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Haiii guyzzz…its my 10th epi…I m so happy that I reached my 10th epi so early but after this I don’t know how many epi I will be regular still I’ll try…thnqqq so much for ur sweet comments…I wish you guyzzz always support me…ok coming to the story…

Its morning
Pragya wakes up in the morning. She gets ready and goes to wake up abhi but she didn’t find him. She goes to search him everywhere but didn’t find him. She remembers about night dream and gets tensed. She takes her mobile and calls him. But he didn’t lift. She comes downstairs and gets worried about abhi.
Rachna comes there and sees pragya tensed.
Rachna: di! what happened? Why are you looking so tensed?
Pragya: nothing rachu.
She continuously stares at main door. Rachna observes this.
Rachna: something is there are continuously staring at door.
Pragya: rachu actually I m searching for your jiju but he is not there at home. Even his mobile is ringing but he is not attempting my call.
Rachna: ok di! wait I will try.
She agrees. Rachu tries but he doesn’t lift her call. This time pragya gets more tensed. Rachu asks her not to worry. She goes to aakash room but he is also not there. She comes downstairs and informs about aakash to pragya. pragya asks her to call aakash.
Rachna takes her mobile and tries to call aakash. Meanwhile he comes there.
Pragya: aakash where is abhi?
Aakash: I don’t bhabi. why?
Pragya: since morning I didn’t find him anywhere even I called him but no response.
Aakash: ok bhabi. I will try. U don’t worry.
She nods.

Other side
Khushi roams in her room. She looks very tensed. She thinks what to do now? Arnav comes there and observes khushi.
Arnav: what happened khushi?
Khushi: nothing arnav ji.
Arnav: then why are you looking so tensed?
Khushi: arnav ji!!
Arnav: ha khushi..
Khushi: I m writing a book.
Arnav: ok write. You are a writer na.
Khushi: first listen to me arnav ji.
Arnav: ok ok tell me.
Khushi: I m writing a book. This story will be based on ancient architecture like idols. For this I need an archaeologist help so that I can write my book easily.
Arnav: what you are worrying for this?
She moves her head.
Arnav: I have a friend. She is also archaeologist. I will tell her about your book. she will help.
Khushi: thank you arnav ji..
She hugs him. He smiles.

Anjali gets busy as pundit will come to mansion. She goes to khushi, pragya and rachna rooms to ask them get ready. They agree. Pragya agains tries abhi but he didn’t lift her call. She thinks where are you abhi? I m worried about u. she keeps her mobile there and goes to wardrobe. She opens it and gets shocked. Abhi sits there. She shouts.
Abhi: surprise!!!
Pragya: what are you doing here?
Abhi: I m checking whether you will worry about me or not.
Pragya: are you mad? I m really worried about you but you are sitting here happily. First of all get down.
Abhi: what happy? See how I m sweating here.
Pragya: then who asked you to sit there.
She starts going from there.
Abhi: pragya wait.
Pragya: I m angry with you. Don’t talk to me.
Abhi: I m so sorry. Trust me I won’t do like this again
He further tries to say something. Meanwhile she pushes him out of room and closes the door. He thinks how cruel she is? I will think some other plan and leaves from there.

She again goes to wardrobe and thinks to select a saree meanwhile she finds a gift box inside it. She thinks abhi only kept this box to surprise me. At first he made my worry now he is trying to cool me. But I won’t be that easy…she opens the box and finds a book.
Pragya thinks what is that book? since when abhi started gifting books? I guess khushi gave him this idea. Lets me see what’s there inside. She opens and gets shocked. She gets anger on abhi and says Mr. Rock star I m not going to leave u for teasing me like this. She closes the book and keeps there.

Other side
Khushi opens the wardrobe to take the saree. She finds a gift box inside it. She thinks wow arnav ji you surprised me with a gift. So sweet of u. she takes it out and opens the box. She finds a book and thinks arnav ji gifted me this book as I love books. Thank u arnav ji. She opens and gets shocked. She thinks what kind of gift is this. I never expected arnav ji will give me this kind of gift. I m really hurt. For this I will make him buy 100 books for me then he will understand what this khushi kumari gupta singh raizada is. She keeps it inside and picks a saree.

All come downstairs. Abhi and arnav are mesmerized to see pragya and khushi. they both stand at one side and stare angrily at abhi and arnav. Abhi thinks she is still angry on me for doing like that. I have to cool her.
Arnav observes khushi staring angrily at him and thinks what happened to khushi? why is she looking at me like that?
Abhi goes to pragya slowly and says sorry pragya I didn’t do that intentionally.
Pragya: stop it abhi I know you did that intentionally. Do you think that I m a kid for presenting me that gift? You have to pay for your doings.
Abhi gets confused as he don’t understand what pragya is speaking.
Abhi: what are you talking pragya? I’m not getting. Plz tell me clearly.
Pragya: don’t act smart abhi.
She leaves from there and moves another side. Abhi gets confused and thinks sometimes I don’t understand what this pragya speaks.

