The Invincible (CHP 6)


The Invincible (CHP 6)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey wakes up drowsily in her room. Theo questions her about her condition and she snaps at him. Audrey recollects her memories with her sister, Vanessa. She has a dance party and is later joined with Theo.
The door swung open and Zoe tottered in. Theo and I were still in an absolutely fits of laughter..

“What on earth happened in here?” Zoe asks, her face struck in disbelief.
“We-We were hav-ing a dance-party!” I say panting and heaving.
“A dance party?” Zoe says.. Her face blazes red in anger.. Theo stops laughing and stands up straight, trying to control his laughter. I do the same.
“Why didn’t you call me?” Zoe says again, but amused this time.
I let out a deep breath, I thought she would be agitated but she was just frolicking around.
“Sorry! Promise I’ll call you next time.” Theo says, smirking.
“I am absolutely tired!” Zoe says, flipping on her bed and closing her eyes.
“You girls, take some rest. I’ll catch you later!” Theo says as he slowly walks out.
“Zoe! Zoe!” I call out to her but she is already asleep.
I get into the shower and take a long bath to relax myself. After I change, I roll onto my bed and pick up my phone to call back home. Just then my phone beeps as I get a message. It’s from an unknown number.
I open it curiously and gasp at what I see.
‘Your secret is safe with me until you keep the tall man to yourself. Let it out and Theo’s gone!’
Your (not) well-wisher.

The phone drops onto the mattress as I try to process the message. Who could be fooling around with me? Who would play such a horrendous joke?
There’s a knock on my door.. I quickly stuff my phone in my pocket and open the door.
“Hi!” Theo says.
“Hey!” I say trying to force a smile up my face.
“What’s wrong? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost?” Theo says.
“Nothing.. I-I-I just woke up with a start when you knocked.” I say in a rush.
“Oh Ok! I came here to remind you what I had said about training.” Theo says.
“Oh!, Yeah, I remember.” I say casually.
I think of the two attacks on me yesterday and the threatening message today. It would actually be a good idea if I learnt how to defend myself.
“So.. What are you thinking about?” Theo says and rocks himself back and forth with his hands in his pockets.
“I think I should do it!” I say..
“Really?” Theo says quickly, springing up with a huge grin.
I nod my head.
“OK! Then come downstairs at 4:00 PM everyday on the field and I will teach you.” Theo says.
“Ok!” I say and smile.
He nods his head and leaves as I quickly close the door and glide onto the floor.
I remember what the message on my phone had said.. Not to tell anyone about the tall man… Or else something would happen to Theo. This means I have to examine this alone without getting Zoe and Theo to know about it. I look at Zoe, she is deep in sleep and Theo must be in his apartment. This is the right time! I grab my shoes, purse and jacket and rush outside the door. Soon I’m in the fields, walking towards Radley, alone!
“Hi Audrey!” Nurse Rebecca says, shockingly when I arrive at Radley.
“Hi Nurse Rebecca!” I say as causally as possible.
“How are you here so early today? The events don’t start until midnight, it’s only 3:00 PM now?” She says with concern
“I just had to investigate something abnormal I detected here, last night.” I say
She nods and lets me go.

I try to look around the attic again, but it’s locked. Everything in the asylum seems normal in the day. In fact it doesn’t feel like an asylum at all! Everyone acts like civilsed human beings! It gives me shudder’s to look at them every time and think of the gruesome behavior’s at night!
Then instead of wasting time, and looking around the attic, where nothing is to be found, I decide to visit Lady Cambridge. She seemed incongruous and peculiar and I get a instinctive that I might be able to know something from her. As I walk towards her office, I hear two voices, One of Lady Cambridge’s and the second one, a gruff, quiet and male voice.
I go closer to her office and put my ear to the door. The voices are getting louder.
“I came here to know what happened to her!” The male voice shouts.
“What I told you was the truth! If you don’t believe me, then go away!” Lady Cambridge says.
“I will not leave this place without knowing what happened to her! I’ve been here for the past week, & I’ve found nothing!” says the male voice.

“You will never find anything, cause whatever was to be found, has already been shown to you.” Lady Cambridge says.
There is an eerie silence in the room.
“Don’t let Zoe or Audrey know anything about our meetings.” The male voice says.
I instantly recognise the male voice as Theo’s! My heart jumps into my throat and my stomach bubbles! Theo? With Lady Cambridge? Why? What is he trying to find out? Why does he want to keep it from us?
“Don’t worry! I will ask someone to keep an eye on the two.” Lady Cambridge says.
Theo’s footsteps, start moving towards the door and I sprint as fast as I can, towards a corner where he won’t be able to spot me.
Once he leaves, I slide and sit on the floor, trying to process everything. I thought Theo was someone to trust, someone I could look up to.. But I was wrong. Maybe he was involved in this conspiracy. Because he said he had been in Radley for a week. Zoe and I arrived yesterday and according to Mr.Mogumery, the events had started a week ago! Was Theo really involved in it?
I stood up from the floor and regained my poise. To know more I would have to act like everything is still the same. I march near Lady Cambridge’s office and plaster a fake smile onto my face. I knock.
“Come in!” Her gruff voice calls out.
“Hello, Lady Cambridge!” I say politely as I walk in to her office.
“Good Afternoon, Audrey dear! What a surprise? I wasn’t expecting to see you until later this evening!” She says.
“I just wanted to check in on some things.” I say courteously.
“Sure! What would you like to know?” Lady Cambridge asks.
“The keys to the attic.” I say, firmly.

She looks at me sternly before giving out a nasty laugh.
“Why? The attic is always locked!” She says.
“I have an interest in knowing something.. I want to see the attic!” I say in my firmest voice with seriousness glued on my face.
“My dear.. Why..” She starts to say but I interrupt her..
“Lady Cambridge! You do know that I am a detective who works for the government, and questioning my demands could lead you to prison?” I say.
She nods her head and says “Very well!”
As she fumbles to find the keys in her drawer, I look at the pictures on her desk!
Suddenly my eye catches a photo of her, holding a boy’s hand and next to her stands the same tall man whom I had seen in the attic with his arm around her shoulders!
“Lady Cambridge!” I say almost instantly.
“Yes Audrey!” She says looking up from her search.
“Who is this man?” I say pointing at the tall man.
Oh! He? He is my husband!” She says.
I feel a shudder going down my spine.
“Wh-Where is he now?” I ask quietly.

Lady Cambridge looks up at me as her eyes well up with tears and she slumps onto her chair.
“He-He-He died two weeks ago!” She says as she spaltters out crying.
I feel a weight drop in my stomach.. The tall man died two weeks ago?

Precap – Theo teaches Audrey how to fire a gun.

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