Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 10)


Nameste, Namoskar, khammaghani, sat srī akāl and assalam ‘alaykum,
How r u? Thanks for reading my ff and bearing it.
Note- it’s a twiraj ff

Recap- chinki angry on twinkle. Twinkle leaves sarna house without informing yunj.

Here it goes.
Chinki comes to an isolated place. She is waiting for someone. A person comes there.
The person’s name is Raju.
C:- u only called me and u urself r coming so late.
R:- sorry, traffic jam mai fass gaya tha
C:- okay, tell me y did u called me here.
R:- ma’am, r u sure that there would no one with that girl.

C:- I m 100% sure, there would be no one with that girl.
R:- okay
C:- but my name should not come out.
R:- okay it won’t come out but u can still tell
C:- what is the need??
R:- esehi
C:- (smirks) Kaavya.
R:- okay Kaavya.
C:- But make sure my work is done. And if it is not then never make me see ur dirty face again.
R:- okay
They both leave.

After 3days
Kunj and yuvi started going to their office. Raju was unable to find that girl.
Twinkle comes back from jamshednagar wearing white chudidar with her parents after performing all the rituals. She was upset becoz her Chachi was like her mother only. She was loving, caring, trustworthy and a good friend. She was giving support to her Chacha. (They both were childless couple, therefore loved twinkle as their own daughter.)
She was looking dull, her eyes were blood red and swollen because of crying.

She calls yuvi.
Yuvi got really happy that at least he would be able to hear her voice. He really missed her.
T:- Hi yuvi
Y:- hmmm
He didn’t reply because he was lost in her voice.
T:- hey yuvi u there??
Y:- hmmm
T:- How is ur fever?
Y:- hmmmm
Still he was lost because he loved to hear his name from her.
T:- yuvi, r u okay?
Y:- ya ya i m perfect .( comes to his senses)
T:- I asked u how is ur fever.

Y:- it’s gone.
T:- okay, then would u inform kunj that I m back.
Y:- sure but tell me r u fine.
T:- what has happened to me.
Y:- I got to know that ur Chachi… (She cuts her off)
T:- yes, I m absolutely fine. And ya i m at home right now.
Y:- okay
Y:- bye
They both disconnects the call, yuvi has a big smile on his face.
He calls kunj
K:- haan yuvi bol
Y:- Twinkle is back now.
K:- really twinkle is back in town.
Y:- yes, and she is at her home with her family.
K:- so I m going to her house.
Y:- I’ll accompany u
K:- sure
Y:- but we will go in the evening. I’ll come to ur house.
K:- k
Y:- chal bye yaar have lots of work pending
K:- same here chal bye
They both disconnect the call.
On the other hand twinkle decides to visit yuvi in the evening.
In the evening @7 pm

It was a little dark.
Twinkle started walking to luthra mansion which was of 20- 25 minutes.( it was not that far. She could easily go her foot)
But some goons on bike follow her. One of goon sent a 10- 12 year old kid towards Twinkle.
Kid:- didi didi
T:- yes, bachche
Kid:- didi, I m scared.
T:- but of what?
Kid:- my home is a little far from this place. Can u come along with me till I reach my house. Please don’t say know.
T:- Oh…kay ( a little scared)
They both walk for some time and reach an isolated place. @7:50 pm
T:- where is ur house? I cannot see it anywhere.
All of a sudden her eyes catches 4-5 bikes coming in front of them.
On the other hand. Yuvi reaches his home.
Kaavya:- hey bhai, how was ur day.
Y:- good and started going to his room
(In a hurry)
K:- but y r u in a hurry bhai?
Y:- gotta go
K:- but where bhai.
Y:- twinkle’s home.

