the invisible book (epi 6 & 7)

Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so much for ur sweet comments and support… I m so happy that you guyzzz will wait my ff…I will try my best to update it whenever I m free…so coming to the story….

Abhi and pragya get struck inside life. Abhi and pragya both look around when lift gets stopped. Abhi thinks this is the best time to talk.
Abhi: pragya!!
Pragya: don’t talk anything abhi.
She tries to open the lift door. She knocks the door.
Abhi: plz pragya listen to me once.
Pragya: i don’t want to listen anything abhi so don’t try to say something.
Abhi: really pragya I don’t know who is she? Even I don’t understand why she did like that?
Pragya: I said na abhi don’t talk to me. she tries to open the door.
Abhi hugs her. she gets shocked but feels happy inside. Suddenly she again remembers about priya. She says what are you doing? leave me. she breaks the hug.
Abhi: plz pragya trust me.
Pragya: abhi seriously I trusted you more than myself still I believe that you love only me but I should accept the truth that you are responsible for her death.
Abhi: no pragya I agree that she committed suicide but that’s the first day I saw her. then how can I be responsible for her death?
Pragya: plz abhi don’t talk about that and leave me.
Abhi: ok pragya but at least think about khushi once what she did wrong? Why she should be punished like that?
Pragya: I know but I can’t do anything as arnav bhai is not ready to listen anything.
Abhi: how can we leave like that? This is our issue so they shouldn’t get punished.
Meanwhile aakash switch on the button. Lift start moving. Pragya feels relief. Lift gets open. She starts moving.
Abhi: pragya!!!
She turns back.
Abhi: I don’t feel if you still hate me but plz think about khushi. if you really want arnav’s happiness help me in uniting them. I will wait for your call.
Pragya: arnav bhai don’t want khushi in his life so I can’t do anything against his wish.
She leaves from there. Rachna follows her.

Abhi and aakash reach their room.
Aakash: bhai!! Did you talk with bhabi? what did she say?
Abhi: same response. No change in her thoughts.
He further shares about their talk.
Aakash: oh no! if we gather about priya then all problems get solved.
Abhi: yes but…
Aakash: you leave this to me I m there na.
Abhi agrees.

Aakash calls rachna.
Aakash: rachu
Rachna: ha aakash
Aakash: I need ur help.
Rachna: what?
Aakash: I heard from my bhai that priya’s mobile is at ur house so try to bring that mobile.
Rachna: what? No I think that mobile is with my bhai.
Aakash: plz rachu try for that if we get that mobile all problems will be solved.
Rachna: ok I will try.
She cuts the call and thinks how to take that mobile. Again I should take jiju’s help.

Other side
Pragya remembers about abhi’s words. She thinks yes what abhi said was right. I thought about myself but I didn’t think about khushi. She didn’t do any mistake then why should she get punished like that. But how can I unite them without knowing bhai’s opinion. I have to do something. She goes to kitchen and prepares juice for arnav.

Arnav starts searching for his files. He calls anjali and asks about his file. She says it’s there in his desk. He searches there and finds it. He picks the file and about to close the desk but he observes khushi’s photo there. He takes the photo and sits there. Tears start rolling from his eyes. He says how can you do this khushi? You went against me do you ever think how can I live without you? You brought this situation and made me alone. its 2 years I know you won’t come to me leaving that abhi but still I don’t why I m waiting for your arrival. Meanwhile his mobile rings. He goes aside and starts talking.

Pragya enters the room with juice. She calls for arnav but she didn’t find him. She thinks to keep the juice and leaves from there but she gets shocked seeing khushi’s photo. She picks it and thinks I was wrong bhai still loves khushi but he is angry on her. I did a big mistake. Thank god at least I came to know what’s there inside his heart. I have to talk to abhi. She leaves from there.

Arnav cuts the call and keeps khushi’s photo in wardrobe and leaves to office.

Other side
Rachna goes to shyam and anjali. She tells them about that mobile. Anjali gets shocked.
Shyam: it will be in arnav’s wardrobe.
Anjali: its not easy to take that mobile from chote’s wardrobe.
Rachna: but however we have to get her mobile.
Anjali: no rachu don’t think about that if chote comes to know about this he don’t leave anyone of us.
Shyam: rani ji nothing will happen. Let’s try once.
Anjali: shyam ji that key will be always with arnav then how can we?
Shyam: rani ji I know how to find that key you don’t worry.
He asks rachna to come with him. Anjali gets worried.

Its night
Arnav comes from office. He leaves to his room. shyam and rachna observes this. They follow him and watches hiding near the door. He removes his suit and leaves to washroom for bath. They enter inside and start searching for key. Meanwhile arnav gets a call. Both shyam and rachna gets scared. They hear the door sound and hides behind curtains. Arnav comes out and lifts the mobile. He speaks something and cuts the call. He agains leaves inside. They get relief and again start searching.
Finally they find it inside arnav suit. Shyam takes out soap and takes the key impression. They both leave from there. Later arnav comes out. He thinks to go to pragya and talk to her.

