She wanted a Solution but ended up thinking about yuvi.
T:- what the hell is this?
Y m I thinking about that yuvi?
She decides to ask kunj about it.

She comes in his room and saw him sleeping.
T:- kunj….. Kunj……kunj…..
K:- hmm
T:-Agghhhh…… Wake up u idiot.
K:- hmm
He was still sleeping.
T:- I m telling u to wake up or else.
Still he didn’t.
She thought of something and goes to the bathroom and brings a bucket of cold water.
She poured the whole bucket on him and keeps her hand on his mouth so that he don’t shout. He wakes up immediately.
T:- u donkey u didn’t left any other option for me.
K:- ummmmmm ( struggling to remove her hand)
T:- first tell me u won’t shout.
Kunj does thumbs up.
Twinkle removes her hand but he shouts so she keeps it again.
T:- u said u won’t.
Kunj holds his ears to say sorry
T:- really (makes puppy face)
Kunj nods.
She removes her hand from his mouth.
K:- siyappa queeen tujhe toh mai chodu ga nahi ( u siyappa queeen I won’t spare u)
She starts running and he starts chasing her.
T:- sorry sorry sorry ( makes puppy face while running)
They both were running.
They both were breathing fast.
T:- thak gaye naa kunj.( u tired naa kunj)
K:- nahi twinkle mai thakta nahi hoon ( no Twinkle I never get tired) ( yjhd dialogue)
T:- achha tum nahi mai thak gayi hoon. ( okay u r not tired but I m)
K:- okay come let’s sit.
They both sit on the bed.
K:- twinki now tell me y did u poured the whole bucket on me.
T:-I m sorry kunj but the thing was so so so important.
K:- tell Na ( worried)
T:- yuvi
K:- kyaa kiya uss yuvi. I know he is my best friend but how can he hurt u.
T:- no no he didn’t hurt me but
K:- but what
T:- but I think I love him. ( blushes)
K:- what I m so happy for u. Did u tell him
T:- no I didn’t.
K:- y
T:- what if he don’t feel the same for me. What if he likes someone else? What if he breaks the frndship ?

The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap- all four head towards the café. Yuvi is shocked to the girl.
Sorry for short update and grammatical mistakes.
-Who is the girl???
-Who will be lucky guy to get twinkle?
-How will chinki react when she get to know about yuvi meeting a girl?
-Will Kunvya forget about their feelings for each other?
-Y did anita find a girl for yuvi when she knows that he likes twinkle.
-Has Anita turned negative?
Guys any guesses about the new characters?
Love u.
Take care.
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Credit to: Anushka

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