Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts (episode 3)


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Recap:- kunj solves twinkle’s problem. Entry of yuvi. Yuvi being mesmerized seeing twinkle.

Here it goes
Twinkle goes to bubbly. She tells something to twinkle which is muted. Listening to her Twinkle smiles. After that

Twinkle is searching for kunj. She saw him flirting with a girl. That girl was Maya. Suddenly twinkle interrupts them and take kunj aside.
M:- offo, this twinkle bhi naa. Thodi derr mai aati toh kya ho jata.(she fumes in anger)
Twinkle takes kunj to an isolated area. Yuvi saw this. His smile vanished. He thought that twinj were in a relationship. He felt jealous of kunj.
K:- twinkle, tu mujhe yaha kyoon laayi ( in tension)
T:- what happened kunj sarna r u scared
K:- twinkle, mujhe tere iraade acche nahi lag rahe
T:- accha
K:- haan
T:- today toh I m gonna kill u
K:- but y??

T:- aree stupid! How can u hide this from me.
K:- but what have I hidden from u
T:- that u like mahi
K:- ( blushes) h..ow dooo u k.n….ow t…his??
T:- Bubbly saw u staring mahi when she arrived. She told me. And I came here to confirm that.
K:- ohhh. Yes I like her
T:- so buddhuu what r u waiting for. Go and confess ur love to her.
K:- but what if she rejects. What if I lose her foreva. So many ‘what if’ r there in my mind.
T:- okay. Now u don’t take tension. I m wid u.
K:- thanq twinkle. But first we have to check whether mahi feels the same for me like I feel for her.
T:- yes u r right. But for now, let’s go.
K:- yes
They started walking towards the party

Yuvi was very upset becoz he thought that twinj were in a relationship. He was madly and badly in love with twinkle. And couldn’t control his emotions.
He felt like his heart had been ripped out. 
Suddenly there was an aura of grey around her. It was a mist that wouldn’t rise. A state of depression that he couldn’t see himself through. 
He was walking towards twinj. They were face to face.

Yuvi them together and a tear rolled from his eyes.
Twinj saw this and came running towards him.
Kunj:- yuvi y r u crying?

Without giving an answescared??ell on twinkle.
Yuvi’s rough and hard lips were touching her soft and sensitive skin.( it was a kiss on twinkle’s right cheek)
Kunj was a little surprised. Twinkle’s eyes became broad due to awkwardness. They were like this for few seconds. Yuvi had a smile but did not show to twinj.
Yuvi got up and gave his hand to twinkle and she took it. They both compose themselves.
Y:- so sorry twinkle. I don’t know how..

Twinkle cut him off .
T:- it’s okay yuvi. But tell me what happened to u.
K:- bro r u f9??
Y:- yes guys, I m f9. Just remembered some old memories spend with dad. That’s y.
T:- okay. I think kunj u should leave.( she signs something to him)
Yuvi thinks that she herself wants to spend time with me that to alone. May be they both r not in relationship.
K:- yes. You guys enjoy
( he leaves)
Y:- twinkle, y did u told him to leave?
T:- ( thinks for a while) will tell u when right time comes.
(yuvi’s happiness knew no bounds. He thought that twinkle likes him that’s y she is waiting for the right time to tell me)
He just simply smiles
The screen freezes on his smiling face.

Precap- twinkle proposes yuvi

What, twinkle proposes yuvi??
How will yuvi react?

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Credit to: Anushka

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  1. It’s without giving any answers. He fell on twinkle

  2. Omg what’s this going on we want TWINJ in love bt wht happening ommmmmgosh sad….anyways osmmepi…?????

  3. Sorry 4 my negative comment bt I want TWINJ n once again extremely sorry…..???????

  4. come on girls she said it is twiraj ff so please dont say twinj please let her continue even i am a twinj fan please dont take it into heart but plz dont discourage her its my humble request

  5. Hey anushka is this twiraj’s ff?

  6. Wow anushka..u are wonderful..but can u make the dialogs in full english…i dont understand hindi language much..thank you..

  7. I agree with sudha
    Wts wrong in writing an twiraj ff?
    I mean idk about d others but I started watching tei seeing twiraj promo
    It Reminded me of romeo and juliet♥♥♥♥
    Actually I find not a lot ppl comment on zai’s ff
    It’s truely worth to b read, it’s soooo good
    Support guys whether twinj or twiraj still v r all frnds r8?

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