The Invincible (CHP 4)


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The Invincible (CHP 4)

Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey meets Zoe. Theo cautions Audrey about the dangers lurking in Radley. All of them meet Lady Cambridge. They leave to inspect the cells and are shocked to see the absurd phrases written on the wall.

“Look!” says Theo, pointing towards the clock. “It’s almost 10 minutes to three.” He continues.
We move towards the corridor, at an angle towards the cages. I can see Zoe’s hands shivering. A quiver runs down my spine. Theo’s breathing gets heavier. All of us are uneasy and anxious to see the consequences in front of our own eyes. I check my watch, its 3:08 am. Suddenly all the movement in the cells stop. All the people who were previously quarrelling, moaning, crying, yelling are quiet. The people who were sedentary now stand up. The eerie silence fills the corridors and all I can hear is my own breath. I move towards the cages to look inside. The people stand like statues. Glued to their places, not uttering a word, not even blinking.
I turn back to Theo “They’re like statues…”

But before I can complete, a pair of hands from inside the cell enclose my neck, the grip so tight that I feel my bones crush. I hear the muffled sounds of Theo and Zoe panicking as Theo’s hands trying to break me free but of no use. My eyes fill up water as I thrash the arms around my neck. Finally Theo breaks me free from the hands as I splatter on to the ground, coughing and choking. Zoe rubs my back as I try to breathe.
“You Ok?” She says with alarm as I slowly stand up. But the attack wasn’t enough of the jolt for the night. People in the cells walk around like zombies. Picking up any tidbits they see and scratching it against the wall, writing absurd phrases again.
I read some of them as they are written. ‘They think they know, but they don’t!’ ‘They’re never going to figure out.’ ‘Watch your back, kiddo’s, you never know what’s there!’
Theo slides behind me and whispers. “Keep this with you.” He slithers a pocket knife in my jumper’s pocket.

“OMG! Someone stop her!” Zoe exclaims, with tears springing in her eyes. Theo and I rush to her side to see the most disturbing and wretched scene. A young girl, aged 5 or 6 uses a rock to write on her skin ‘You better beware!’ Blood trickles down and forms a small puddle. She stares at us cheekily before saying ‘I know who you Theo!’
Theo’s face grows white as he stumbles back in astonishment. As quickly as this incident started it varnishes off. Everyone throws away their equipment before slumping down on the floor like the deceased. I look at my watch, its 3:15.. An event that lasted for only 5 minutes managed to tear down three, resilient, unwavering people in seconds.

30 minutes later

Theo has been sitting on the porch of the Asylum for the past 15 minutes, trying to absorb what just reflected. Attempting to figure out what exactly the little girl meant. Zoe paces about, jabbering to herself.. Whereas I just gaze at the clear sky ahead of me that begins to lighten as the sun rises up. I move around the cells, looking at each patient in dismay. They are in sound sleep, lying still and breathing peacefully as if nothing had happened. Suddenly I see a flicker of light.

It moves away at the speed of lighting. I look back at Zoe, she didn’t seem to see anything. But I know that what I saw wasn’t an illusion or a figure of my imagination. So instead I follow the path of the light. And I end up to an attic. I clutch the pocketknife Theo gave me tightly in my hand, ready for anything! I slowly open the door, pushing it with my heel. It creaks softly before completely opening up.

“Hello? Is anyone down there?” I say.. Just as I complete my sentence I see the flash of light coming from the bottom of the staircase and with it I see the silhouette of a tall man.. The door slams behind me due to the wind and I am left in complete gloom. I make my way through the darkness, clutching the railing, holding on to my dear life.! Once I reach the bottom of my staircase, I switch on the flashlight on my phone. I wonder why this idea didn’t relapse to me while I was climbing down the stairs. Now that the flashlight is on, I try to look at the things around me. The attic is filled with old storage stuff.. Old photographs, dirty furniture, pieces of paper sprawled everywhere..
“What are you doing here?” Booms a loud voice from behind me.
I gasp loudly in shock as I turn behind, revealing a tall man about 6’5 foot tall. His hair covered in muck and his clothes torn and ragged.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to..” I start to say but then he interrupts me by saying..
“I know who you are! You are that wretched detective who came to solve this case, but let me tell you, you will never be able to solve it!”

“What makes you say that?” I ask him daringly.
His eyes grow wide and I can see anger bursting inside of him.. “How dare you talk to me in that tone!” He says furiously..
“You didn’t answer my question!” I say firmly.
He looks at me for a split second and then leans in close so his face is centimeter’s apart from my face.. “It’s because the person you trust, is the one betraying you! I’ll give you a tip, Maybe you should check out that Theo guy.. And Never Ever come back here Ever Again!” He says, his voice growing louder at each word. His hand raises up, and in instinct I shrink back, closing my eyes. He hits my head with a tough force. I feel my eyes rolling at the back of my head. A desperate scream escapes my mouth. The blood thumps in my head and it throbs uncontrollably. I slump on to the ground as I try to open my eyes. The man has disappeared, into the darkness… Black.

Precap – Theo and Audrey have a dance party in the apartment as Zoe looks on, angrily.

Sorry, if the chapter is a little more shorter than usual but this week has been extremely busy for me. I will try and update as much as I can.. Until then comment down below what you think Theo’s secret is? What is Zoe’s connection? And who do you think the man in the attic was?? Toodles <3

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