the invisible book (intro & epi 1)

Haiiii guyzzz…good morning…happy Sunday…arshi fan (anjali) here…I know you guyzzz are eagerly waiting for season 2 of mysterious deaths so I came back according to your wish…I know many of you are excited for season 2 even I m also excited and hope you guyzz support more than season first let me give you some introduction later I’ll write some story today…

Arnav singh raizada- top businessman/ husband of khushi

Abhishek prem mehra – rock star/ husband of pragya.

Pragya mehra – news reporter/ wife of abhishek

Khushi kumari gupta singh raizada – book writer/ research on archaeological works / wife of ASR.

Anjali shyam manohar – sister of ASR

Shyam manohar – lawyer/ husband of anjali

Aaliya prem mehra – fashion designer/ sister of abhi

Rest of the characters will be introduced in the story. Guyzz this story will be with same cast and same theme but story will change. In season 1, an unknown book will be circulated in the country those who read that book will die in the 80th day. In this season 2, an unknown book will show the way to problems but not like season 1…ok coming to the story…

2 years leap…
A lady is on call. It’s our pragya.
Pragya: I m missing u badly.
Other side
Abhi: me too missing u a lot.
Pragya: so when you are coming?
Abhi: today…I will land within 2 hrs.
Pragya: wow!! That’s great then I m coming to airport. See u there.
Abhi: ok come soon.
Pragya cuts the call.

Pragya reaches airport and waits. 2 hours later abhi lands and comes out. He signs his hand as he found her and other side a girl too signs. It’s aaliya.
Aaliya: hai bhai!! How are you?
Abhi: hey aaliya!!! I’m fine. How are you?
Aaliya: fine hai!!!! Its one year I saw you. Today I’m feeling so happy for your arrival.
Abhi: even I m happy to see you and going to meet our family members.
Aaliya: yes I thought you won’t return India again but luckily you are back.
Abhi: hey aaliya!! I came here to make everything normal and bring happiness back.
Aaliya: wow bhai!! Very happy to listen these words from u. come let’s leave to mehra mansion first.
He agrees. They both leave.

Other side
Pragya still waiting and stares at her watch. Suddenly someone closes her eyes from back. It’s rachna.
Rachna: guess me.
Pragya: hey rachu!! I know it’s you.
Rachna: wow di! Even this is first time you recognized me very well.
Pragya: I have talked with you so many times na so I recognized ur voice.
Rachna: that’s great di but where is bhai?
Pragya: you know na he is always busy so he asked me to pick up.
Rachna: oh he is always busy. Ok come let’s leave.
Pragya agrees. They both leave.

Aaliya and abhi reaches to mehra mansion. He goes to dadi. She sees him and gets happy… he hugs her. She starts crying.
Dadi: it’s one year abhi I missed you so much and waiting to see you..
Abhi: even I missed u dadi so decided to return back and stay here.
Dadi: after that incident this mansion lost its charm. Everyone lost their happiness and peace.
Abhi: yes dadi. She took this mansion’s happiness with her but you don’t worry I came here to make everything normal and bring back happiness again.
Dadi: abhi!!! I’m so happy at your decision.
She hugs him.

Abhi comes out of dadi’s room.
Aaliya: see bhai! This is dadi’s position. She wants to see your happiness again.
Abhi: I understood aaliya. Don’t worry I came na.
Aaliya: ok you go and fresh up.
Abhi: ya ok but where is she? Its 15 min I have entered this house but she didn’t come to greet me.
Aaliya: come with me I’ll show you.
She takes him to kitchen. He sees a girl busy in preparing dishes. He smiles at her.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz like this start and I know this epi is small but from next epi I’ll give long updates…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…I hope you guyzz support me more with ur sweet comments…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me because I want ur opinions on this start…I’ll be waiting…keep supporting me as alwayzz…byeee guyzzz…

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  1. Arshi

    Superb start

  2. So interesting and happy that you are back soon. Keep writing.

  3. Thank u arshi for the same cast. No i m so happy as it give the same feel of season 1. Keep rocking.

  4. Angita

    Hi sorry just came to the webpage and the intro sounds amazing .best of luck to you in writing this,one request you can let bus smile cry but I’m scared so reduce sadness,will you accept me as your new reader???

  5. gud intro di…happy to see u back with season-2 waiting for the nxt epi………!!

  6. nice

  7. Nice star do
    Starting the story with mystery is superb
    Very very happy to see you soon thanks for startin5g it soon

  8. Hai sweety…how r u…fine to see u again…superb start…and sry yaar now only I saw it…pls continue…i love it…. Prags and abhi r living in different home r wat…seems to be that….if I said anything wrong…apologizes for that….waiting for next one

  9. Started first epi with some kind of keen interesting to knoe what happens next…

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