Arnav comes near khushi.
Arnav: why are you staring at me like that?
Khushi: don’t talk to me arnav ji.
Arnav: what happened khushi? why are you angry on me?
Khushi: I m really hurt arnav ji for what you have done. So don’t talk to me.
Arnav: what I did khushi?
Khushi: wow arnav ji. ur acting like you don’t know anything but I was really hurt with your gift.
Arnav: what gift?
Khushi: I thought you presented me a novel and felt so happy like an idiot but you….i m angry on you don’t talk to me.
She goes near pragya. arnav too gets confused and thinks what gift I presented to khushi? Is she mad? May be she dreamt that I presented her gift.

Pandit comes to raizada mansion. Shyam and anjali greet him. Aakash and rachna smile at each other. Nani too greets him. They ask him fix engagement and marriage date. He starts seeing the book.
He says don’t make any preparations for week days. Later you can fix any date for engagement and marriage. Anjali asks him is there any date for engagement within this week?
Pandit says actually within 4 days there is a solar eclipse. That is not good so after that you can do all arrangements. Anjali says ok and shyam gives him money. He leaves from there.

Anjali says so we shouldn’t do anything any arrangements for this week.
Abhi: ok then i will go to Mumbai and return with dadi in this week.
They agree.

Pragya leaves to her room. abhi observes this and follows her. abhi goes inside room.
Abhi: pragya!! pragya!!!
Pragya: what pragya pragya??
Abhi: I know you are angry on me but I apologized you na for sitting like that.
Pragya: I m not angry for that.
Abhi: then
Pragya: what you did in that cupboard?
Abhi: I just sat there.
Pragya: don’t lie.
Abhi: I swear I didn’t do anything.
Pragya: acha!! Then what is that gift?
She points towards the gift box. He goes there and sees that book. He opens it and finds empty white pages in it. He laughs seeing that. She stares at him angrily.
Abhi: someone fooled you with this book pragya.
Pragya: not someone its u and again you are laughing at me.
Abhi: no pragya. I didn’t
Pragya: don’t lie I know you only did like this.
Abhi: i swear pragya I didn’t do this. plz trust me.
Pragya: then who?
Abhi: I really don’t know.
Pragya: if I come to know that its u then I will torture u.
Abhi: ok ok but now trust me.
She nods. He kisses on her cheeks and thanks her. She smiles. Both stare at book.

In arshi room
Arnav: khushi!!! Listen to me
Khushi: don’t talk anything arnav ji.
Arnav: plz khushi..Listen once.
Khushi: what?
Arnav: I didn’t present you any gift. I think you dreamt that I presented you a gift.
Khushi: oh then what is that?
She opens the cupboard and shows the gift. He gets shocked and takes the book. he opens it and finds empty pages. He too laughs.
Khushi: don’t laugh arnav ji. you did this and again your laughing.
Arnav: no khushi I don’t know anything I guess someone played with your book weakness.
Khushi: that someone is obviously u.
Arnav: no khushi. how can you say like that?
Khushi: either you or I will open this cupboard then who will keep here.
Arnav: khushi I really don’t know about this.
Khushi: don’t talk to me arnav ji.
Arnav understands that khushi expecting something from him.
Arnav: ok khushi. I didn’t do this but still I m ready to compensate you so tell me what do you want?
Khushi smiles. I want 100 books.
Arnav: what? Are you mad??
Khushi: if you give them I will talk to you or else don’t talk to me.
Arnav: ok I won’t talk.
Khushi: can’t you do this much to your wife arnav ji? Then why you say that you love me so much?
Arnav: khushi!! ok ok I will give u but I won’t leave those who kept this book here.
She says thank you arnav ji and hugs him.

Seems like this book is silly but this is going to change their fate. Let’s see how it will change their fate and what problems they are going to face. Be patient and will see whether priya have any connection or not with their story.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi…I wish u guyzz don’t feel any kind of bore or drag…thnqqq so muchhh varsha, di, krish, angel, meenu, tarun, priya, abhigya, angita, arshi, ria, pavani, divya, varshavenkat, meera, aaru, cutepie achu, rutu, nirmal, ammu, ashu, paru, khushi, riyashri, suha, sonu, kristy, prathi, riyadcruz, kavya, sugan, reshma pradeep, vaishu, twinkle, sravani, sweety, siri, monesha, durga, shravya, bindhu, hari, asmitha, shree, apps, isha, ranveer, blossom for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers…just leave a comment if u feel worth even it’s a single word it means a lot for me…keep supporting me like this…byeee guyzzz…

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