Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 13)


13th episode

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I know many of u must be angry with me but I m so so so so so so so sorry. Actually I wrote episodes but the site was not opening in my phone. It had some URL problem which led to this much delay.
How r u? Thanks for reading my ff and bearing it.
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Note- it’s a twiraj ff
Recap- Raju tells twiraj his life’s journey so far.

Here it goes.
Raju and twiraj were walking.
T:- oh I have a niece and nephew.
Y:- sounds interesting.
R:- yes.
T:- so bhaiya when m I going to meet my bhabhi, nephew and niece.
R:- soon u will meet them but not now.

@ Taneja house
Leela:- kunj u told me that yuvi is with twinkle but where they both r?
K:- Aunty, yuvi said that he is coming.
L:- let her come home, where did she go? How could she go without her phone and that too alone.( angry)
K:- I know Aunty u r very angry but plz control ur anger
L:- how can I control my anger?
K:- plz Aunty.
L:- no let her come home, I’ll teach her a lesson.
K:- Aunty I’ll just come in a minute.
Saying this he goes.

He comes out of house and calls yuvi but his phone was switched off due to low battery.
K:- what the hell is this, y is his phone switched off.
Y:- because phone’s battery is dead.
K:- yuvi, when did u came.
Y:- when u were tensed and Calling me.
K:- aree twinkle kaha hai? Aur yeh kaun hai.
Twinkle was standing behind yuvi and raju.
T:- mai yaahan hoon.
R:- mai raju hoon.
K:- twinkle where the hell were u? U know how much tensed we all were for u. Leela aunty is really angry on u.
T:- I m so sorry kunj. But is maa really angry on me.( worried)
K:- yes she is. But tell me where were u.
Y:- I’ll tell.
K:- so what r u waiting for? Tell fast naa.
Yuvi tells him everything except that they forgiven raju.
K:- what? This much happened and u didn’t even bother to inform me? So this means I m nothing to u ( acts like crying)
T:- no its nothing like that kunj.
Kunj was about to beat raju but twinkle holds his hand.
K:- twinkle leave me, I’ll kill him. He tried to kidnap u.
T:- kunj, no words against my brother. U will have to face me first.
Those words touched raju’s heart.
K:- twinkle leave my hand.
Y:- kunj, leave him.
K:- yuvi, I suppose u will support me but u r supporting the one who tried to harm twinkle.
T:- kunj, I have forgiven him. Now he is my brother. He is very guilty for what he did.
Kunj leaves his hand and turns .
K:- if Twinkle has forgiven u then who am I to scold u.
T:- kunj
K:- haan.
T:- face me.
Kunj does what she said.
K:- yes.
T:- u r my best friend and best friends don’t say these things.
K:- okay. I won’t say.
T:- now smile
He smiles
Y:- u didn’t told me that y did u called me?
K:- ohh shit….
T:- kunj, washroom is inside. ( twiraj giggles)
K:- twinkle… Tum kabhi nahi sudhro gi.
T:- haan vo toh hai.
K:- maa is very angry with you.
T:- oh yes.. Guys tell me a excuse, I can’t tell her that I was about to get kidnapped.
Y:- simple tell her that what happened. I mean tell her about kid. Tell her that a kid asked u way and u droped him his home. But unfortunately forgot the way back home. I came on the right time and guided u .
T:- yes u r right. U r my Savior. ( she hurriedly pecks on his cheeks) thanq so much yuvi. ( she realises what she did and goes to raju)
Y:- aree anytime. ( I love you from bodyguards plays in his mind)
Twinkle tells raju something but he denies.
Kunj comes to yuvi and says.
K:- kyoon beta man mai ladoo fhoota.
Y:- haan ……….no……I mean yes……no
K:- haan beta I know. He goes to Twinkle and raju.
Yuvi smiles touching where twinkle kissed.

Screen freezes on his smiling face.

Precap- Leela brings a marriage proposal for twinkle

What would be twinkle’s decision.
Who is that lucky guy?
What would be yuvi’s reaction.

Love u.
Take care.
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Misha I suppose now u r happy as I uploaded 3 episodes a day.

Credit to: Anushka

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      1. Thanq so much I love to hate u for being frank wid me. I know many of people here don’t like my ff. But they didn’t wrote it through the comments. I m impressed. When I read this comment I was a little hurt but then I thought truth is truth. I m so sorry for writing such an bad fan fiction. I just cannot force anyone to like my ff. ABC dear u don’t need to say sorry on his or her behalf. I m happy that at least he or she said the truth and we only learn from mistakes. I love to hate u, I will try to reach ur expectations .

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