the invisible book (epi 15)


Haiii guyzz…so sorry for my late update guyzzz i think u all forgot me.. But i didnt forget ur comments..i wish u will read my ff and hereafter I will surely give 3 updates in a week even i m busy and thnqqq so much guyzzz for ur sweet comments…ok coming to the story…

Pragya sees the palace door closed. She goes near it and tries to open the door but its locked. She looks around and goes to search the key.
She searches the key but didn’t find anywhere. She thinks where might be that key. She again tries to search the key but at once the door opens itself.
She gets shocked to see the door open. She thinks how this door has opened. I guess there is someone inside this palace. Let me see.

She starts walking towards the palace. She enters inside and gets amazed to see the beauty of that palace.
She thinks this place is more beautiful than in pics. She goes near sofa and touches it as its gold. she sits there and gets excited.
Later she goes to another room and finds different paintings. She slowly watches one after another.
Meanwhile she hears a piano sound. She thinks from where this sound is coming and starts following it.

She is at the entrance of that piano room. a girl with long hair playing piano. She thinks who might be that?
she tries to go inside that room but no one will be there in that room. she comes out and observes a girl walking in upstairs corridor.
She goes there but at that she disappears. She thinks who might be she? Why is she playing with me? I will catch her however. She then hears a swing sound.
Pragya thinks may be she is only sitting on swing. She goes to that room slowly and observes a girl sitting on swing.
She hesitantly steps forward and goes near that girl but suddenly she disappears. Pragya looks around and gets scared. She thinks oh no! I got stuck here. She starts sweating.
She again hears anklet sounds. She looks around and starts walking slowly then she observes the same girl walking.
She goes her back and asks who are you? Why you sent that book and made me come here? she didn’t care her words and walks further.
Pragya tries to touch her then she realizes that she is a soul and gets shocked. She turns back and smiles. Pragya gets hell shocked to see a scary face with burns.
Pragya shouts at once and closes her eyes.

Other side
Khushi thinks how I will reach that monument till now I didn’t get the details of it. It’s already 1 hour over. I guess it’s fake. Ok let it be I will open that book again.
She goes to open the book meanwhile she gets a call from archaeologist. She picks the call.
Arch: is this khushi?
Khushi: yes
Arch: arnav said everything. I will help you.
Khushi: ok can you tell any monuments here?
Arch: she tells about that monument which khushi read in that book.
Khushi thinks I guess she is telling about that monument. I have to leave there now.
Khushi leaves to that place and learns it a desolated monument. She alone goes inside the monument and starts looking around the place. she touches the walls and moves forward.
She stops at once place and stares at a huge idol which she saw in that book. she thinks yes this is the idol which I saw in that book but what might be this?
She goes near the idol and about to touch it but then she hears a sound from back chanting something. She thinks who is coming? I have to hide somewhere. She hides at the back of idol.
She watches from there and observes a witch cult coming along with his members. She gets shocked and stares at him.
He comes there and starts doing some rituals to that idol. She gets shocked and scared too. she thinks what are they doing here? who are they? I think I came here in wrong time. I have to leave from here.
She thinks I will leave from here once they finish this. Meanwhile khushi mobile rings. its archaeologist. Khushi thinks why is she call me now? Witch cult and his members looks around.
Khushi cuts the call but again she calls her. they steps forward towards the idol. Khushi thinks oh now I m over if they see me then my life will be in risk.
She looks for another way but didn’t find any way. She closes her eyes. Suddenly eclipse ends. After few min khushi opens her eyes and finds herself in an open place.
She is again left in confusion and thinks where I m? How did I come here? I don’t understand anything. First of all I should leave from here. she leaves from there.

Other side
Pragya screams and closes her eyes. As eclipse ends pragya opens her eyes after few min and finds herself under a big tree. She thinks how I came here? I was in palace na but how can I come here? There is something wrong. I have to find what is that? and who is she? I will leave from here now. Later I can gather about this.

Pragya and khushi reaches raizada mansion at the same time. they look at each other.
Pragya: khushi where did you go?
Khushi thinks I should tell this to anyone until I m clear about this.
Khushi: vo…actually…i…I went on my archaeological research and where did you go?
Pragya thinks just now we all are happy but if I tell about my experience then again problem will start. Its better to remain silent until I find the truth.
Pragya: I went on one case
Khushi says ok. They both enter inside.

Other side
Abhi cuts the call and goes inside. He asks them about jhanvi. They say that just now she went to other room. he goes in search of her to other room but didn’t find her so he starts searching for her everywhere. Suddenly she comes from his back. She places her hand on his shoulder.
Abhi: where are you? I was searching for u
Jhanvi: I got a call from my friend so went out. Why? What happened?
Abhi: nothing I was little worried.
Jhanvi: don’t worry I won’t leave my loved ones.
Abhi gets confused by her words. He says I don’t understand ur words. She says ok its getting late. Pragya ji will worry about you come lets leave. He agrees. They both leave.

I don’t know about abhi-jhanvi’s combination until you guyz mentioned. Its just a coincidenc but still you will enjoy the scenes in this ff…

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I know guyzz this epi is small but from now I have to type in mobile… I m not even getting time to reply ur comments sorry for that…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…love u…

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    Episode was awwwwsssoommeee Is tht Priya who is behind all dis
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  6. Superb episode yaar.. I guess the mysterious places are visible only at the time of eclipse… But eclipse is unusual na, then how they will be able to reach there by their own…
    How can we forget you yaar when we are restlessly waiting for your ff…. Don’t, ever think that we will forget you ok…
    Keep rocking yaar… ????

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