the invisible book (epi 16)

Haii friends…how ru??…i m so glad that ur remembered me n my ff..even i missed u guyzz so came back with one new ff “a cursed college” and my regular ff “the invisible book”..hope u guyzz support me like before…

And this epi is dedicated to my dear friend late suha (tina) who used to shower her love through comments..suha i m so sorry that i couldn’t post this ff when u waited and now i m feeling guilt..i miss u so much and ur precious u as alwyzz..may ur soul rest in peace…

Ok guys coming to the story…
The epi begins after a leap of 2 months…

Khushi is asusual busy with her archaeological work so she gets ready and goes out in her car. She calls arnav.
Khushi: arnav ji!
Arnav: ha khushi
Khushi: i handover that file to ur office.
Arnav: thnq khushi
Khushi: ok when ur coming to india? I m missing u so much..
Arnav: even i m missing u so much khushi but i will be there within 10 days..
Meanwhile their convo continues suddenly khushi hits a lady. Khushi gets shocked and cuts the call. She gets down and observes a lady bleeding. She goes near and makes her get up.
Khushi: i m so sorry actually i didn’t hit u intentionally.
Lady: its ok.
Khushi further tries to something but the lady faints. Khushi gets worried and admits her in hospital. She thinks what to do now?

Other side,
Pragya gets ready to office meanwhile she gets a call from khushi. Pragya lifts the call.
Pragya: ha khushi! Tell me
Khushi: bhabi! Actually..
Pragya: what?
Khushi: can u come to hospital once?
Pragya: why? What happened?
Khushi: plz come fast. I will tell u everything.
Pragya agrees and cuts the call.
She reaches to hospital and asks khushi what happened? Khushi explains her everything and says i didnt do that accident intentionally.
Pragya: where is she?
Khushi shows her from out. Pragya sees her meanwhile doctor comes out. Pragya enquires him about her condition. He says she is fine and leaves. Pragya and khushi goes inside the room.

She gains concious.
Khushi: how are u feeling now?
Lady: i m ok.
Khushi: i m so sorry..i didnt do that intentionally..
Lady: its ok actually its not ur mistake i was thinking about my problems and didnt notice. I m sorry to trouble u.
Khushi: its ok
Pragya: who are you? And what do u do?
Lady: i m sheetal. Working as receptionist in a reputated hotel.
Khushi: ok what happened? If u feel comfortable then u can share ur problem.
Sheetal: actually i m living with my step mother she used to torture me even i bare that but now she fixed my marriage against my wish so came out from house and thinking where to go meanwhile i came across ur car.
Khushi and pragya feels bad for sheetal. Khushi takes pragya out and says bhabi! I m really feeling bad for sheetal lets take her to our house.
Pragya: but khushi!!
Khushi: plz bhabi! Once she gets well we will arrange her a place.
Pragya agrees.
They both come inside and asks sheetal to come but she refuses. Khushi convinces her and takes to raizada mansion.

All the three reaches raizada mansion. Rachu,anjali and dadi asks them about her. Khushi explains everything to them. They feel pity for her and arranges a room for sheetal. Jhanvi observes this and smiles from behind.

2 days later,
Its night, New moon day, all are in deep sleep.
In pragya’s room
Pragya is in deep sleep. Suddenly she dreams about the incidents which happened in eclipse day and the lady with burnt face. She immediately wakes up from sleep and looks around. She finds abhi sleeping. She drinks some water and again goes to sleep. She slips into deep sleep but suddenly she hears a swing moving sound. She looks around.

Other side,
Sheetal wakes up from sleep and goes to khushi’s room. She observes khushi is in deep sleep. She smiles and steps towards khushi.

Epi ends here…

Guyzz i dont know whether u like this epi or not but i just tried as after a long gap i m writing this ff so i wrote this epi spontaneously if u feel bore i m sorry bt i will try to give my best in both ffs..and guyzz i will post my two ffs alternately as i cant manage both in one day..plzz do comment and share ur opinions so that i will know how to continue further..keep supporting me as u guyzz…


    • Arshifan



      Just wait for few epi..u will understand who z doing all this.. and thnqq so much very happy to see ur comment like this…keep supporting as alwyzZ..

  1. RiyaDcruz


    |Registered Member

    Tnq sooooo much Dr uploading yaar I missed ur ff soooo much nd also u tnq fr spending ur precious time 2 write ff nd also replying fr comments………….. Take care……… Gud n8……..

  2. Monesha


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    No…no… it is not boring. How can you think that this episode was boring. I waited for this ff. Now i am Really happy bcoz my sissy came back with rocking…… episode. It’s ok sissy you can post alternatively. There is no problem for us. Take care. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa……….

  3. Nirmal

    U r back with my favourite ff 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊… Nice episode… Waiting to see the horror… 😈

  4. Prathi


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    Welcome back waiting for the thrill to start!! Eclipse day and they both got hit about the book!?? Does Jhanvi & Sheetal knows each other? Feel so!

    • Arshifan



      Yeah they went across that book but both are not clear about what actually happened to them and soon jhanvi and sheetal truth will be revealed..thnqq so much…keep supporting..

  5. Blossom

    U r back with a bang. Feeling so happy to read this. OMG there is suspense of Jhanvi and sheetal. Waiting 4 ur nxt update

  6. silent reader

    Nice episode … Waiting for next episode…and also waiting for next episode in princess tale please update

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