the invisible book (epi 13)

Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so much for ur sweet comments and support…feeling so happy to see them like that..i know some of you might be thinking that I have revealed the suspense but not at all and this story will be completely different from season coming to the story..

Pragya turns the next page and gets shocked to see something written. She reads it she will go to that palace for next eclipse. Pragya thinks what is this? What’s happening? I don’t understand how can I go there without knowing about that palace? And how it’s written like this? Is this a magic book? Oh no I m really confused. Meanwhile anjali calls her. she keeps the book there and leaves.

Other side
Khushi is busy in gathering the info about the different monuments. She thinks to write the details about those monuments. She finds that invisible book. She opens to write it and gets shocked to see the letters. She cleans her eyes and again checks the book. she again finds the letters. She thinks how can this be possible? Yesterday I saw this book but it with empty pages. Am I dreaming? She pinches herself and shouts. She talks to herself oh no khushi! it’s not your dream but real.

She thinks ok let me see what’s there inside this. She turns the next page and finds a monument pic. It looks like ancient one. She thinks wow! This is just awesome. I think this book will be useful to my work. Let me read it now.

She turns it and reads about the monument. She turns one by one page and sees the pics of that monument. She likes it very much and thinks I have to visit this monument once but how? There is no specific address here then how I will find the way? She turns the next page and finds a huge idol. She again left in thoughts.

She thinks what might be this idol? I have never seen this kind of idol but it’s so attractive. I really wanted to see this monument. It’s really interesting but how?

She turns the next page and gets shocked. Its written that she will visit that place for next eclipse. She thinks how can I visit that place without knowing that? is this a future prediction book? I really don’t understand what’s happening?
Meanwhile she gets a call from arnav. Khushi picks his call.
Khushi: ha arnav ji..
Arnav: what happened khushi?
Khushi thinks I have to tell about this to arnav ji but I don’t know at what extent it’s true if I can’t prove then this will create another problem so I won’t tell anything to arnav ji.
Khushi: nothing arnav ji.
Arnav: there is something strange in ur voice.
Khushi: nothing like that arnav ji. Tell me why did you call me?
Arnav: I forgot to say I informed my friend about your book. She agreed to help you so I will give her number.
Khushi agrees and they further continue their convo. Later khushi cuts the call.
She thinks I will take her help but this is more interesting. However I will gather info about that monument.
Meanwhile anjali comes there and asks to take bath as eclipse is over.

Other side
Pragya goes to bath and comes out. She gets ready and thinks to read further. She opens the book and gets shocked to see empty pages again. She thinks just now I read this then how can this will be empty? What happening? Why its blank now? I think this book will be visible only for eclipse. But who sent this? I will wait till next eclipse.

Khushi too takes her bath and gets ready. she too opens the book and finds blank pages. She gets shocked and thinks in the same way like pragya. She thinks not to share this with anyone. she keeps the book in cupboard and leaves from there.

In Mumbai
Abhi is on his way to studio. Suddenly he sees a crowd. He blows the horn but they don’t give him way. He gets down and goes to them. He asks the man what happened. He points his fingers towards one direction. Abhi gets shocked. He sees a girl standing at the edge of terrace.
Abhi: who is she? Why is she trying to commit suicide?
Man: wow rockstar abhi!! I m ur big fan sir. Autograph plz
Abhi raises his hand and says is it time for autograph? First tell me who is she?
Man: I don’t know
Abhi: at least do you know why is she committing suicide?
Man: one is saying love problem and other is saying financial problem but no one is clear about her.
Abhi: if you don’t know anything why are you standing and watching like a movie?
Man downs his head and remains silent. Abhi moves forward and about to go but one man stops him.
Man: hey don’t go! She will commit suicide?
Abhi: don’t you feel shame to talk like this? Being a man you are watching instead of saving her life.
He bows down his head. Abhi leaves to her.
Abhi tries to go near her. she turns back.
Girl: don’t come forward. I will jump from here
Abhi: ok ok I won’t but tell me why are you committing suicide?
Girl: why should I tell you?
Abhi: if you tell me I will try to solve ur problem.
Girl: who are you to solve my problem? And no one can solve my problem.
Abhi: 1st you tell me then I will try.
He steps towards her. She says I said na not to come near me.
Abhi: ok ok now tell me ur problem.
Girl: my name is jhanvi. I m from patna. My parents arranged me marriage but I was not interested as I want to become model. A guy became friend in social networking. He said he will make me a model. He asked me to come with money so without intimating I left my house with money. Finally he cheated me and went somewhere with money. I thought to return back to patna but then I came to know that my parents committed suicide as they were insulted by everyone because of me. Finally I became the reason for their death. So now tell me why should I live and for whom I should live? She starts crying badly.

(guyzz if you have watched gangaa serial then you will know her very well and I kept her in this ff as she will suit very well for this role. I hope you are ok with this)
Abhi: it’s really a big problem as you lost ur parents but death is not the only solution for ur problem.
Jhanvi: then
Abhi: now also you can try to become model.
Jhanvi: but I lost everything then how can I try?
Abhi: don’t worry I will make you model.
Jhanvi: really!!!
Abhi: yes I will help you.
Jhanvi: thnq..thnq so are rockstar abhi right? I love your songs so much.
He smiles.
Jhanvi: I will never forget ur help.
Abhi says ok and thanks her with him.

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    What a ff yaar…you hit my brain.. blank pages after eclips… woow.. this going to be scary more than cnjring 2..
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    awesome arshifan but I have one confusion is this the same janhvi for whose murder sagar was accused ?? and she was his wife

  11. SURBHI


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    awesome arshifan but I have one confusion is this the same janhvi for whose murder sagar was accused ?? and she was his wife??

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    Superb episode as usual… I know there is no gender difference for the writers. I just informed you as all are mistaking me bcz of my name.. So just thought to share this with my dear writer friends… ???

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