the invisible book (epi 12)

Haiiii guyzzz…I m sorry as I m giving late updates and I know there is no horror in yesterday’s epi but don’t worry I will start my full length thriller epi from today…so let’s go to the story…

pragya starts packing abhi’s luggage. She again observes the book in cupboard and thinks who might have done this? Who can keep book here as no one opens my wardrobe? I’m really confused at this book. There is something mysterious. I will find it. She keeps it there.
Abhi comes there and observes pragya.
Abhi: hey pragya!! what are you thinking?
Pragya: nothing abhi.
Abhi: something is there. I understood that you are still thinking about that book but what’s there to think about that?
Pragya: I don’t understand when you don’t keep it here then who will keep it?
Abhi: pragya don’t think about those silly things. Maybe khushi or rachu fooled you. Take it easy.
Pragya: but abhi…
Abhi: I said na don’t think about that.
Pragya: ok ok.
Abhi: that’s my girl. Ok it’s getting late I will leave now.
He takes the bag and about to leave.
Pragya: abhi!!
He turns back and stares at her.
Pragya: I miss you.
He goes near her and hugs. He says me too.
Pragya: ok come soon.
Abhi: I will here within 2 days.
She nods. He leaves.

Other side
Arnav is busy with his work on lappy. He calls aman and asks to bring some files. He gets tensed and thinks how can this happen? I didn’t expect this much variation.
After sometime aman comes there. He shows them to arnav. Arnav reads them and gets anger. he says how this much variation? What are you doing? aman tries to say something but arnav continues why didn’t you inform about this? aman remains silent.
Arnav picks his mobile and says I m coming today. he cuts the call. He asks aman to pack his bag. He agrees and leaves from there.
Khushi comes there and opens her lappy. Arnav informs khushi about his trip to Kolkata. Khushi agrees and goes to pack his bag.
Later arnav leaves to Kolkata.

Its night
Rachna comes to khushi’s room.
Rachna: what are you doing bhabi?
Khushi: I m gathering info about ancient monuments. Ok why did you come?
Rachna: bhabi!! I m bored actually so I planned for shopping. What do you say?
Khushi: what now?
Rachna: no bhabi!! Tomorrow let’s go to shopping.
Khushi: yeah that’s a good idea.
Rachna: ok I’ll ask pragya di also.
She says ok. Rachna leaves.
Rachna informs the same to pragya. pragya too agrees.

Its morning
Rachna goes to anjali. Anjali prepares all the dishes in the morning.
Rachna: di!!
Anjali: ha rachu
Rachna: let’s go to shopping today.
Anjali: no rachu we are not going anywhere today.
Rachna: why di?
Anjali: did you forget? Today there is solar eclipse so stay at home only.
Rachna: but di!!!
Anjali: don’t say anything its final. Go to your room.
She feels disappointed and leaves to her room.

Anjali calls khushi and pragya. She informs about eclipse to them. So they all have their breakfast early.
Anjali: don’t you leave your room until eclipse finish.
They both agree and leave to their rooms.

Eclipse begins. Sky becomes dark. Pragya thinks to turn on light. Suddenly wind starts blowing. Pragya goes near window to close it as its making noise. Meanwhile she observes some books near table. She gets bore so she thinks to read book.

She picks one book and keeps it on bed. While she picks rest of them and thinks to keep in cupboard. She tries to keep but due to overweight some books fall down. She picks and again stares at that book. She keeps it out and arranges all the books in cupboard.

Pragya opens the novel and starts reading. She reads it with full interest. Meanwhile she gets a call but she doesn’t lift as she is completely immersed in that book. Her mobile again rings. She keeps the book aside and lifts the call. Its Ronnie.

Ronnie: hello di!!
Pragya: ha Ronnie. Tell me
Ronnie: I collected the details of that gangster.
Pragya: that’s great.
Ronnie: ok I will tell. You note it down.
Pragya searches for book. She observes that invisible book and takes it to write. She opens it and gets shocked. She says Ronnie that she will call him again and cuts it.

She again opens the book and turns the first main page. She finds a big palace photo. She thinks I saw this book with empty pages then how this can happen? Am I dreaming or what?
She left in thoughts and turns the next page. She finds the first room of that palace and its description. She starts reading. She just loves the entrance of that palace. She turns one by one page and reads the complete description about that palace. She gets more excited and thinks I wanted to see this palace but how can I see this? at least once I have to try but there is no address or landmark about this palace so what to do now? She thinks this and turns the next page. At once she gets shocked.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…once again sorry guyzz for my late updates due to my work and also forgive me for not commenting but still I know that my dears won’t get angry on me and still support like before…thnqqq so muchhh each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers so that I can understand whether my story is going in right track or not…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…


  1. Suha


    |Registered Member

    Hey superb entry to tril.wooow… it z really scary yaar.eclips,darkness wind… heart is beating speedly… great job yaar.superb..keep rocking.

