Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 12)


Nameste, Namoskar, khammaghani, sat srī akāl and assalam ‘alaykum,
I know many of u must be angry with me but I m so so so so so so so sorry. Actually I wrote episodes but the site was not opening in my phone. It had some URL problem which led to this much delay.
How r u? Thanks for reading my ff and bearing it.

Note- it’s a twiraj ff

Recap- raju tells twiraj that Kaavya was behind this.

Here it goes.

Yuvi calls kunj.
K:- bhai twinkle mili??? (Tensed)
Y:- haan bhai, vo mere saath hai aur vo bhi safe.
K:- thank god. ( releases a sign of relief)
Y:- bhai can u inform Aunty about it actually my phone’s battery is low.
K:- haan- haan sure
Yuvi cuts the call.

Where as twinkle told raju about sketch artist.
Y:- twinkle have u made him understand what a sketch artist.
R:- haan inhone Hume sketch ke baare mai sab bata diya.
T:- aree arstrist nahi. It’s artist.
R:- haan haan wahi.

Yuvi laughs at this.
Y:- achcha toh chale.
R:- haan
T:- par bhaiya aap aise kaam kyoon karte ho.
I mean gundde wale kaam
Raju gets teary eyes
R:- aaj pehli baari mujhe kisi ladki ne bhaiya bola hai warna toh sab galliyan( abuse) deti hai.
T:- aree bhaiya aaap toh emotional ho rahe ho
R:- behan ( sister) I promise u that I will stop doing these dirty works and will always protect u. As u r my only sister.
T:- bhaiya u r also my only brother.
R:- behan I m so sorry for what I was going to do.
T:- it’s okay bhaiya( brother)
She hugs him.
Y:- I m feeling alone.
R:- aree u can also join us yuvi.
Y:- thanq bhaiya.
Yuvi also hugs them.
Y:- I m so sorry bhaiya for beating u.
R:- I deserved that
Trio share a long hug.
Raju whispers in yuvi’s ears,
Plz take care of my sister after ur marriage and do call me in that special occasion, I know u love her.Yuvi says I promise that i will take care of her more than myself.
They break the hug
Yuvi has a smile on his face after listening that.

Y:- shall we go.
R:- yes chalo.
They all start walking.
Y:- twinkle u didn’t tell me that how did u come here.
R:- yuvi, that boy lives in my badi.
Y:- ahemmm
R:- we gave him a chocolate and ₹500 to bring twinkle to this place. So that we can take her to the farm house. And no one will be able to hear her shouting and save her. But u came and opened my eyes that whatever I was doing was wrong. I m so happy that I got sister today as my real sister died in a car accident.
Y:- so sorry.
R:- aree I m not all hurt. After my parents passed away, she was the one who took care of me. She worked in houses as a maid to educate me. She treated me as her son not brother and for me she was like my mother. She passed away when I was in 5th standard and after that I didn’t go to school.
T:- ohh so sorry
R:- then I grew up and selected wrong friends. All those were thieves and did wrong work to succeed. I became like them. So I used to take contracts from people to loot the coal from trains.
From that I earned a lot of money. And one day married. I have a son of 5years old and a daughter of 9years old.
T:- oh I have a niece and nephew.
Y:- sounds interesting.

The screen freezes
Precap- yuvi tells everything to kunj about the mystery girl.
How will kunj react?
Will chinki be caught by yunj?

Love u.
Take care.
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Credit to: Anushka

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  1. Anushka u r just mwaah♥♥♥♥ yr I have become a great fan of urs

    1. Awww no I should say that. I m ur huge fan Mel. U write so well

  2. Omg I totally agree wid sanam sir. I have also became ur big fan. I just can’t get this ff off my mind. Di u r fabulous writer. I just want to become like u. Plz hive me coaching classes.

    1. I m so sorry it’s
      can u give me coaching classes
      Sorry it got changed because my dictionary.

      1. I Am A Girl …. Y Always Me !!! Lol

      2. sanam itzz coz of ur profile hahah lol sanam sir hehe
        srry for laughing

    2. Sanam sir lol. Y does it happens with u only. Bhavya sanam is a girl not a boy. By the way Thanq so much bhavya.

  3. Heyyy anushka its awesome dear….Btw I hav a advice….see I consider u as my chhotu sister and that’s why I am telling u this….Dear u are really an amazing writer….but I hav noticed that u don’t get good number of comments…u the the true reason is that this is a twiraj ff and right now TWINJ is in the air….I feel bad that u r putting in so much efforts and ur story line is just woooww too…but ony coz of the fact that its a twiraj ff ur work is not appreciated….see u comment on my ff and read It daily so I feel u like twinj aswell…then y don’t u consider writing an ff on twinj….wer u hard work and amazing writing will be well appreciated by all twinj fans….it was just a suggestion dear….its totally up to u….luv u loads

    1. I completely agree with her dear..
      I would suggest u same..
      The last decision will be left to u..
      But it would just rock if u make it Twinj ff

      1. tysm crazy and ariba dear for supporting me…but yes the decision is of anu

    2. yeah akku doll I too think this bt annu princess its jst a suggestion if u want to write a twiraj ff we are not forcing you to write a twinj ff right akku doll

    3. I too agree with u Aakanksha

      1. thanx Aurora dear

    4. Aww Thanq so much Akku di for considering me as ur chhoto sister. I know twiraj is not so famous types but I wanted my ff to be a different one. I also love twinj more than twiraj. But as I saw there r many twinj ff and only one ff on twiraj written by zai. So I started writing it. When i didn’t got enough comments then only I decided that I’ll just end this ff and come up with a new ff which would be of twinj. Thanq so much Akku di, crazy, aribaa and aurora for being frank wid me. When I didn’t got enough comments then only thought to change it to twinj but thought that there r some twiraj fans who have some expectations wid me. So I thought not to break them

  4. Amazing

    1. Thanq so much

  5. Twinj is the best but I comment to praise u.

    1. For ur writing skills.

    2. Thanq so much Aurora

  6. Awsm episode

    1. Thanq so much Anu Mishra

  7. Awesome episode

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  8. hey thanks for not stopping this ff..It really disappoints if u stop this ff.. Thanks once again.Please continue it as twiraj..

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