Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts (episode 1)


Thanq guys but I’m sorry that I didn’t reply u. I had some work.
Guys I did some changes
Leela and usha r not sisters instead they r good friends and neighbours from 30 years. So twinj r not cousins but ffs

Here it goes
It’s bright friday morning.A big room of red and white colour is shown.
A lady in blue coloured night gown wakes up by the sound produced by a alarm clock. She is shocked to see that her husband is not there. She is leela. Suddenly her eyes a card with her pictures saying ‘happy b’day maa’.
She goes out of the room. (Her room is on 1st floor) She sees some food kept on the dinning table from the staircase. She taste it. And thinks who has made this yummy food?
And decides to go in the kitchen.
There was a big bouquet with 51 red and white roses. A small box covered with white paper was seen near it. She opened it as she saw it
It was a red velvet box with a chit. It said “It’s a small gift for the most beautiful lady and best Mom”
She opened the box and was mesmerized to see a diamond necklace. Seeing that she immediately call sm1. A beautiful girl wearing a White knee length over coat( as she is a doctor) picks it. She is none other than twinkle.
T:- Happy b’day maa
L:- Thanq so much puttar.
T:- maa, friendship may no thanq and no sorry.( twinkle shares everything wid Leela and they consider themselves as friends )

L:-Par iss Sab( roses Nd necklace) ki kya zaroorat thi bhalla (what was the need of all this)
T:-maa, 51 roses toh iss liye kyoon ki aaj aap 51 years ki ho gayi ho and necklace toh aapka birthday gift hai.
Haan maa. Maine aur papa ne bahut mehnat se select liya hai.
L:- Twinkle u know mai Sab se khush nasheebh insaan hoon ki mujhe tu as daughter aur voh as a husband mile ho. Saying this, tears fall from her eyes.
T:- maa aap toh emotional ho rahe ho. Aur bhalla koi rota hai apne b’day pe??
L:- puttar yeh toh Khushi ke aashoon hai.
T:- oh. Toh aaj mai bhi bahut khush hoon. Chalo mai bhi Rona start kar deti hoon.
L:- pagal ladki?
T:- maa, I was joking
L:- I knew
T:- okay maa I’ll talk to u later as I m in hospital aur yaha bahut kaam hai
L:- thik hai puttar
She disconnects the call
A man hugs her from behind wearing a grey t-shirt with black lower and adjust his head on her shoulder. He is Rt
Rt:- Happy b’day leela
L:- Thanq Ji
Rt:- toh aaj ka kya program hai
L :- kuch khaas nahi ( nothing special)
Rt:- okay. Chalo let’s have breakfast. And u know today breakfast is made by our princess
L:- chale firr khane
Rt-: haan bilkul
They go downstairs.
They were eating their food when three people came there.
They were Raman, pinni and bubbly
Trio 2gether:- happy b’day Leela/ buaji
L:- aree Raman,pinni and bubbly tum yaha. What a pleasant surprise. Waise Thanq so much
R:- haan Leela mai yaha. Aur jijaji Kaise ho??
Rt:- bus wahe guru ki kripa se Sab changa hai.
R:- aur Leela toh aaj ka kya program hai??
L:- kuch khaas nahi Raman
P:- aree leela kuch khaas Kaise nahi. Twinkle me toh kaha tha
Raman cuts her off
R:- aree kuch nahi kaha tha bus twinkle puttar me hame bulaya.( and looks at pinni angrily)
L:- nahi bhabhi aap mujhe batao twinkle ne kya kaha tha.

P-: haan leela twinkle ne kaha tha ki aaj ek party hai tumhare liye Taj hotel mai. Issi keliye toh hum yaha aaye hai.
L:- acha toh yeh baat hai.( saying this she smile)
R:- haan behan par vo ek surprise party thi par iss( pointing towards pinni) ki beharbani se ab nahi hai.( in an angry tone)
P:- sorry Raman ( feeling guilty)
R:- thik hai
Rt:-haan bhabiji sorry ki koi jaroorat nahi. Chalo ab breakfast kar lete hai
B:- maa I’ll just come, U all continue
P:- thik hai puttar
Bubbly goes from there and calls twinkle
T:- haa bubbly bol
B:- twinkle di sab gardbhad ho gaya hai
Bubbly tells her everything
T:- kya?
B:- haan di
T:- chal koi nahi. I’ll manage
She disconnects the call
On the other hand bubbly goes to the dinning table
T:- Babaji ab mai kya karu?
Haan (saying this she smirks)

A boy is seen sleeping on the bed. He is none other than Kunj. Suddenly his phone rings and the name flashes Twinki
He picks it up without reading the name
K:- Hello kon hai bai? Kyoon meri neend kharaab kar rahe ho? Aaj chooti li hai Maine office sai
T:- hello kunj?? R u okay? U r still sleeping Yaar I need ur help here and u r sleeping there???
K:- Kon hai??
T:- I m twinkle? come at taj right now or I’ll not talk to u
K:- w..ha..t ( completely at his senses) okay I m coming to taj
T:- yaa come fast( saying this she disconnects the call)
K:- Ufff
A lady enters the room and says good morning kunj. She is Usha
K:- good morning maa( saying this he starts going out of room leaving usha alone)
U:-where r u going kunj? Tumhe toh pata hi hoga ki aaj leela ka b’day hai aur twinkle ne hamme taj pe invite kiya hai. So we need to buy some gift for her.
K:- haa maa mujhe pata hai ki aaj leela aunty ka b’day aur twinkle ne mujhe urgently taj bulaya hai so I need to go.
U:- wo toh thik hai puttar par hum leela ko gift kya deh????
K:- maa aap tension naa loh, mai hoon naa. Main leela aunty ke liye gift le aaunga.
U:- changa puttar.
K:-bye maa
U:- dhyaan se Jana
K:- okay( he leaves)

Usha thinks to visit leela nd goes there

U:- Happy b’day Leela
L:- Thanq so much usha. Tu ekdum sahi waqt par aayi hai.
U:- Wo Kaise??
L:- Aree shaam ko party hai na toh mujhe samajh nahi aah raha ki mai kya pehanu.
U:- achha toh ehh gal hai
L:- haan

Suddenly door bell rings and Leela goes to open it. As soon as she opens the door, she is shocked

Precap- Leela has tears in her eyes.
Entry of Yuvi. Yuvi
mesmerized seeing twinkle.

What happened to leela??
Why is she shocked??
Is everything fine??

Guys I suppose now u r happy as I made twinj bffs and leesha( usha and leela) as neighbours and good friends

Credit to: Anushka

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  1. Is it twinj ff or twiraj ff..I’m sorry but I’m confused n wid such big confusion I’ll not be able to understand the story

    1. It’s a twiraj ff

  2. Nice one yrr …. But i ‘m also confused either its twinj or twiraj

    1. Thanq and it’s a twiraj ff

  3. woooooow anushka…dear u r a brilliant writer yaar…plz post the next 1 soon

    1. Thanq Akku di

      1. Thank u so much Akku di. U made my day. And yes I will upload next episode asap.
        And sorry bhavya plz don’t reply on my behalf. It doesn’t feel good. I hope u understand.

  4. Nicc Start keep it up

  5. I loved it. Plz next episode asap

  6. There is a confusion. Is it a twiraj ff??
    Waise toh it is good??

    1. It’s a twiraj ff

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