The Invincible (CHP 8)


The Invincible (CHP 8)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey runs out of the office in apprehension of the secrecies. She meets Theo who then leaves her and jogs into the forest. When Audrey follows him, she trips over a twig and is faced by a wolf. However the wolf doesn’t hurt her but saves her life instead. She runs back to the hotel where Zoe & Audrey have a conversation about the physical abilities Theo possesses which are humanly impossible…
“I’m gonna go and make something for us to eat!” Zoe says jumping up from the bed and heading towards the kitchen.
I lay on my bed and close my eyes. So much to solve and so little time..
• Lady Cambridge and Theo’s relation?
• The maddening’s of patients at Radley
• Theo’s humanly impossible physical abilities
• The tall man I faced in the attic, but is dead?
• The unknown person who messages me?

All these mysteries are just adding on and on but I know for a fact that they all are connected together. I just need to find out what Theo is? If I do that I can find out his and Lady Cambridge’s relation which can lead me to know about the tall man. The tall man said he knew about how to solve the Radley problem and that in the end may lead to the end of the messages.
My phone beeps at the end of the corner and inquisitively, I pick it up and look at it.
‘Told you, to keep an eye on Theo! He is already two steps ahead of you, my dear! Danger lurks ahead!
Your (not) well-wisher.
What does this message mean? Does Theo already know that we both are looking for his secret? Did he spot me in the office? I look at Zoe, I want her to look at the message and try to interpret it but if I tell her, she might be in danger! So I switch off my phone and try to get rid of the thoughts. It might just be a stupid stalker?

5 hours later

“It’s 11:00 PM, Audrey. Go to sleep!” Zoe says as she jumps on the bed in exhaustion.
“Did you tell Theo that we won’t be coming to Radley tonight!” I ask her, drowsily.
“Yeah, I did! But then later from our balcony, I saw him go into the forest again! He looked in pain! He even had a bruise on his arm!” Zoe says.
Bruise on his arm? I remember how the wolf tried to save me from rolling over the cliff and how it had hurt it’s paw! Wait.. What? What am I thinking? Theo? A wolf? Werewolves do not exist! Nor do spirits or ghosts or devils or vampires! Maybe it was just a co-incidence!
“What are you thinking about?” Zoe says.
“Nothing!” I say quickly.
“You know, today is the full moon!” Zoe says, her eyes sparkling in the dull light.
“Why are you telling me tonight is a full moon?” I ask her.
“Because… All the supernatural’s in this universe are the weakest on a full moon and go out of control!” Zoe says.
“What are you trying to say Zoe! Don’t beat around the bush!” I say irritated..
“I’m saying maybe Theo..” She says, raising her eyebrows.
“Zoe! Supernatural things don’t exist!” I say.
“But I read it in a book!” Zoe says, stubbornly.
“That book must be fictional! Have you ever seen a supernatural with your own eyes!” I say, loudly.

“No!” She snaps.
“See! No one has ever seen them which proves they don’t exist!” I say
She nods.
“Sorry, I was a little rude!” I say politely.
“It’s okay!” Zoe says, smiling.
“Let’s go to sleep now!” I say.
She nods and switches off the light as we both bundle up inside the sheets.

At Around 2’o’ clock at night

“Did you hear that?” Zoe says as she wakes up and rubs her eyes. Even though it’s the middle of the night, we both are wide awake and alert.
“Yeah, I did!” I say softly.
Two minutes ago we both heard a loud growl and howl coming from the forest. And not just one but many at a time.
“What do you think that was?” Zoe asks.
“Wolves!” I say with confidence
“How do you know for sure?” Zoe asks me.
“Because I faced one in the forest today!” I say quietly.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Zoe says with exasperation.
“Because I didn’t want you to worry and anyways, it didn’t even harm me, in fact it saved my life!” I say, looking at her.
“A wolf? Saved your life?” Zoe says, looking at me and then laughing.
“Yeah!” I say
“Audrey! I think you have gone out of your mind! Wolves are predators, they hunt us and then eat us! Not save us!” She says still laughing.
“It’s not funny!” I snap at her.