K:- but y
A:- let him go beta.
K:- but I m just asking the reason maa.
A:- no need.
Y:- yes Kaavya no need ( teasingly)
Kaavya fumes( acting) and Anita winks at yuvi .Yuvi leaves for kunj’s house.
Sarna house.
Y:- kunj bhai we r already late
U:- yuvi puttar u here
Y:- yes Aunty
U:- come have dinner puttar
Y:- no no Aunty, u have it.
U:- aree I’ll toh have it but u come and eat
Y:- no Aunty I already had it.
U:- as u wish puttar
Y:- kunj bhai come fast.
Kunj comes there.

K:- haan bhai.
Y:- yaar, tu toh dulhano ki tarah tayaar ho raha tha. ( u were dressing like bride)
K:- no no nothing yaar.
Y:- achcha chal fir ( okay then let’s go)
U:- where r u both going??
K:- maa we r going to meet twinkle
U:- r they back from jamshednagar.
Y:- yes, they r back.
U:- okay.
K:- okay then, maa we r going. Bie
U;- bie
They both leave.
On the other hand.
The bike stops and all the men came towards twinkle and kid. They just made a circle around them.
T:- hey, what r u trying to do. Don’t come near me or else I’ll shout.
1st Man:-Then shout naa. Who stopped u jaaneman
Twinkle:- don’t call me that.
2nd man:- then what should we call u.
Raju:- yes yes, tell na.
Twinkle:- just let us go.
3rd Man:- abhi pakda hii kaha hai.
Raju and other men laughs evilly.

The screen shifts to Taneja house.
Yunj come there and greet Leela.
L:- hello boys.
Yunj:- Hi aunty.
Y:- where is Twinkle.
L:- I must be asking u this question.
K:- what?
L:- yes, twinkle left an hour ago for ur house.
Y:- but she didn’t came there.
L:- what??
Y:- yes
They all get tensed. Kunj tried calling twinkle but she by mistake she left it at her home.
They start searching for her. They all search in different directions. Yuvi was following just going the way where twinkle left. Kunj was following the way to the Market. Leela was following the way to Luthra Mansion.

The screen shifted to the isolated place.

T:- what have I done to u? ( crying)
R:-nothing but some one told us to do this.( a little guilty)
T:- but who?
1st man:- boss don’t tell her.
2nd man :- yes boss.
R:- She told us to do this.
T:- but who?

The screen freezes.

Precap- yuvi to beat those goons blue and black.

I know guys, it’s very boring. I m so sorry.Plz don’t throw Rotten tomatoes and eggs on my face for such an boring episode.
Misha I m so sorry u asked for 3-4 episodes but I m a little busy. Hope u understand.
Guys as u all know that may be I’ll not post regularly as my school has started nd I even have to go to coaching classes. And studies r equally important. Have a tight schedule but will post whenever I get time. So sorry once again.
Thanks for understanding.

Love u.
Take care.
Keep commenting.
Thanks for understanding

Credit to: Anushka

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  1. Urs ff is nt boring.. It’s very nyc..

    1. Thanq so much Nayana.

  2. It’s not good Anu 🙁
    But is fabulous 😛 😉
    U r an awesome writter

    1. Oh my ghost Mel, the first line almost killed me. But when I read further I reached on cloud 9

  3. Oh my god, I m loving it. Plz don’t end ur ff. I m a twiraj fan and only read about them. Hey Anushka plz tell me something about u.
    And r u from Mumbai???
    And dear u r really beautiful.

    1. I agree ” DANGER ” bt is that ur real name

    2. Aww thanq so much danger, u made my day. No dear I m not from Mumbai but I m from Delhi. Umm, I love to dance and act. I m vice captain of my school’s senior basketball girls team. I m in 9th standard.
      I m music addicted. Chocolates r love. I suppose that’s it for now. Once again thanq dear

    3. Oh I thought u r from Mumbai as u r really beautiful. I m in 10th and from Delhi only.
      And aribaa my real name is Siddarth Aurora. It’s just that I love to take danger.

  4. Amazing Anushka

    1. Thanq so much crazy

  5. Yes di it’s not at all boring. U know u r a great writer.

    1. Thanq so much brother??

  6. Nice!!!

    1. Thanq so much Anu Mishra

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