Pragya calls abhi. He doesn’t pick up her call as he is busy on some other work. She again calls him but there is no response. Meanwhile anjali comes there she gets tensed and keeps her mobile there. Anjali brings sarees and shows it pragya. She asks to take one. pragya hesitantly takes the saree. She asks her to wear it and show. Pragya agrees and goes to wear it. Anjali leaves from there.

Arnav enters the room and searches for pragya. abhi calls pragya. arnav hears the ring and picks the mobile. He gets shocked to see abhi’s number. He thinks why is he calling now? He didn’t lift the call. Abhi cuts the call and thinks what happened? She might be busy. I will leave her a message. Arnav stands there in shock. meanwhile mobile beeps. He finds it message and opens it. He reads “sorry I was busy with some other work when you called me. I think you are busy now call me when you are free or else I will call you after 1 hr” arnav gets shocked and misunderstands this means they both are united. I will see what they are going to do. He leaves from there angrily.

Later pragya calls abhi. They both plan to meet in park. She cuts the call and sleeps.

Its morning
Pragya gets ready and thinks to leave early. Arnav comes there and asks where she was going. She lies to him that she was going to cover some case. He says he will drop her. she refuses and leaves from there. Arnav suspects and follows her.

Other side
Shyam brings the duplicate key and shows it rachu.
Rachna: wow jiju!! Ur great. Finally you made it.
He smiles. Anjali comes there and observes this.
Anjali: stop praising ur jiju. First finish your work before chote reaches home.
They agree and leave to arnav room. shyam opens the door and finds the mobile. Rachu gets happy and picks the mobile.
She thanks shyam and leaves to meet aakash.

Rachu meets aakash and handovers mobile to him. He hugs her and feels happy. he says now all problems are going to solve. He leaves from there. She gets happy.

Abhi waits for pragya and thinks I have to change her. she comes there.
Abhi: pragya!!
Pragya: I came here to talk about arnav bhai & khushi.
Abhi: ok tell me.
Pragya: what you said is right? They are separated because of us and arnav bhai still loves khushi. he wants her to return raizada mansion but he is angry with her as she supported you instead of bhai.
Abhi: ok then help me let’s unite them.
Pragya: ok but one condition you should take any advantage in this process.
He smiles and says advantage? No chance. Meanwhile a girl comes there.
Girl: you are rock star abhi na.
Abhi says yes. she says sir I m a big fan of u. pragya gives angry look at her.
Abhi: oh nice.
Girl: can I have a pic?
Abhi hesitantly says sure. She goes to pragya and gives her mobile. Pragya gives angry look to both of them. She clicks a pic and gives it to girl. She thanks her and starts talking to abhi. Pragya gets jealous. She thinks he forgot about me and talking to his fan. I should leave from here. Abhi observes this and understands pragya’s feeling.
Girl: is she your friend?
Abhi tries to say something but pragya interferes and says I m his wife. We need to talk something important so leave from here. Girl feels bad and leaves from there. Abhi enjoys this. then pragya realizes what she said and bites her lips.
They further continue talking. Arnav observes this and thinks I did a big sin towards khushi. I supported pragya but she finally went to her husband in between i punished khushi. meanwhile pragya sees arnav and gets shocked.
She calls bhai and runs towards him. Abhi too sees him and gets shocked. She tries to go near him but he leaves from there in anger. Abhi goes to her and asks to come.
Pragya: see abhi this is my problem…
Abhi keeps his finger on pragya’s lips and says come with me. they both get inside and leaves to raizada mansion.

Other side, aakash goes to different places and talks with some people. He collects the details of priya.

Arnav reaches mansion in anger. Anjali asks the reason behind his anger but he don’t speak single word. Abhigya reach raizada mansion. Pragya and abhi tries to enter inside.
Arnav: stop there! don’t you dare to enter inside.
Pragya: bhai!!
Arnav: don’t call me bhai! You lost that right.
Pragya: bhai!! Listen to me once.
Arnav: take your wife with you. I don’t want to see.
Abhi: u don’t need to say that I respected her that’s why she is in this mansion for these days.
Arnav: stop your nonsense and leave from here.
Pragya: plz bhai! Listen to me once. You should know the reason.
Arnav: leave from here I don’t want to see your face and stop calling me bhai.
Abhi: what kind of a person you are? U don’t listen to the one who gives importance then khushi and now pragya.
Arnav gets anger and holds abhi’s collar. Pragya requests him to leave. Meanwhile someone comes there and removes arnav’s hands. All stares in shock.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I know guyzz this epi is little bit bore but no worries tomorrow I will give you the most awaiting patient and get ready …thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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