the invisible book (epi 14)

Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so much for ur sweet comments and support…guyzz I know you didn’t expect jhanvi’s entry but she plays important role in my ff…lets’s see how the story goes…so coming to the story…

Abhi and dadi reaches raizada mansion. Pragya sees dadi and gets happy. She goes near dadi and seeks blessings from her. dadi hugs her and gets emotional.
Abhi: dadi! Don’t cry like this it’s time to feel happy.
Dadi: arey abhi!! I’m happy only that’s why getting happy tears.
Meanwhile anjali and nani comes there. They invite dadi inside and make her sit. Aakash comes there and greet dadi.
Anjali calls rachna and asks her to take blessings from dadi. Rachna greets dadi and takes blessings from her.
Anjali: I have made all arrangements for ur room. Come with me I will show you.
Anjali leaves with dadi. Pragya takes abhi’s bag. Then jhanvi enters inside and says excuse me.
Pragya turns back. All stares at jhanvi with confused look.
Abhi: oh I m sorry jhanvi. I forgot about you plz get in.
Jhanvi: it’s ok sir. Actually I was scared to enter inside.
Pragya: abhi who is she?
Abhi: pragya I will tell about her clearly later but first arrange her room as she will stay here.
Khushi: bhayya I will look after that. You go and take rest.
Abhi and pragya leave to their room. khushi takes jhanvi to guest room.

Pragya goes to her room and remains silent. She takes out things from abhi’s bag.
Abhi: hey pragya!! I miss you so much for these two days.
But still pragya didn’t respond.
Abhi: i went for shopping to buy a gift as memory for our reunion. Do you know what I bought?
Pragya remains silent as she left in thoughts of jhanvi.
Abhi: what happened pragya? I m talking to u but you are in some other thoughts.
Pragya: nothing abhi. Tell me
Abhi: are you alright pragya? Few min back you are normal suddenly what happened to u?
Pragya: you didn’t tell who is that jhanvi?
Abhi understands pragya’s intention and laughs.
Pragya: why are you laughing? Did I crack any joke to laugh?
Abhi: you know what pragya you look so beautiful when you are jealous.
Pragya: jealous? Me? what’s the need of getting jealous?
Abhi: acha then why are you behaving like this?
Pragya: ok don’t tell anything. Let her stay here how many days she wants.
Pragya is about to leave from room. abhi holds her hand. pragya says leave my hand I have some work in kitchen. Abhi holds tightly and pulls her towards him.
Abhi: I know my sweet wife is jealous but trust me no one can take or even think of having her place. So now listen I will tell about jhanvi.
Pragya: no need abhi. I know about u.
Abhi: but it’s my responsibility to tell as I can’t hide anything from my wife and create misunderstandings again.
Pragya: abhi!!!
Abhi: I said na listen to me.
She agrees. He shares jhanvi’s story. Pragya feels bad for jhanvi.
Pragya: I m sorry abhi for thinking in some other way. I was really touched hearing jhanvi’s story. Let’s help her.
Abhi: yes that’s why I brought her here. I’m leaving her responsibility to you. You should cheer up her as she is in depression.
Pragya agrees. Abhi take a beautiful ring from his pocket and makes it wear for pragya’s finger. She gets happy and hugs him.

Later pragya leaves to kitchen. Pragya, khushi and anjali prepares dishes for lunch. Khushi and anjali thinks about jhanvi. Pragya observes khushi and anjali in thoughts.
Pragya: khushi and anjali di what happened? What are you thinking?
Khushi and anjali look at each other. They say nothing. Pragya again forces them to tell.
Khushi: pragya actually we both are thinking about jhanvi. Who is she? Why did bhayya bring her?
Pragya: oh that one!!! abhi told everything about her.
She shares everything with them. They feel bad and talks about her. Meanwhile jhanvi comes there.
Jhanvi: excuse me!! Can I join u?
Pragya: hey jhanvi!!! Don’t ask like that. Treat everyone in this house as ur family members.
Jhanvi smiles. She too joins them and helps in cooking. Anjali gets a call. She excuses and leaves to pick the call.
Anjali takes her mobile and finds it pandit. She attempts his call and greets him.
Pandit: I m sorry anjali ji. I didn’t see the astrology book correctly. After coming to home I observed it so I m calling u.
Anjali: what happened pandit ji?
Pandit: don’t make any arrangements for next 15 days as there will be another eclipse. After that I will call you and fix dates.
Anjali says ok and cuts the call. She goes to kitchen again.
Khushi and pragya enquires her about the call. Anjali informs what pandit said. Both gets shocked at once. Both thinks what another eclipse is going to happen? This means that book predictions are going to happen but who has sent that book?
Anjali calls them. Both come out of their thoughts and make excuses. They leave from there. Anjali thinks what happened to them? Whatever I should inform this to everyone. She too leaves from there. Jhanvi smiles.

Arnav reaches raizada mansion. He observes jhanvi and goes near her.
Arnav: who are u?
Jhanvi is about to say something but khushi comes there.
Khushi: arnav ji when did you come?
Arnav: just now but who is she?
Khushi: I will tell about her later first you come and fresh up.
She takes him with her but he turns back and stares at her.
Khushi takes him to room and shares everything with him. He thinks I feel like I have seen her before but not clear. Ok let her stay as I have trust on abhi. She nods.

