Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 11)


Nameste, Namoskar, khammaghani, sat srī akāl and assalam ‘alaykum,
I know many of u must be angry with me but I m so so so so so so so sorry. Actually I wrote episodes but the site was not opening in my phone. It had some URL problem which led to this much delay.
How r u? Thanks for reading my ff and bearing it.
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Note- it’s a twiraj ff
Recap- Twinkle comes back from jamshednagar. Yuvj decides to visit twinkle and on the same hand twinkle decides to visit yuvi.

Here it goes
@ isolated place
T:- what have I done to u? ( crying)
R:-nothing but some one told us to do this.( a little guilty)
T:- but who?
1st man:- boss don’t tell her.
2nd man :- yes boss.
R:- She told us to do this.
T:- but who?
R:- y should I tell u. ( laughs)

Yuvi sees those people from very far. He thinks to ask them about twinkle. He starts moving towards them.

1st and 2nd men holds her hand tightly so that she couldn’t escape. The 3rd person holds the kid.
Kid ( sharad):- y r u taking me, it was a deal right.
R:- haan, but what if u tell someone about us.
Sharad:- no no I won’t tell it to anyone.
T:- u weren’t scared?? ( angry and hurt)
1st man:- we told him to bring u here.
T:- but y??
2nd man:- because tum humare liye ek anmol heera ho.
T:- kya??
3rd man:- haan, hum tumhaare maa -baap se bhi toh achha khaasa paise lenge. ( we will take a good amount of money from ur parents)
R:- no one can stop us
Yuvi comes close to them but still he wasn’t able to see or hear anything.
T:- just leave me u blo*dy bastard ( she shouts)
Yuvi heard this and came running towards them.
Y:- y r u troubling them?? Just leave them or else…..( without looking at her)
R:- tujhe kya problem hai chikne.
T:- yuvi….
She saw him and he saw her. There eyes met. Yuvi was so happy to see her but was hurt to see her in that condition.
Y:- twinkle, u here.
Twinkle’s eyes were blood red and swallon from crying. It was clearly visible that she had cried a lot. A tear dropped from his eye watching twinkle in that condition.

R:- u both know each other ???( surprised )

Yuvi didn’t answer him but simply punched him with all her force. Blood came out from Raju’s mouth.
The other three men started beating him. But his anger was on the top level becoz they were troubling his love.
He beat them black and blue. All the goons were hurt badly. Even yuvi had some cuts on his face where blood was coming. Still yuvi was fighting with them.
T:- yuvi. Stop it now. It’s more than enough for them.
All goons together:- yes yes this girl is right.

Yuvi leaves other men except raju.
Y:- u all can go.
All other men leave that place as fast as they can. And took the kid with them saying that they will drop him home.
R:- Let me also go.
T:- now tell me who told u to do this.
Y:- what??
Looks at Twinkle
T:- yes yuvi, someone told them to do this.
Y:- tell me who is that person.
Raju didn’t reply.
Y:- I said tell me damn it.
He shouts very loud with blood red eyes.
R:- k..k..a
Yuvi cuts him off.
Y:- tell me fast or else ur family won’t be able find ur dead body for ur dead rituals.
R:- k.k…a….v..vya. (Really scared)
Y:- what?? ( surprised)
T:- no no she can’t do it.
R:- yes Kaavya

Flash back starts
R:- but y u want me to kidnap this girl.
C:- because she is the hurdle of my way.
R:- what?
C:- u just have to kidnap her and keep her in my farmhouse.
R:- but where is it?
She gives the address to him.
R:- okay but till when?
C:- till I get married to yuvi.
Flash back ends

Yuvi was in shock.
T:- what? ( she was surprised)
R:- yes.
T:- no then she is not Kaavya because Kaavya is his real sister and he is yuvi.
R:- what?
T:- yuvi.. Yuvi …yuvi ..yuvi ( she shakes yuvi)
Yuvi lost in his thoughts.
T:- yuvi that girl cannot be Kaavya.
Y:- what? really! But how can u say so. ( comes out of his thoughts)
T:- she is not Kaavya.
Y:- twinkle I know u r a big hearted person but what my sister did is very wrong.
T:- yuvi, ur sister didn’t do anything.
Y:- I m so sorry twinkle, because of her u r in this condition.
T:- no yuvi. It’s nothing like that.
Y:- it is like that only.
T:- she can’t be Kaavya as the real culprit wants to marry u.And Kaavya is ur real sister, how can she marry u.
Y:- what??
T:- yes but the question arises y did she kidnapped me? If she loves u than she should confess it.
Y:- yes ( thinking may be because she knew that I love u)
I won’t leave that girl.
T:- hmm
Y:- but how did u come here. I mean this child and u. U know Leela aunty and kunj were so much tensed for u.
T:- what mom got to know I m here.
Y:- no. But they were searching for u in the market and near home. Omg I should inform this.
T:- no no plz don’t tell them that I was going to get kidnapped.
Y:- okay will see to it
R:- can I go now.
T:- but u told that she gave u a address.
R:- yes she gave.
Y:-plz give it to me and yaa did u see her face.
R:- haan.
Y:- toh tum sketch artist ki madd se uska sketch banva do.
R:- sketch artist kya hota hai
Y:- tum isse he samajha do, tabh tak mai Leela aunty aur kunj ko inform kar deta hoon.
T:- okay.
Yuvi calls kunj.
K:- bhai twinkle mili??? (Tensed)
Y:- haan bhai, vo mere saath hai aur vo bhi safe.
K:- thank god. ( releases a sign of relief)
Y:- bhai can u inform Aunty about it actually my phone’s battery is low.
K:- haan- haan sure
Yuvi cuts the call.
Screen freezes

Precap- yuvi tells everything to kunj about the mystery girl.
How will kunj react?
Will chinki be caught by yunj?

Love u.
Take care.
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Credit to: Anushka

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