The Invincible (CHP 5)


The Invincible (CHP 5)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Theo, Zoe & Audrey start to look around the cages. Just before the clock strikes 10 minutes to 3.. One of the patients grabs Audrey from behind and attempts choking her. They witness disturbing events taking place during the five minutes. Later Audrey discovers an attic and follows a light down it. She meets a man who tells her to think about Theo and strikes her unconscious before disappearing away…

My head was throbbing uncontrollably, my mouth was arid and voracious, my stomach gurgled with waves of nausea taking over.. My teeth twinged and my eyes were too tight in my head so it felt like my brain was replaced with cotton balls.
“Are you alright?” says as familiar voice.
As my eyes slowly adjust to the lighting of the room.. I see Theo and Zoe leaning over me. Their foreheads creased from concern. I groan from the pain in my head and push myself up. I look around. I’m back in my room in the apartment.
“How did I come here?” I ask Theo as I take the painkillers from Zoe’s hand.
“How did you come here is your main concern? How did this happen to you is the main issue here, Audrey!” Theo says, huskily.
“First, tell me where you found me?” I ask him, firmly.
He sighs, putting his fingers through his shaggy hair. “We found you lying against the door of the locked attic, and you were unconscious.” He says

I try to think back of the attic. Maybe after I was struck, the man put me upstairs and locked the attic from inside. Which means Theo & Zoe don’t know about the man and that I shouldn’t tell them. Which also means I need to come up with a valid excuse.
“Now, will you kindly tell me, how did this happen to you.” Theo says.
“I..I.. I was looking around and then I tripped over something and fell so my head struck the wall thus I became unconscious. I say with my most serious face.
Zoe’s makes a straight face but seems to take my excuse valid but Theo continues looking at me as if he knows I’m lying.
“I know you are not telling me the truth, Audrey!” He says, his voice gruff.
“I am telling the truth Theo! Maybe if you would stop staring at me every time like I’m a criminal would help us both!” I snap back.

His eyes grow wide as he gets up from the bed and leaves slamming the door behind him.
“I think you were a little too rough on him!” Zoe says, politely.
“I know. I’ll apologise to him later.” I say, heaving heavily.
“Ok! I’m going out for a little walk in the fresh air. Call me if you need something!” Zoe says as she crosses her bag around her as she walks out the door. I lean against my headboard trying to make sense of everything happening around me. But the thoughts make my head blast even more and I really don’t need anymore of a headache. So instead I get up and try to think of something to do to get rid of my pressure.

Narrator’s point of view
At home whenever Audrey would be tense, her sister Vanessa would blast some disco music on the speakers and the two would dance around like maniacs, until they were huffing and puffing and rolling on the floor, in giant fits of laughter.

Audrey smiled, thinking about her memories back home and instantly felt like blasting some music. She reached towards her laptop and opened her playlist. There were portable speakers in one of her drawers. She got them out and plugged them in. Then she turned the volume all the way up. It was a Saturday night; there was no one in the building, everyone was probably enjoying themselves outside.
“Emergency Dance Party!” Shouted Audrey while jumping on her bed, but then she stepped right down. It felt silly. And pathetic. (Is there anything more pathetic that a one-person dance party?)
She stood in front in front of the speakers instead and closed her eyes, not really dancing, just bouncing and whispering the lyrics. After the first verse she was dancing. Music always crawled right under her skin. It was the perfect antidote to any frustration. It was just enough loud, just enough wild, just enough the-world-will-never-know-how-amazing-I-am. Just enough poetic.
With her eyes closed, Audrey could almost pretend Vanessa was dancing in the other side of the room, holding a pretend microphone and shouting the lyrics into it. Audrey laughed thinking about her sister and continued dancing.
After a few songs she didn’t have to pretend. If any of the neighbours would have been home, they would have heard her shouting the lyrics.
Audrey danced. And rapped. And danced. And eventually there was knocking on her door.
“Damn it! Maybe it’s a neighbour!” Audrey thought to herself.
She opened the door, without looking who it was. Without turning the music down.
It was just Theo.
“Zoe, Isn’t here!” Audrey shouted.

He said something but not loud enough.
“What?” Audrey yelled.
“Then who is here?” Theo shouted louder this time, smiling. Maybe Theo forgot about how rudely Audrey had snapped at him so Audrey also didn’t bring it up.
“Who’s listening to rap music?” Theo shouted again, grinning goofily. His hair was roughly shagged over his face and his eyes were twinkling. His dimples made him look extremely boyish and charming.
“Me! I’m listening to rap music.” Audrey said. She was panting. She tried not to pant.
Theo leaned toward her so he wouldn’t have to shout. “This can’t be Cather music. I’d always pegged you as the mopey, indie type.”
He was teasing her. “Go away!” Audrey started to shut the door.
Theo stopped it with his hand. “What are you doing?” he said, laughing and pushing his head forward on the ‘doing.’
Audrey shook her head because she couldn’t think of anything reasonable to say. And because it wouldn’t matter anyway. Theo was never reasonable.
“Emergency dance party-go away.” She said again.

“Oh no,” Theo said, pushing the door open and sliding in.
Audrey shut the door behind him. There was no protocol for this. He stood in front of her, smirking, his head bopping up and down. “So”, he said loudly. “Emergency dance party?”
Audrey nodded.
And nodded. And nodded.
Theo nodded back.
And then Audrey started laughing and rolled her eyes away from him, moving her hips from side to side and then her shoulders and then she was dancing again. Just barely.
When she looked back at Theo, he was dancing too. Exactly the way she would have imagined him dancing if she’d ever tried to. His eyes were gleaming with mirth. Putting out light.
Audrey couldn’t stop laughing. Theo caught her eyes, and laughed too.
And then he was dancing with her. Not close or anything. Not any closer, actually – just looking at her face and moving with her. And then she was dancing with him. Better than him, which was nice. She realized she was biting her bottom lip and stopped. She started rapping instead. Audrey could blow these songs backwards. Theo raised his eyebrows and grinned. He knew the chorus and rapped with her.

They danced into the next song and through it and into the next. Theo stepped towards her, maybe not on purpose and Audrey whirled up onto her bed. He laughed and jumped onto Zoe’s bed, almost bumping his head on the ceiling.
They kept on dancing together, imitating each other’s goofiest moves, bouncing at the ends of the beds… It was almost like dancing with Vanessa (But not of course. Really, really not.)
And then the door swung open.

Precap – Audrey gets a message on her phone. She drops it in despair and a loud gasp escapes her.

The message track that will follow is inspired by the very famous TV show ‘Pretty Little Liars.’
Hope you enjoyed today’s chapter. And I hope you like the pair of Theo and Audrey. If you have any ideas for any name to ‘ship’ them, comment down below.

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