“Okay! I don’t know what you saw in the forest but yes, you are right that did sound like a wolf howling..” Zoe says.
“But how are there wolves in Yorkshire! This kind of climate doesn’t suit them and nor is this their habitat!” I say, pondering over my thought!
“Wolves are highly migratory creatures! They are always moving from one place to another in packs. Maybe when they were wandering, they ended up here!” Zoe says.
“So.. you think there is a whole pack of them here?” I ask her.
“Absolutely! That didn’t sound like just one animal to you, did it?” Zoe says.
I nod my head and jump up from my bed.
“Let’s go and investigate!” I say, spontaneously.
“Are you mad! All the weapons are in Theo’s room and we can’t go to his room now or he will suspect why we need weapons at night! Also that we can’t just go into a forest in the middle of the night without any protection!” Zoe says.
I realize she is right and sit back on my bed.
“So, what now?” I ask her.
“Just go back to sleep! Tomorrow we can go to a library in town! It has everything about wolves and other human abilities as well. We can check it out and see if anything matches Theo!” Zoe says.

“Fine!” I say as I slump back on my bed.
Just as Zoe switches off the light, my phone beeps again. When I look at it I see another message from the unknown.
‘Checking out the library is a good idea! Make sure you ask the librarian for the Diary of Gerard. I believe Theo’s secret lies there but beware! You have to be faster than him in getting that diary! He’s watching you both! Especially you!’

-Your (not) well-wisher
The message sends chills down my spine. Theo’s watching us! And what is the Diary of Gerard. Whatever it is, I must get it first thing in the library tomorrow! For a second I look at the message, I always thought the messenger was a threat but now I realize that the person is actually helping me!

Precap – Audrey gets a hand at the Diary of Gerard at is shocked to see the similarities of Theo with other things listed in it!

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  1. woah girl u rock it i mean each and every line is soo suspicious ki i think if i miss even 1 line i will loose the track over story although i don’t like such stories but urs is different loved it it means theo is a wolf werewolf goshhh m soo excited plzzz update next part soon

    1. Thank you so much Shreya! Your comments totally make my day 🙂 Theo’s secret will be unveiled in the next 3-4 episodes 🙂 I’m so glad that you are enjoying this genre of story even though you aren’t very into it and it gives me so much pleasure to know that you find mine different.. Your constant appreciation really drives me to write better each time.. Thank you once again and I will try to update as soon as possible 🙂

  2. So I started reading this. And I went back and read the whole thing over again. I honestly love it. I haven’t read books in a while but this story was like a real book.. I can’t wait for the next episode. You’re an awesome writer. I hope you can comment on my ff it’s called destiny vs love. But eagerly waiting for the next episode. Your story rocks~Nusz

    1. Thank you for your appreciative comment Nusz! I feel so delighted to know that you have made the effort to go back and read my story! Your comment really made my day and I’m grateful to know that you are enjoying this story 🙂 I will definitely make an effort to read your fan fiction and comment on it 🙂 I’m sure it will be great 😉 I will try to update as soon as possible.. Until then.. Thank you once again 🙂

      1. Thank you so much, I will gladly be waiting for your comment and also I will express my ideas on your fan fiction from now on~Nusz

  3. Hey! Which country are u from? That Wattpad is banned? Anyways u shouldnt hope but become dead sure that people like me will Love your each and every update! I am in love with this story. Its so perfectly written and each and every line has the mystery element in them. They all are common words but just see how specially mysterical they hv become at the touch of ur brain! Awesome girl. Keep it up. I claim for a longer update next time(childish). I wait for your update soo eagerly.

    1. Hi! I live in the UAE (Dubai) and currently Wattpad is banned here although the government might be removing the ban (IDK When :(… Thank you som much for your appreciation for each and every update Bisha 🙂 It really makes my day <3 I will try to make a longer update but I believe updates just long enough keep the suspense building in and kick the eagerness to know more 😉 Byee LY 🙂

  4. Ohh god i luv werewolf stories the alpha,beta,
    gamma,luna, omega,…so theo is a werewolf….
    maybe people at d asylum r also werewolf and dey r all acting so people will not come der…audrey can be theo’s mate…..write soon….love you!!!

    1. Thank you Vivi for sweet comment 🙂 I love supernatural/mystery stories too.. Especially werewolves 😉 You will have to wait for a few episodes to know what Theo is why the people at the asylum act that way.. And about Audrey (well, just wait and read 😉 I will try to write as soon as possible.. Byee LY <3

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