The Invincible (CHP 9)


The Invincible (CHP 9)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey summarizes all the mysteries she has to solve as she sighs. She gets another text from an unknown who warns her about danger ahead! Later at night Zoe tells Audrey that she saw Theo go into the forest with a bruise on his arm. They have a conversation, which Audrey dismisses as impossible. At midnight they hear a howl of a wolf and decide to check out a library for further information. Audrey gets another message from the unknown who tells her about a diary and warns her that Theo is keeping a watch on her. Audrey realizes the messenger is actually helping her!
“Zoe! Get up!” I say as I shake her vigorously.
“Urgghh! What’s the time?” She says as she slips us, drowsily.
“7 AM! We have to reach there early!” I say sharply.
She opens her eyes and slumps to the washroom as she bangs her head on the door in sleepiness.
“Careful!” I say.
“Its OK! I am not dead!” She says sarcastically as she shuts the door behind her.
I grin and change into some presentable clothes. I had told Zoe and Theo that I didn’t know how to defend myself but I had lied. I was actually a champion archer at school and college and had done further training as well. When I would aim at something, I would get it! So I slip my foldable crossbow into my bag with a few small arrows.

“Okay! I am ready, let’s go!” Zoe says as she comes out.
“Where exactly are we going?” I ask Zoe.
“Brighton!” Zoe says excitedly.
“Oh! I thought the library was here in Yorkshire!” I say
“No! It’s the Brighton!” Zoe says smiling
“And how are we going to get there?” I ask her.
“By train! And I don’t think we should waste anymore time as the next train to Brighton leaves in 30 minutes and we should get to the station!” Zoe says.

2 hours later

As I step out of the train, I feel a fresh breeze of salty air. Brighton – the city of beaches, amusement and sea. It feels so good so be amidst a crowd of happy people who are joyfully springing about and rushing to do their work.
“You know, I thought maybe after some research we both should just let go and do some shopping! Zoe says, laughing.
“OMG! Yes! I was just thinking of that, after all, we are in Brighton!” I say cheerfully.
We both burst out laughing and walk out the station. We catch a cab and are soon heading to one of England’s biggest libraries.

“How may I help you young ladies?” Says the librarian.
“Give us all the books you have that are about wolves!” Zoe says.
“My dear! Wolves! May I ask why you need to know about them!” The librarian says in absolute astonishment.
“We are doing a biology research for our course work!” Zoe says immediately.
“Oh well! Follow me this way!” The librarian says as she leads us towards a huge wall.
“All the books at this bottom shelves are about wolves! Best of luck!” She says as she prods back to her desk.
Zoe and I gather all the books in our arms and put them down in a cranny where no one is around.
“How many books are there?” Zoe asks me.

“Approximately 15-16!” I say, sighing.
“This is gonna take us all day!” Zoe says sighing and shaking her head.
We both sit down and start going through the books, most of them just have general stuff that everyone knows. By mid-day we finish around 6 books.
“I’m taking a break!” Zoe says as she gets up and walks towards the door.
“You wanna come?” She asks me.
“No, I’ll continue looking through.” I say.
She shrugs her shoulders and walks out. This is the perfect time to ask the librarian for the diary. I walk over to her desk and lean in so no one can listen to what I’m saying.
“Can I please have the Diary of Gerard!” I say
She gives me a look and says “I have no idea what you are taking about!”
I give her a stern look and say “Let’s do that again. Can I please have the Diary of Gerard!” My voice booms loud..

She nods her head and says “Very well, I will give it to you if you solve this riddle!”
“I don’t have time for your stupid nonsense!” I say firmly again.
“Then I don’t have time to give it to you!” She says aggressively.
“Fine! I will try to solve it.” I say.
“Very well. Let me tell you that most people are unable to solve it generally and you only have a minute!” She says.
“Let me also tell you, I’m not an average person!” I tell her slyly.
She clears her throat and asks me. “What instrument can you not see, or touch but can only hear?”
My head buzzes. What instrument can we not see or touch! Almost every instrument that we play is either by hands or by mouth! There is no such instrument! This is a prank… I look at her, she seems to know what she is doing.

“And your time is…” She starts to say but out of nowhere I say quickly..
“Your voice! We can’t see it or touch it but we can hear it! It’s our voices!”
I don’t know how I say it or how I know the answer but I’m sure of it. The librarian seems shocked.
She nods her head and leads me to a shelf. She looks around before pushing into it and a smaller shelf behind it opens up. Inside the shelf is a glass case in which is an old, dusty and leathery book. The librarian pulls down the lever and the glass case opens up. She picks up the book and gives it to me.
“Why is this diary kept so securely?” I ask her.
“Because it has all the secrets of this world that most human’s are not aware about!” She hisses at me before casually walking back to her desk.
I quickly open it and skim through the pages. It’s a diary of a hunter who used to hunt supernatural species. Why would the messenger want me to read this? All this stuff doesn’t exist. I throw the diary on the ground next to the books we were previously reading.
“Hi!” Zoe says as she comes back and sits on the ground, picking up the books she was reading.
“Hi! I say.

“Here!” She says as she hands me over a sandwich in a bag.
“Thank you!” I say gratefully.
“I figured you would be hungry so I grabbed a bite for you.” She says smiling.
I set it down and continue reading the books.

