Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts (episode 2)


Thanq guys for ur love.
Important message – It’s an TWIRAJ ff not TWINJ.

Recap:- Leela’s b’day. Twinkle plans a surprise party for leela but pinni tells it to leela. Twinkle calls kunj urgently at taj.

Here it goes-:
Leela opens the door. There is a man standing there with a white coloured parcel in his hand.
L:- yes
M:- ma’am can u call mrs. leela taneja
L:- I m Mrs Taneja
Man:- ma’am this is ur parcel from miss twinkle. ( she is a little surprised)
L:- thanq
He leaves by taking her signature
Usha comes there and ask what is this
L:- I myself don’t know but y would twinkle send a parcel to me?
Let’s open it
U:- okay
They both open it
Tears fall from leela’s eye with a broad smile on her face
L:- thanq so much twinkle
U:- it’s really very very pretty. Leela u r lucky to get a daughter like twinkle.

There was a pink coloured heavy Patiala suit with all the necessary accessories like bangles, footwear, jewelry, etc
L:- haan wo toh I know.
U:- chalo then I should leave. I also have to select the dress for evenings party
L:- okay then bie
U:- bie
Usha leaves
The screen shifts to taj which was beautifully decorated. It seemed that they have spend lot of money in the decorations.

A girl wearing red and yellow coloured kurta with her perfectly straight hairs kept at back was seen facing back to the entry gate. She was looking beautiful as always.
All of a Sudden the big door opened and she turned back. She is our twinkle. There came a young boy wearing red T-shirt with blue denim.
He was looking stunning as always.
He was kunj.
K:- hi twinkle
T:- Maine tujhe yaha pe ‘hi or hello’ karne ke liye nahi bulaya hai.
K:- toh firr kisliye bulaya hai
T:- maa ko surprise party ke baare mai pata chal gaya. She tells him everything which bubbly told her.
K:- kya? Teri maami be toh sara plan flop kar diya.
T:- haan kunj. Now tell me what to do??( she panics)
K:- twinkle, leela aunty ne tera theme toh nahi dekha naa.(I mean setup)
T:- haan nahi dekhi
K:- toh problem kya hai. Unke liye toh abhi bhi wo ek surprise hai
T:- aree haan. Thanq kunj.
K:- aree for u anytym.

T:- achha toh I’ll leave now. I have to call bubbly and enquire what’s happening there.
K:- okay then bye
T:- bye
Kunj leaves the place but twinkle was talking with bubbly
T:- bubbly is everything alright there
B:- haan di. Everything is perfect
T:- chalo thik hai

In evening
They( rt, leela, pinni, Raman and bubbly) reached taj. So does many of there guests. But twinkle was already there waiting for them.

Leela was dressed beautifully. She was wearing the dress given by twinkle with all the accessories.
She was looking gorgeous. It seemed like twinkle was a princess. Off course she was for her parents.
Her dress was perfect, it sat on her body as if it had been made for her. Its satin folds hugged her figure following her curves and the deep blue was gorgeous against her ivory skin. The halter neck was embroidered with miniature dark flowers and finished, as along all the visible seams, with jet black lace to match her stilettoes, and it’s light skirt flowed out above her knees showing of her toned legs. Her black hair hung perfectly, its choppy layers framed her face an she finished it in style with a deep blue satin bow the same shade as her eye shadow, and same style as her ribbon necklace wich held a beautiful black glass flower. She looked stunning. 

Sarnas came
Three people came there and wished leela hbd. Leela thanked them.
They were kunj, usha and Manohar
Kunj was wearing navy jacket with beige and monk-strap shoes. He was looking hot as usual. Usha was in a peacock coloured green saree with matching jewelry. Manohar was in a formal coat with matching trousers.

Soon after them a family of three people came.
The came near leela and wished her hbd. Leela thanked them
They were Luthras
Yuvi in trousers of beige slim-fit chinos and the shirt for a knitted white polo. He was looking breath taking.
Mahi wearing a red coloured long gown with golden bracelet. Kunj was mesmerized seeing her.
Soon after this twinkle came to leela. Yuvi saw her and was not able to take his eyes off her. She saw him and came to him.
T:- Hi yuvi.
Y:- Hiii Twin..kle ( still lost in her beauty) U r looking over gorgeous.
T:- (a little blushing) Thanq so much yuvi.
Y:- ur always welcm lo…..

But was interrupted by Anita.
A:- hi twinkle u r looking so beautiful in this dress
T:- thanq so much Anita aunty.
(Bubbly signs her something.)
T:- Excuse me Aunty, I’ll just in a minute.
A:- sure beta.
(Saying this she goes)
Anita to yuvi
A:- have u lost it yuvi.
Y:- no but y mom
A:- u were about to call twinkle as “love”
Y:- oh yes so sorry mom
A:- it’s ok but make sure this should not happened next time
Y:- okay mom
A:- First I’ll become a good frnd of leela then I’ll ask for twinkle’s hand from them. Is that fine wid u
Y:- yes mom

Precap- yuvi feeling jealous. Accidental kiss.

-What kiss???
-But between whom???
-Y is yuvi jealous???
Is everything alright???

Love u all???
Take care

Guys I m sorry for grammatical mistakes and typing errors.

I hope it’s long enough

I m sure thay u guys r not liking my ff that is y u all r not leaving comments.

Credit to: Anushka

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