Days start passing mehra family gets so close to raizada family. Asusual arshi, abhigya love each other more than before. Aakash and rachna bond also gets strong. Jhanvi becomes close to everyone. they all start treating her as their family.
Finally eclipse day comes. Pragya gets up early in the morning. She gets ready and starts roaming in her room. She thinks will that book predictions happen? But how can it happen as I don’t know the address of that palace?
Abhi too wakes up and gets ready. abhi observes pragya.
Abhi: what happened pragya? you are looking so tensed and even didn’t sleep last night also.
Pragya: nothing abhi. Some work tension that’s it.
Abhi: is it true or you are hiding anything from me.
Pragya: nothing like that abhi. Ok why you got ready? Are you going anywhere?
Abhi: yes I m taking jhanvi for a photo shoot.
She says ok and again left in thoughts. She talks to herself yes its good if abhi is busy with some other work as I have to find the truth about that book.

Other side, khushi too thinks the same about the same thing. Meanwhile arnav comes there.
Arnav: hey khushi!!
Khushi: ha arnav ji
Arnav: she called me yesterday.
Khushi: who?
Arnav: archaeologist.
Khushi: ok what did she say?
Arnav: she said she will call you today.
She says ok I will look after that. he agrees and leaves to office.

Eclipse begins. Pragya gets tensed and thinks eclipse has already begun. Will that book prediction come true? But how? I will wait. One hour over but nothing happens. She thinks nothing happened yet. This means its fake. she goes near cupboard to open that book. meanwhile she gets call. Its Ronnie.
Pragya: ha Ronnie tell me
Ronnie: di! I have to tell something important.
Pragya: what?
Ronnie: I heard that one of our employees was found dead. So I called u to intimate this.
Pragya gets shocked. She immediately leaves.

Finally she reaches the place where Ronnie. She doesn’t find anyone. She calls for Ronnie but she don’t find him. She walks further and looks around but she doesn’t find anything suspicious. Suddenly she turns back and gets shocked to see the palace. She thinks how I came here? I have to go inside. She steps towards the palace and opens the gate.
She stares at that palace.

Epi ends here…I hope you guyzz like this epi without any drag or bore…

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  1. Arshi

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    Oh my god.

    Super duper epi dear… and i really like jamvi entry… actually i like her even before gangaa serial.. she played as a female lead in one serial named kayamath..
    Whose hero is shabbir … (now abhi in kumkum bhagya) i really like the duo chemistry… have u watched tat serial??

  2. Varsha

    Hai sweety its was damn thriller epi….. Superb….Eagerly waiting for the next epi……

  3. surbhi

    superb arshifan I love ur stories yr because I love horror stories yr so I cant resist from.commenting and yeah that janhvi lolz dont know weather u know or not but shabir and panchhi aka abhi and janvi were husband wife in one serial I remember my mother use to watch that sorry dont remember the name coz of low interest 😀

  4. Suha

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    Thanx for replying to comment Af..
    Today’s epi.. itz not a written fiction.just like a tv series.woooow… no words to prs u.i love all the ffs here.. but to this ff i am completly mad @’ve match both pragya & kushi.. in perfect manner.i mean usually itz diffcult to handle two main pairs.but in her u’ve gave same importance to the both couples.hats off to that.. keep rocking like this. No need to thank sis.we r here to support you.. love u loads♥♥♥

  5. Paru

    Loved today’s episode sisy…. Eagerly waiting to know hw Khushi reaches her destiny…. I guess that will happen thru that frnd of Arnav who is archeologist…. Anyway eagerly but still patiently waiting for ur next update…. I know u mst b thinking hw can someone b eager & patient together… 😉 But believe me, I m sisy…. 😛 Great going……
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you….
    Take care….
    Always b happy & keep smiling….
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe….
    Achieve all the success in life…
    Get all the happiness….
    My heart wishes for ur ff…..
    & will also pray for ur books, which I hope time permit & u write…
    Love you sisy…..

  6. vaishu

    Wow di…… its really awesome….. i just loved todays ff and eagerly waiting to know whats going to happen in that palace….?? and the same thing is going to happen with khushi…?? my mind is full of question marks di…plz update the nxt epi i will be waiting…keep rocking…gud luck…luv u di….!!

  7. Riyashri

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    I would Love to keep u happy always through my comments…Anju Di !!!
    Superb!!! Keep Rocking !!Waiting for more twists and turns !!! Love u Too !!!

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    Di i m waiting for ur ff since morning after seeing ur update i felt very excited and read it. After reading my eagerness has increased more. Its just amazing. Love u.keep rocking

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  10. isha

    Fantastic epi…really its so interesting and waiting to know what will happen next…keep going

  11. ANGEL

    No one is having doubt why jhanvi smiled at that time…. after anjali informed about the eclipse to pragya and kushi…. soch lo thodasa……. hehe….. now coming to epi…. todays epi is good with 3 lovable pairs….. now the real terror horror is going to start from tomorrow’s episode… waiting for your next epi….. and forget to say… good luck for your exams…. hope you will crack this time….

  12. Nirmal

    Awesome episode… I was waiting for the horror to begin… ????
    Ya it’s my real name.. Nirmal Britty Joseph… ??

  13. kavya

    Wow di! Its just fabulous…i m waiting for this epi since long…pls pls post next epi soon

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    Very interesting and awesome it so much…waiting eagerly for next part…

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    Omg It was awesome fantastic really I am excited to see ur next episode plz update next episode soon if you are free otherwise no problem I will wait. It is really awesome episode I loved it to the core

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  17. Meenu

    Wow nice yar this is amazing
    You are keeping on increasing our eagerness (• ^ )
    I am always late I think so
    Sry for that
    I love this ssoooooo much

  18. priya

    Sorry for late i love this epi very much really its so interesting…thank u for this amazing ff

  19. gayatri

    Sorry for my late comment but i would like to say this epi is just awesome…keep it up

  20. Jo

    I hope future episodes are going to be a thriller one…. that jhanvi?? Did arnav met her already??

    So excited to read ur next episode..

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