Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts (episode 4)


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Recap-:twinkle gets to know that kunj likes mahi. Yuvi thinks that Twinkle likes him. Accidental kiss of twiraj.

Party ends. Everyone disperse to their respective homes.
Taneja mansion

L:- thanq so much puttar. The party was amazing.
T:- maa, u r forgetting the rules.
L:- rules???? ( a little suspicious)
T:- that no thanq and sorry in friendship
L:- ohh yes! Sorry baba
T:- maa again a violation. U will get a punishment
L:- okay baba
T:- she forwards her left cheek.
Leela kisses it. And says badmash!
Rt also demands one.
Leela blushes and runs to her room

Twinkle blushes thinking about yuvi and sleeps

Same thing happens wid yuvi. He also thinks of twinkle. A broad smile appears on his face. Then he sleeps thinking about his love.

Next morning.
Yuvi gets up. He takes bath and leaves for his office. He is wearing black short jacket and slim leg trousers. He is looking stunning as usual. In his way he eyes caught a board on which name was written.
He stopped his car and parked it.
It was a garden decorated beautiful. A smiled appeared on his face.
A girl wearing coast dimitrina daisy textured, coral dress. She was looking hot in that dress. She was twinkle.
She came towards yuvi. Yuvi’s mouth was opened.
T:- ( closes his open mouth) yuvi close ur mouth otherwise a house fly will go in.
Y:- hmmm ( happily)
T:- I want to tell u something.
Y:- yes
T:- I love u!!( blushes heavily)
Y:- yes…………….. Whattt didd uuuhhh saaiidd???? ( at cloud nine)
In excitement he hugged her tightly. She too reciprocate it. He breaked the hug and starts moving his lip towards twinkle’s lip. She just smiled.
Suddenly he heard an irritating sound. It was his alarm clock. Soon he opened his eyes and saw that he was in his bed lying. Then he understood it was a dream not reality. He said twinkle what have u done to me? I m dreaming of u only since the day I met u in kunj’s birthday party.
But a thought strikes his mind. It was that a dream seen in the morning always comes true. But soon his smile fades thinking that it is superstitious believe.
He goes to bathroom and comes wearing the same dress worn in the dream. He goes to Anita.
A:- good morning yuvi.
Y:- good morning maa.
A:- come let’s have breakfast.
Y:- yup mom but before that I wanted to ask u something.
A:- say it clearly yuvi
Y:- does the dream seen in the morning comes true??
A:- yes sometimes
Y:- thanq so much mom
Then only mahi comes there wearing a purple coloured kuta with pink palazzo. She was looking gorgeous.
M:- good morning maa.
Good morning bhai.
Y:- gm sweetheart
A:- gm mahi.
They all start eating there breakfast.
M:- so what’s up
Y:- nothing much yaar
A:- but i didn’t understand yuvi, y did u ask that.
Y:- esehi maa.
M:- kya hua??
Y:- kuch nahi. I m going to office.
A:- okay beta bye
M:- I think mom, I should also leave.
A:- okay beta
Yuvi leave to their respective office.
Screen freezes on Anita’s face.

Precap:- start of a new friendship. Yuvi gets to about kunj’s feeling towards mahi.

-Who have become frnds?
-how will yuvi react?

Sorry for grammatical mistakes and short update.

Thank u for ur love. Loved u all. Stay blessd. Keep commenting.

Credit to: Anushka

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