The Invincible (CHP 7)


The Invincible (CHP 7)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Zoe walks in and grumbles about not being invited. Audrey gets a peculiar message from an unknown. She accepts Theo’s invitation to learn self-defense. Audrey goes to Radley to find out more about the attic but she instead stumbles across Theo meeting Lady Cambridge. Out of curiosity she visits Lady Cambridge and is horrified to know that the tall man was Lady Cambridge’s husband and had died!

“Wait? So he’s dead? I ask Lady Cambridge.
“Audrey, dear.. What are you trying to say? You think I don’t know if my husband died or not?” says Lady Cambridge, sobbing out loud.
Shivers are crawling down my spine and my throat feels dry and sore.
“I have to go..” I say quickly as I run out of the office and sprint right out into the fresh air. I keep sprinting until my legs are on fire and I feel they are going to come off. As I struggle to breathe, I feel strong arms rubbing my back and thumping my head to increase blood circulation. Soon, I am breathing normally.
“You Ok?” Theo says as he crouches down so our eyes are at the same level.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I say, still panting
“You don’t look fine?” Theo says again.

I look at him and all I can remember is his conversation with Lady Cambridge. Why is he lying so much? Why is he acting like everything is OK, when it clearly isn’t?
“I said I’m fine, I just needed a run.” I say sharply.
He nods and gets up. He starts to jog away into the forests and it takes him only a quarter of a second to vanish.
When I look back up, he’s gone!

“Thank god, he’s gone!” I say as I stand up.
I start to tread back towards the hotel but then look back at the forest and realize one thing; almost everyday Theo goes into the forest. Why? So I decide to follow him.
The forest is dark and dense. It’s almost impossible to see anything. How does Theo manage to go through this mesh everyday? I switch on the flashlight on my phone and try to listen for some footsteps. A branch clicks behind me but when I look, there’s no one there.
“Theo? Is that you.” I say, my voice quivering away.
I catch a glimpse of a hairy, black animal running at the speed of lightning.
“Oh My God!” I say and start to run.
My foot catches a twig, and the laces of my shoe get stuck to it. I start to scream..
“AAAHHH! Help! Somebody please help! Theo! Theo!!” I say, desperately.

Then, I feel a breath on my neck, and a shadow, appears on the floor… It’s an animal’s shadow. I close my eyes and try to stop myself from screaming. It comes in front of me and looks at me. For a second I open my eyes and look at it. It’s a wolf with yellow eyes. I close my eyes and inch back in hope that it won’t hurt me because even if I make a run, it won’t take the wolf long to catch me. I wait for a few minutes and then open my eyes. It’s still standing there, looking at me.. But it isn’t hurting me. I shiver and sigh. Maybe it won’t hurt me even if I run away. As soon as I get up and walk away, it howls. The howl is so terrifying that I slip back on the ground and tumble away. Rocks scratch my back and as I try to stop myself from rolling, I see a dead end. The end of a cliff and I’m almost about to fall over it when the wolf sprints over and catches my ankle by its tail and pushes me back up.
For a second, I’m bewildered.. Why would a wolf save me? Aren’t wolves predators? I look at it again. It’s scratching it’s paw.. It got hurt trying to save me. Then I also realize that it had howled to stop me from falling backwards. I look at it one last time before I run away, outside the forest. This day has been too confusing for me, and I feel that I will go nutcase if I try to solve any more mysteries.
I jump on my bed and sink right into my sheets. I just need to clear my head and get some sleep. Zoe comes out from the washroom.
“You OK?” Zoe asks me.
“Yeah, just a little tired.” I say.
Zoe shrugs and jumps back on to her bed, staring at the ceiling.
“How long have you known Theo for?” I ask her.

She looks at me and says. “About a year. Why?”
“I noticed some odd kind of behavior and things about him.” I say
She sits back up, narrowing her eyes with interest and says.. “What kind of odd behavior?”
“You’re gonna think that I’m crazy when I say this.” I say sarcastically.
“Just say it!” She says firmly and I feel a spark of mutual connection
“Have been noticing his physical skills?” I ask her.
“What about them?” She says, intriguingly.
“He runs triple the speed of a cheetah. It takes him barely a second to cross an entire field. His reflexes are incredibly quick and he can react way more faster than a human can even process. His ability to hear things in unbelievable too. I remember being in the corridor and whispering to myself something and a second later her came out of his apartment and told me he heard that!” I say
“I noticed that too. Have you also noticed how he can see almost anything and everything, in the dark whereas an average human would struggle to. His aim is well is so précised that if he is shooting something, it’s almost impossible to escape his clutches. He can also climb trees and other thing very quickly. It takes him barely a second to climb up a palm tree and he can also jump really high. I remember how he just jumped from the first floor to the second floor during a mission while the others were using a harness.” Zoe says…
“Also that he has an incredible ability of lifting heavy things easily.” I say.
“Yeah, once he lifted a 100kg bag with one arm without any hindrance while the others were struggling to lift it with even both arms.” Zoe says.
We both look at each other with out eyebrows furrowed.

“I thought for the past one year, that I was the only one who noticed his incredible abilities.” Zoe says quietly.
“Didn’t anybody else during the missions notice?” I ask.
“No! They would just say that he was gifted.” Zoe says, nodding her head.
“He definitely is gifted, but these gifts aren’t something a human can possibly do!” I say.
“Exactly! All these are not human possibilities!” Zoe says.
“There are only three things that justify this behavior.” I say.
“What?” Zoe says curiously.
“Firstly, he is really gifted and these abilities are present in his genes, secondly he might be taking some kinds of pills, like steroids or lastly.. he is a freakin superhero!” I say, smiling.
“Let’s just stick to the first two options!” Zoe says as we burst out watching.
“So, what do we do now?” Zoe asks me.

“We keep a close watch on him.” I say.
“And what about Radley?” Zoe asks anxiously.
“I think Theo is at the top of my list now.” I say as we both look at each other and nod.

Precap – Audrey and Zoe sleep at night when they hear a loud howl coming from the forest. Both of them wake up and go to the forest to investigate.

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  1. is theo a wolf gosh it’s soo complicated but ur update ws awesome loved it

    1. Hehe.. Watch out for the awesome twist coming ahead.. Thank you for your comment.. I hope you have read CHP 6, or else this chapter would have been very confusing to you.. I wouldn’t say Theo is a wolf but yes.. he is a supernatural 😉

  2. Is Theo a werewolf or something similar to that?? Sorry i just copied all links and tried to catch up with your story. Hence could not comment on the last chapter. I really look forward to your updates. Update soon. You are going really such heights of awesome and the story is reaching such heights of mystery! If you don’t mind, are you by any means in Wattpad?

    1. You will have to wait to know what Theo is :).. Thank you so much for being so suuportive of me and appreciating this fanfiction 🙂 I’m extremely grateful <3.. No, I'm not on Wattpad. I only write on this platform as Wattpad is banned in my country :(.. I will try and update as soon as possible. Most probably tomorrow 🙂 BYE 🙂

  3. I really like your story. So mysterious and full of suspense. Hope that Theo doesn’t turn out to be something like a werewolf… And I wish you would pair Theo and Audrey… I kinda like their odd pair.
    P.S. please update the next chapter soon.

    1. Thank you Clara for your appreciative comment :).. I can’t promise you what Theo will turn out to be but I’m sure you will love his new side 🙂 Yes, It’s pretty clear that Audrey finds Theo increasingly different than other boys and is pretty much attracted to him but if they end up together is something you will have to watch for 🙂
      I will try and update as soon as possible 🙂 Byeee 🙂

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