the invisible book (epi 2)

Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so much for ur comments and support…I m feeling so happy at ur response…I will try to give the best in this ff but u have to be patient as everything will be related to story only…so coming to the story…

Abhi calls her. She turns back. It’s khushi.
Khushi: abhi bhayya!!! When did you come?
Abhi: just now but what are you doing here?
Khushi: sorry bhayya!!! I didn’t observe and I was preparing all ur favorite dishes.
Abhi: wow!!! but why to take unnecessary stress?
Khushi: this is not stress bhayya. First you go and fresh up. I will finish everything.
He says ok and leaves from there.

Other side
Pragya and rachna reach to mansion. A lady stops them at door. Both look at each other in confusion. She smiles and asks servant to bring arati plate. It’s anjali. Pragya and rachna smile.
Rachna: di! What is this? This is not first time na.
Anjali: of course rachu! Even how many times u come I’ll do this because you are my sweet little sis na.
Rachna: di!!!!
Pragya: let her do it rachu. It’s good.
She nods. Anjali does arati and asks to come inside. She smiles and hugs anjali.
Shyam comes there and greets rachna. She too greets him.
Later she goes to nani and takes her blessings. Nani blesses her. She comes out from room.
Rachna: di!! Where is arnav bhai?
Anjali: u know na chote is always busy in office.
Rachna: ok where is khushi bhabi?
All smiles fade and turn to sad. Meanwhile they hear arnav’s car sound.
Rachu: wow!!! arnav bhai came. I will hide there. Don’t tell him.
Anjali nods. She hides at sofa’s back. Arnav enters inside. Rachna hugs him from back. He turns back and feels happy to see her.
Arnav: hey rachu!!! When did u come?
Rachna: few min back but you don’t talk to me bhai.
Arnav: why? What happened?
Rachna: u didn’t come to airport to receive me so I m angry on u. don’t talk to u.
Arnav: sorry rachu! U know na I will be busy with office works. So forgive me for this time.
Rachna: ok only for this time I m leaving u.
Arnav: that’s my little sis.
Rachna: ok where is khushi bhabi?
Arnav gets serious and says don’t talk about khushi in this house. He leaves from there angrily. Rachna gets shocked.

In mehra mansion
Abhi goes to his room and looks around the room. He remembers all his memories with pragya in that room. he opens the wardrobe and finds her belongings. He touches them affectionately and gets sad as he misses her so much. He goes to washroom and takes his shower bath.

He then remembers “this is what you give to me in return for loving u”. He remembers “I m so sorry pragya”… “Finally she deserves this because she trusted you more than herself” he comes out of thoughts as payal calls him.

He comes out of washroom and picks her call.
Abhi: ha payal tell me
Payal: sorry sir
Abhi: what happened payal?
Payal: without your permission, I have fixed one concert as it’s the big deal..
Abhi: what? Ok where is it?
Payal: at Delhi, on 21st of this month.
Abhi thinks it’s good. I have to meet pragya and arnav for khushi.
He says ok and cut the call.

A man enters into mehra mansion. He goes to aaliya’s room. She gets scared and shouts. He removes his mask and laughs. It’s aakash.
Aaliya: hey aakash! You idiot I was scared.
She starts beating him. He laughs more.
Aakash: ok di. I’m sorry. Leave me.
Aaliya: ok but what is this sudden surprise? You didn’t inform about ur arrival.
Aakash: just to surprise you all. Ok I will go to abhi bhai’s room.
She says ok. He leaves to abhi’s room.. he greets abhi. Abhi gets surprised seeing him and hugs. They both have some talk. After that he goes to dadi and seeks blessing from her.

Later he comes downstairs and searches for pragya. he goes to kitchen and sees khushi busy in cooking dishes. He assumes khushi as pragya and greets her.
Aakash: hello bhabi!! I’m aakash.
Khushi looks at him in confusion.
Aakash: I m abhi’s young brother.
Khushi: oh hello!!
Aakash: I heard so much about you that you are top news reporter. You are really great.
Khushi: oh no I m not news reporter but book writer.
Aakash gets confused and asks are you pragya? khushi says no.
Aakash: ok sorry.
He leaves from there and goes to aaliya.

In raizada mansion
Rachna gets shocked at arnav’s words. She thinks why bhai behaving like this? What happened to them? I have to talk to anjali di.
She leaves to her room. she sees anjali stitching saree.
Rachna: di!
Anjali: ha rachu. Do you want anything?
Rachna: no di.
Anjali: then
rachna: what happened to arnav bhai and khushi bhabi? Why is he talking like that? Who is pragya di? I mean how will she relate to us?
Anjali gets shocked at her questions. She says rachu just now u came we can talk about this later. Shyam comes there and says she is your sis rani ji. let her know what have happened.
Anjali: but shyam ji
Shyam: don’t worry rani ji. she will also help to unite them.
Anjali agrees to tell..

Other side
Aakash goes to aaliya and asks about pragya and khushi. she hesitates to tell. He requests her. She agrees to tell.

Riyashri thnqq so much dear….very very happy to see ur sweet comment like this regularly and even ur comment is very spl to me because only few has this type of attitude to appreciate one’s talent whole heartedly and u will be top in this…I just love the way you encourage readers…keep it up dear so that many writers will come forward to entertain readers like you…keep supporting…love u….

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Di, honey, jo, shalu, tarun, gayatri, ria, sonika, sugan, krish, siri, monesha, loli, myna, anu, shivani, lee, apps, nirmal, ammu, abhigya, arshi, silent reader, sana (abhigya), sravani, sweety, fan of ff, meera, durga, sonu, pavithra, aaru, deepu, priya, reshma, pratusha, twinkle, arshi, sweety, arshi, vaishu, mukund raj, meenu a big big thnqqqq to all of u ppl…i didn’t expect this huge support in my 1st epi itself..and hope u understood what happened? And guyzz dnt wry they will unite soon…I know so many of u are waiting for horror track I will start it soon and guyz one more thing this track is very important and related to horror track so be patient and enjoy it…

I wish u guyzzz keep on supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…love u…

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    Fantastic…i really love this beginning and waiting for next epi…keep writing…

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  9. Superb episode… Don’t say thanks to us yaar… We support you because you really deserve it… We appreciate u for ur talents… Appreciation gives strength to grow and improve our talents… U r an awesome writer yaar… ???
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  12. Angita

    Wow wonderful . went straight to the twist.its nice tat arshi Jodi arnav is angry on khushi and abhigya Jodi pragya on abhi.sorry for the late comment yaar but pls forgive and bear with it

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    Superb update dear
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    I am sorry dear for commenting late . I read your comment on my ff that you posted your ff. And now only I read your both episodes ….. and ya the episodes are amazing as usual . … it I found little bit small …. sorry if it hurts you. .. an d you maintained suspense as in the last season … Pls post next episode asap …

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