the invisible book (epi 8 & 9)


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Arnav holds abhi’s collar. Then someone comes there and removes arnav’s hand. It’s aakash. All are left in shock.
Aakash: don’t you dare to touch again my bro collar. Do you think that he can’t do the same? he can but he is just thinking about your wife.
Arnav: what the…

He holds aakash collar. Abhi tries to stop him but aakash and arnav fight each other. All try to stop them. Meanwhile they hear someone saying stop it. They all turn back and gets shocked. It’s khushi.
Abhi: khushi!!! How did you come here?
He sees aaliya. He goes to her.
Abhi: hey aaliya! Why did you bring her here? I said na not to tell anything to her.
Aaliya: bhai!!! I didn’t bring her actually what happened is she saw your program in TV. She was shocked that you came to Delhi. Later she came to me and confirmed herself. She thought you will come here so she only came here.
Abhi gives angry look to aaliya.
Aaliya: sorry bhai!
Arnav stares at khushi and feels bad as he did a big mistake towards khushi but he again remembers how khushi is supporting abhi and gets anger.
Arnav: why did you come here again? Who asked you to come?
Khushi: I didn’t come here for you arnav ji. I came here for my abhi bhayya.
Abhi: khushi come let’s leave.
Arnav: yes that’s better take her from her including your wife as I don’t want to see their face.
Pragya gets sad and starts crying.
Abhi is about to say something.
Aakash: you did a mistake and why are you blaming them?
Rachna comes there and says aakash plzz leave it and go from here.
Aakash: wait rachu!! Let him know what mistake he has committed.
Rachna: plzz aakash!!

Aakash stares at her seriously. She remains silent.
Abhi: its waste talking to him. Come aakash let’s leave.
Aakash: no bhai! He should know what’s his mistake.
Arnav: what mistake? Your bro committed a mistake instead of blaming me go and blame him.
Aakash: stop it mr. arnav singh raizada!!! He was punished for what he was not at all responsible because he respected pragya bhabi but you…what you have done? You punished 2 innocents. One is ur wife and another is my bhai. Now you are not trusting even pragya bhabi. For whom you are doing all these?
Arnav: I don’t need to answer your stupid questions leave from here.
Aakash: you need to answer if you feel u are right answer my question.
Arnav remains silent.

Aakash: ok its priya right?? Is she that much important than your wife or your love? She loved you what you gave her in return? Hatred and anger. if you did all this only for priya then you should know about her.
Aakash takes out paper and throws it. He says do you know what is that? she showed pics with abhi bhai na. on that same date, he did his concert at New York. This news came on paper if you have doubt just go through that. so now tell me how can he take pics with priya when he is at New York?
All gets shocked. Pragya looks at abhi. Rachna and khushi takes the paper and reads it. Aakash calls a man.
Man: I m a watchman. Priya mam stayed in apartment. Her boy friend used to stay in opposite apartment.
They all get shocked.
Aakash: my bhai lives in Mumbai. He is a rock star what’s the need for him to stay in normal apartments?
Another man enters inside.
Man: I m a psychiatrist. Priya was my patient. She used to come to me. Few years back her bf left her without saying anything. From that day she went to depression. One day she came to me. i treated her but no change in her position. Day by day her condition became worse. She used to call abhi whoever she see. She was attached to rock star abhi’s albums so she assumed him as her boy friend.
All are left in shock. aakash says now tell me mr. raizada what mistake my bhai has committed?

Arnav sits in shock. he don’t even speak a single word. Pragya slowly starts walking without saying anything. Abhi follows her.
Abhi: pragya!!! plz stop.
Pragya: plz abhi don’t stop me. I don’t even deserve to see u.
She starts moving. Abhi holds her hand.
Pragya: no abhi!! Leave me I deserve this punishment.
Abhi: pragya you already punished me for 2 years. Again you are leaving and punishing me.
Pragya turns back and cries badly.
Aakash: bhabi! its not ur mistake don’t cry like that.
Aaliya: yes bhabi. u didn’t commit any mistake we all love you and plz don’t leave bhai again.
Abhi: pragya..look at me once.
Pragya: no abhi..
He makes her look at him. She sees him with guilt.
Abhi: pragya before seeing you I didn’t love anyone but I used to have lots of gfs as I m a rock star but after seeing you I only loved you even I have don’t have any other thoughts on any one. To my luck I got you as my wife. I never treated you like my wife but my mother. I felt bad when you left me but never got angry because no one gets anger on their mother. I don’t know what is mother love pragya but after seeing your love I thought mother love will be like this only.
Pragya hugs him and cries. She says I m sorry abhi I know this word is so easy to say but I can’t take the pain which you got suffered because of me. I m dying with guilt plz punish me abhi so that I can get some peace.
Abhi: no pragya. you didn’t do anything I m saying na.
Pragya: plz abhi whatever you punish I m ready to accept it.
Abhi: ok then you should whatever I say.
Pragya agrees and looks at him.
Abhi: I love u pragya. Stay with me forever.
Pragya gets happy tears and says I love you too abhi and will always stay with you. They again hug each other. Aaliya and aakash smiles.
They all go inside the house.
Arnav sits in silence. Tears start rolling from his eyes. Khushi goes near him and places hand on his shoulder.
Khushi: arnav ji!!!
He holds her hand and cries in her hand. khushi feels bad.
Khushi: arnav ji! plz don’t cry like this. You didn’t do anything.
Arnav: no khushi. I’m the only one who is responsible for all sufferings. I did a big sin.
Khushi: plz arnav ji. Don’t say like that. See now everything is alright na.
Arnav: no khushi nothing is alright. How can I see your face and abhi’s face?
Khushi tries to say something. Abhi stops her and says just lift your head up and see.
Arnav: no abhi. I did a big mistake not trusting you and khushi. I have never folded my hands in front of anyone but now for the first time I m folding it.
He folds his hands and asks for forgiveness.

