Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 14)


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I m so sorry for not posting this ff but try to understand that I’m writing 2 ffs at the same time. And I m little busy with my school project.
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Recap-:- twinkle gives a peck on yuvi’s chick.
Here it goes.

Twinkle tells raju something but he denies.
Kunj comes to yuvi and says.
K:- kyoon beta man mai ladoo fhoota.
Y:- haan ……….no……I mean yes……no
K:- haan beta I know. He goes to Twinkle and raju.
Yuvi smiles touching where twinkle kissed.

Raju, kunj and twinkle were talking wid each other.
R:- no means no
T:- yes means yes
K:- yes
R:- areee yaar, I don’t think it is the right time now.
T:- it is right time.
Yuvi comes there and says for what.
T:- aree yuvi u only tell him to come to my home and meet my mom.(avoiding eye contact because of the peck)
K:- yes but he is saying no.
Y:- y so bhai
R:- chalo thik hai, if u insist so much then I will come but only for 10 mins.
T:- done.

They all go inside the Taneja Mansion.
Yuvi got a little shocked as he saw Anita standing beside Leela with a smile on her face. Usha and kaavya were also present there

Leela comes towards twinkle nd holds one of her ear in a funny way just to show angry.
L:- where did u go? How could u go without ur phone and that too alone.( angry)
T:- I m so sorry maaa. But I forgot the way back home.
L:- kya?

Twinkle tells her everything which yuvi told her to tell. She also told her that raju is her brother.

T:- so sorry maa
L:- I won’t accept ur sorry do u even know how much tensed I was for u. Vo achha hua yunj tudjse Milne aa h gaye aur mujhe pata chala ki tu ab tak yuvi ke ghar nahi pahuchi hai.
Y:- Aunty, it’s okay, plz don’t scold her more…… For me ( realises what he said) I mean for kunj.. he is like ur son naa.
Twinkle was touched by his concern for her. She thinks in her mind thanq baba Ji for sending yuvi as a frnd in my life. He is a true frnd. And see this kunj how he is standing numb there. I won’t spare him.
L:- thik hai puttar, tu kehta hai toh maaf kar deti hoon. Jaise kunj mere bete jaisa hai vaise hi tu bhi mere bete jaisa hai.

Y:- thanks Aunty.
L:- par twinkle ko punishment toh milegi. Aur uski punishment yeh hai ki Maine uske liye Ek ladka dekha hai toh twinkle ko usse Milne Jana hoga.
T:- maa aapko toh pata hai ki mujhe shaadi waadi nai karni
She makes irritating face.
L:- firr puttar mai tujhse baat nahi karungi.
T:- maaa. ( worried)
By this time yuvi’s heart was pumping very fast. He was thinking what if Twinkle accept that guy and marry him.

L:- u have to choose one.
T:- t….Hi….k m…mmmaaaa

L:- good chalo now make ume !eet ur brother.
Twinkle introduce raju to Leela and they both talk for sometime.
Twinkle goes to the corner. And thinks to find a way to escape the meeting with that boy.
T:- I have to stop it. Think twinkle think. There must be some way. And every problem comes with a solution.
She closes her eyes to think something but yuvi’s smiling face comes infront. She is just lost in his smile. But comes to reality thinking about the proposal.
Oh god what is happening to me?
I have to find a way to escape not the smiling face of yuvi.
She again closes her eyes but this time his sad face.
She opens her eyes.
Oh god y I m feeling bad after watching his sad face.

She goes back to the hall.
L:- where were u? I was finding u.
T:- I was in the washroom but y were u finding me?
Leela drags twinkle to the center and says
L:- as u all know tomorrow my daughter is going to meet the boy but she is not going alone.
T:- what??

L:- I mean Kunvya and yuvi are also going with u.
Kunvya- but Aunty what will we do there?
L:- because u also have to meet someone.
All four:- who?
U:- aree Anitaji, Leela aur Maine milkar tum sab ke liye kisi ko select kiya hai.
A:- toh tume unse Milne Jana hai.
All four:- par kisse? ( but who)
L:- that’s a surprise.
A:- u will get the details on ur phone.
U:- In some time.
L:-And today u all r staying in this house
So raamu kaka plz show them their rooms.
Raamu kaka takes them all to their respected rooms.

The screen freezes

Precap- twinkle tells kunj about her strange feelings. All four head towards the café.

-Who will be lucky guy to get twinkle?
-How will chinki react when she get to know about yuvi meeting a girl?
-Will Kunvya forget about their feelings for each other?
-Y did anita find a girl for yuvi when she knows that he likes twinkle.
-Has Anita turned negative?
Guys any guesses about the new characters?
Love u.
Take care.
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Congratulations Mumbai Indians fan that they won match against kkr.

Credit to: Anushka

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