6 hours later

“We’ve been here forever! And we finished reading all the books! There’s nothing that matches Theo in any way!” Zoe says, absolutely exasperated.
“Maybe we aren’t looking hard enough!” I say
“Maybe Theo isn’t this!” Zoe says staring at me.
I slump back and lean against a shelf. “Now what?” I ask her.
“What is that?” Zoe says, pointing at the diary.
“Nothing! Just a stupid diary I found that has stuff about Vampires and all!” I say.
“Audrey, that’s not any diary! That’s the diary of Gerard! One of the best supernatural hunters! He had captured about hundreds of them and then wrote their accounts in this!” Zoe exclaims.
“You know about this?” I say, sitting back on the ground and picking it up.
“Duh! Everyone knows about this! I can’t believe you though it was stupid!” She says.
“But, this kind of stuff doesn’t exist!” I say.
“What harm would it do if we just went through it!” Zoe says.

“Fine!” I say, handing the diary to her.
She opens it carefully and finds a page about werewolves. I inch closer to her, to look into the diary. There is a picture drawn of a wolf that has some human like features. Below the picture are some characteristics listed of a werewolf.
“Lets see how many of these match Theo!” Zoe says.
As we go through the list, we keep looking at each other in shock. All of them match Theo.
Super strength, speed, eyesight, hearing, climbing walls, jumping from things, healing powers.
“OMG! It all matches!” I say in shock.
“Exactly! Except this! That werewolves get angry quickly and when angry can start to transform.” Zoe says.
“No! That’s true as well. Every time I snapped at him and he got angry, he would immediately walk out, and I think it was because he would know he was going to transform!” I say.
“So, I was right! Theo is a werewolf!” Zoe says.

A weight drops in my stomach, Theo is a creature of the night, who hunts, kills and is evil. Whereas all this time I was thinking he was different.
“But, I won’t believe this theory until I see him in his wolf self with my own eyes.” I say with determination.
“And I have a perfect plan for that!” Zoe says, grinning.

Precap – Zoe explains Audrey about the plan and they both agree on it.

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  1. Nice story keep going!!!

    1. Thank You Haya! <3

  2. it ws quite soon i really didn’t expected it thnk u as usual it ws a voww epii good that zoend Audrey made a team nd found out the truth but i m excited about the part when they will visualize it live OMG it sounds soo crazy!!!!! but Audrey nd theo won’t be together he has soft corner for her god i m going mad due to over thinking plzz clear the suspense soon

    1. Thank you Shreya 🙂 Yeah, I wanted to speed it up cause I prefer not to drag plots as it causes a hindrance to the mystery element.. Zoe & Audrey do make a good team 😉 The episode where they will actually see Theo will be in maybe another 2 episodes. Whether Audrey and Theo will be together is something even I haven’t decided of yet.. I actually don’t decide what I’m going to write for each episode. I just sit on my laptop and my brain just starts to flow with words so sometimes I surprise myself also! I will try to not drag the story and prolong it and will try to update as soon as possible 🙂

  3. Is zoe a +ve character…or will she backstab audrey.. Zoe has more knwledge about d whole supernatural thing….if u lyk werewolf stories den checkout dis site called Quotev….its full of dis kind of ff….der lots of stories lyk dis and i think its in wattpad too….update soon…love you!!!

    1. Thank you Vivi 🙂 If I tell you whether Zoe is a positive or negative character now.. It might ruin the whole thing for you 😉 For now I can say is that Zoe knows more as she said in the last chapter that she reads a lot of supernatural and sci-fi stories 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion of the site ‘QUOTEV’. I will definetely check it out 🙂 Byee LY <3

  4. I am super excited for Zoe and Audrey’s plan. To Audrey, you are right in your point. Believe only when you see it with your own eyes. that’s y ur character is the most adorable here! And to MysteryGirl, dearie, you are running suprb, awesome. Very soon i will find myself out of expressions! So, do u assure that theo’s a werewolf? Or Audrey and Zoe’s next plan will reveal that? yeah, i too agree that episodes must longer so that it keeps hanging the suspense on! how did this superb idea come to you? Keep it up. Update soon. I love suspense. hold itt on as long as u can! 😉

    1. Thank you Bisha SOOO Much! I can’t tell you how happy your comments make me! TBH, I look forward to your opinion for each chapter 🙂 Not only to Audrey but I think generally, as humans we don’t believe many things until we see it with our own eyes. And personally I have always believed that actions speak louder than words. Spoiler Alert! I think it’s very obvious whether Theo is a werewolf or not. The thing to look out for is how Audrey will take to it and how they will reveal the truth 😉 I will try to update as soon as possible 🙂 Byee LY

  5. Amazing episode, I just love the way you write you story, It’s really interesting. Keep up the great work Hun. Also I hope to see some comments on my ff too. And I can’t wait for the next episode~Nusz.

    1. Thank you so much Nusz! I am exceptionally gratefully for your appreciative comment.. I’m extremely sorry that I haven’t been able to comment on your fiction.. The problem is that I don’t watch nor am a big fan of Indian soap operas… And since your fiction is based on a soap opera I haven’t ever watched or even heard of. Another thing was that it is very difficult for me to read transliteration. But I really appreciate your writing skills. Although I haven’t been able to read the whole thing, I did read your first chapter and really appreciate it 🙂 It’s remarkable that so many people read your fiction and really love it <3 .. I have always believed that an attempt to write for the art of literature is purely beautiful and so is your writing.. Again I'm extremely sorry but extremely grateful to you for reading my story.. Don't ever be discouraged and continue writing for all the people who love your fiction 🙂

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