Abhi: dude! I don’t have any grudge on u as its not your mistake and I can understand why you behaved like that as she is your school friend but I felt bad for khushi so whatever you want to apologize just tell to khushi.
He hugs and thanks him. All gets happy seeing that. arnav turns towards khushi.
Arnav: I should have trusted your words khushi. I really did a big mistake. I gave more importance to priya not because she is my friend but when I saw her death I thought she is only right. Without enquiring anything about her I trusted blindly. Even I lost the right to ask forgiveness. But still plz forgive me khushi.
Khushi: arnav ji..i don’t have any anger on you because I love you.
He hugs her and says I love you too khushi.
Khushi: you know what arnav ji I missed you so much in these 2 years. I’m waiting for u.
Arnav: I m so sorry khushi but I promise you hereafter I won’t do like this again and stay with you forever.
She gets happy and smiles. They all smile.
Abhi: ok then we will leave.
Arnav: where are you going? You have to stay here only.
Abhi: but how can we stay here?
Arnav: don’t say anything you will stay here only. That’s final.
Abhi: ok we will but I wanted to tell you something.
Arnav: what?
Abhi: my bro aakash and your sis rachna love each other. So we should marry them.
Arnav gets shocked. He looks at rachna and goes to her.
Arnav: rachu do you love aakash?
Rachu: ha bhai!!! But if u don’t like then I won’t go against your wish.
Arnav goes near aakash and stares at him seriously. Rachna gets tensed.
Aakash: actually…i…I m sorry for behaving like that with you.
Arnav smiles and says I don’t have any anger on you and even I m more happy now as you guyzz changed our friendship into relationship. Aakash hugs him and says sorry.
All gets happy and decides to call for aakash and rachna’s engagement.

Its night
Abhi stands in balcony. Pragya comes there and observes abhi standing in balcony and watching moon.
Pragya: hey abhi! What are you doing here?
Abhi: I m seeing my pragya.
Pragya: what?
Abhi: yes pragya. u know what I used to see you in moon for these 2 years.
Pragya: abhi!!
Abhi: really pragya…
Pragya: ok ok if you start now you won’t end it soon. Come let’s go to sleep.
Abhi: you will never give me a chance na.
Pragya: you should take it.
Abhi: wow!! smart answer. Ok I’ll take it now you go and sleep.
She smiles and leaves from there.

Its midnight
Abhi and pragya is in deep sleep. Suddenly pragya dreams about priya’s words and how she jumped from terrace. Her dead body. At once pragya wakes up from sleep and looks around. She sees abhi sleeping and drinks water.
She again sleeps and remembers about arnav’s nani words. If dead people will come into dreams something bad is going to happen. She gets more worried and thinks nothing bad should happen. Everything should go well.

Other side
Khushi starts cleaning their room. She keeps all the things at right places. Suddenly arnav comes there and hugs her from back. He kisses on her cheek.
Khushi: arnav ji!! Leave me. What if anyone will see?
Arnav: you are my wife so I have all rights to hug and kiss u.
Khushi: of course but not now. Leave me.
He says ok and goes to balcony. He stands there. She comes there.
Khushi: arnav ji!!
He turns his face other side. She goes that side and again calls him. He turns his face another side.
Khushi: ok arnav ji. u can kiss me.
He smiles and turns towards her. he is about to kiss her meanwhile anjali calls khushi. arnav stops her and says wait khushi! u can go later.
She says no arnav ji and tries to leave but he holds her. She pushes him. He steps backward and falls from balcony. She shouts arnav ji and wakes up from sleep.
She sees him sleeping peacefully and caresses his hair. She thinks thank god!! It’s just a dream. Nothing should happen to my arnav ji. she drinks water and sleeps.

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