Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts (intro)

Hi guys this is my first fan fiction. I read many ffs and throught y not to write a ff. Guys plz tell me how is the central theme of the story through comments.
Here it goes.

twinkle- UV are is pair in my ff. (as I saw twinj in many ffs so thought to make it different)
( others will be told later)
Leela Taneja- sister of usha sarna, wife of Rt and mother of twinkle. A rich business women like Anita.

Usha Sarna- Sister of Leela Taneja,wife of Manohar and mother of kunj

Anita Luthra- Only parent of Yuvi and Mahi . She is a rich business women like Leela and wishes to marry Yuvi with Twinkle.
Her husband left her and married other women but soon died due to accident.
(Guys in this ff there is no enmity between Leela and Anita instead they are friends)

Twinkle- Only daughter of Leela and Rt.She is beautiful,innocent,simple and a book worm. Best friend
of Kunj Sarna. She is a Psychiatrist by profession.
(Psychiatrists, who occupy a more prevalent place in the research field than the medical field, study behavior and mental processes. They often work with patients in one-on-one sessions to alleviate mental illnesses and behavioral disorders.)

Kunj- Only son of Usha and Manohar. He is handsome, cute,has a huge of female fan, in studies comes first from last?, twinkle and Yuvi’s best friend. He is a civil engineer
(Civil engineers specialize in road, bridge, buildings and water supply system design and construction. They supervise and direct construction teams and work with other engineers.)
Yuvi- He is innocent guy with a huge female following like his best friend Kunj. Has a crush on Twinkle. He is a airline pilot.

Mahi- She is a sister of Yuvi and a fashion designer

Chinki- A colleague of Kunj And has a secret crush on yuvi.

It is a story set in Delhi. Twinkle and Kunj r cousins and r bffs. Twiraj met in a party conducted by kunj on his 25th Birthday. (Twiraj, chinki r of same age but mahi is younger)
Yuvi has a crush on Twinkle since then. Kunj is very protective of Twinkle as she has the position after his mother and aunt( Leela). He doesn’t let any boy come near her except his trusted frnds including yuvi. Chicky is an antagonist. She likes Yuvi and flirts with him every time they meet. (in kunj’s office) She cannot see any girl with yuvi. Anita knows about yuvi’s crush on twinkle and wishes to marry him to her.

In this story we will see how kunj as twinkle’s cousin and yuvi as her lover.
Guys plz tell me should I continue or end it.

Credit to: Anushka


  1. sudha

    is it a twiraj story i am confused please clear my confusion dear ,its k with twiraj but i cant see kunj and twinkle being cousins(bro&sis )and i think all kunj fans cant accept it i mean dont make them bro and sis and my point is not against twiraj ff i will love even twiraj ff and i think u got my point and please keep writing as ur story has a different point

  2. Baby Doll

    Are you a twiraj fan? Well please make twinj bffs only and not cousins. It’s my humble request… Lovely Start.. ALL THE BEST……..

  3. Harna

    Nice…u should continue it…its really nice as its going to be twiraj ff.. hope to see u more…

  4. tara

    ummm ur story seems interesting but very confusing…who is what nd i mean its quite diff from the real one so…lets see…hope this comes out well..nd if its twiraj ff..then m happy coz there are many on twinj..

  5. I suppose many of u r not liking twinj as cousins so may be I’ll make them only bffs.
    I find zain very cute but I hate yuvi. Actually I m a twinj fan but thought to make it a little different and made a twiraj ff. Sorry if I hurt u

    • sudha

      no yaar we r not hurt with twiraj ff but only thing is that twinj cant be cousins and u cleared it so we hv no prblm and we too zain fans so keep going it is really diff from all others

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