  2. tarun

    Wow di! Its awesome and i dont understand why pragya is shocked. I m really excited to know. Pls post it soon.

  3. silent reader

    Hey i m waiting for your ff from yesterday evening but now you posted it. I know you are busy but i m very eager to read your ff and i just loved today’s epi. Its actually different and waiting to know what will happen next. Keep rocking.

  4. sweety

    Awesome darling…its different and thinking what’s the suspense behind palace? Pls post next epi soon yar. I m really waiting.

  5. Varsha

    Hai sweety superb entry of horror scenes yaar…no need to sry…we will understand u…keep going like this love it…

  6. arshi

    I have a doubt what will be there in khushi’s book? Will khushi see that book? What is that palace? How that book came there? So many questions running in my head. Update next epi soon.

  7. meera

    Very nice and interesting…really now i m excited for this epi…pls post next part asap…

  8. Monesha

    It was awesome,super, fantastic no words coming from me really I loved it to the core. And I am really sorry for not commenting yesterday I was out of station so only I am really sorry

  9. fan of ff

    So nice yar and very interesting…now so many doubts are running in my head but i will be patient because i know you will clear all of them…keep rocking

  10. kavya

    Di love you so much…i really didnt expect this twist and very excited to know the secret of that palace…very interesting…pls post next epi soon…

  11. shree

    Sorry dear due to my works i m irregular in commenting but i m not missing a single epi because i love your ff so much. Keep it up. I will always support u.

  12. isha

    Fantastic..since beginning i m waiting for this epi…now i m excited for next epi as i m really curious about mysterious palace…update asap…love u

  13. vaishu

    Wow di its really interesting and eagerly waiting for the nxt epi…….keep going….gud luck…!!

  14. somi

    I m so sorry for not commenting but i really love each and every epi of this ff. I dont know from where you get such amazing thoughts. I have to appreciate you for this. Love u.

  15. priya

    Wow finally back to horror epi..really excited for this part since long time..thank u and update soon

  16. khushi

    Super and now excited about khushi’s part. Plz post it soon and i am really waiting for khushi’s story.

  17. ANGEL

    Haaaaaaa……… at last… started horror part….. now the invisible books shows some fantastic twists in both the pairs…. waiting for your next epi… well going…. good luck!!!

  18. ranveer

    I think this story will be completely different from season 2. And you have revealed thriller then what will be the main point in this? I know about your writings but still confused. Hope i will get some idea in next epi.

  19. sonu

    Arshi this epi is tooo good and i m feeling it mysterious. But i will wait with patience till next epi because i really love your writings.

  20. Paru

    Awesome update sisy!!!!! No words to praise u…. U r fantastically fabulous…. U r jst ………… uummmhhhhaaaaa…….. There r many questions in mind bt will patiently wait for u to unfold it slowly slowly…. Very very eagerly waiting for ur nxt episode… Don’t u dare say my sisy’s ff boring.. 😉 Please update as soon as possible….
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you…
    Take care…
    Always keep smiling & b happy….
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe….
    Achieve all the success in life….
    Love you sisy….

  21. shravya

    Its really nice mainly eclipse i just imagined and was scared but still waiting for horror part. Start it soon.

  22. harry

    Excellent epi..i just read today including previous epi and cant stop myself from commenting..u really have a good imagination..keep it you…

  23. reena

    Great work dear..i m waiting for this epi only from the beginning and now onwards i will read it regularly as i know very well about your talent…keep moving…

  24. pragya

    Sorry dear you know about my prob na so i didnt comment but now i m ok and dont miss your single epi. This epi is asusual amazing. Keep rocking dear.

  25. varun

    Simply superb and love your efforts. Whatever you write its going to be the best so dont think about bore. Keep writing. We love u.

  26. karan

    Nice yar..was waiting for this epi patiently atlast you gave it..thank you and love you…keep rocking…

  27. Nirmal

    Nice episode yaar.. I am sorry for not posting comments… I was stuck in between exams… Really sorry… Don’t mistake me as a boy because of my name…?

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