The Invincible (CHP 3)


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The Invincible (CHP 3)

Summary Of Last Chapter – Alfie drops off Audrey at Radley Asylum. Audrey is shocked to see the horrifying sight. She meets an attractive man – Theo. Theo takes her to her apartment and informs her about Zoe.


There is a cling of keys as the door bursts open. I can hear the echo of two voices giggling. One is gruff and quiet but of a male, which I recognise as Theo’s and the other, is syrupy and flamboyant of a female… which I don’t recognise.
“And then I just fell over and cow dung just splattered over me!” says the female. Followed by another series of laughter of the two.

Theo saunters in dragging a pink suitcase with floral designs and behind him is the female. She has long auburn wavy hair, which is neatly tied in a half up-do, She’s tall, slim and has the most striking blue eyes I have ever seen.
“Hi, you must be Audrey Tredwell.” she says, smiling.
“Hi!” I say. “You must be Zoe!” I say warmly.

“Indeed, I am.” She says as she extends her hand forward for a handshake.
I shake her hand firmly and smile. She seems lovely.
“So, I’ll leave you girls together. I suggest you change into something snug. The night is going to be extensive and intense.” Theo says, looking directly at me. He stares for a few minutes before he leaves.

2 hours later

Zoe and I go downstairs and wait for Theo. Once he arrives we start walking towards Radley.
“Before we start investigating, you both should go and meet the authorities of Radley.” says Theo.
“Both of us? What about you?” I ask him.
“I already met them.” He says
“When?” I ask him.
He sighs and turns towards me. “I arrived here before you. I met them then, Cather.” He says
“Cather? Who’s that?” I ask.
“You!” He says, grinning.

“Me? Why?” I ask, irritably.
“Because you are like a cat: inquisitive, tiny, cunning and witty.” He says.
I roll my eyes and sigh. There’s no point arguing with him.
I turn towards Zoe and say, “Is he always like this?”
Zoe looks at me and smiles “What? Giving people weird nicknames? No.. Infact he is normally very formal and quiet.” She says.
I look at Theo. He seems different. Much more distinctive than anyone I’ve ever met. Sometimes he is serious and quiet. Sometimes he is goofy and smiling. The more I learn about him, the more I want to solve his mystery.
“Cather? Do you have any weapons?” Theo asks me.
“No!” I say

He gives me a look and then looks at Zoe, who also is giving me a look.
“Can you fire a gun Audrey?” Zoe asks me.
“Obviously, No!” I say.
Both of them look at each other before looking at me again.
“Do you atleast know any kind of martial arts?” Zoe asks me again.
“No, I don’t. “ I say.
“What? How did BSDA even send you here?” Theo says, completely bewildered.
“What? Why are you so dazed?” I ask him.
“We are shocked that you aren’t trained at all!” Zoe says.
“I’m a detective, not a secret agent. I don’t need combat training.” I say.
“Yes! But you will need to know some form of self-defense.” Theo says.
“Who could possibly attack me at an Asylum?” I say, rolling my eyes.
“She has a point, Theo.” Zoe says as she continues walking ahead, dropping the matter almost instantly.

Theo’s pace slows down until Zoe is almost 50 meters away from both of us. He walks with me and almost suddenly whispers “You never know when anything might happen Cather.”
I look at him in a daze as he moves away from me, disappearing in the dark.

“Hello! I welcome you to Radley.” Says Lady Cambridge – the director of the Asylum.
“Hello!” I say as I shake her hand.
Lady Cambridge seemed to have an absurd character. She is tall and lean. Her face is deformed from one side and the other is caked up in make-up. Her voice is loud and terrifyingly gruff.
“I’m so glad you all have come here to investigate the dilemmas we have been having here for the past one week.” She says.
“It’s our duty ma’am.” says Zoe with due regard.

“Well, I’ll not waste any more time. You all may proceed ahead to see the events yourself.” She says and she quickly walks us out of her office and slams the door in our face.
“So much for being welcomed!” Zoe says sarcastically.
“There is something really wrong about her.” Says Theo.
“I have a feeling she’s involved with something.” I say.
“Me too.” Zoe replies instantly.
“I’ll keep an eye on her.” Theo says.
We walk ahead to the rooms of the patients. But what we see wasn’t expected by any of us.
The patients weren’t in rooms but were locked in cells like prisoners. More than 10 of them were cramped up in a space of 100 sq. meters. Some of the women wailed while others shook the cages violently, moaning to be let out. Men beat each other up while others sat quietly staring into blank space. There was just one light bulb in each cell, which was anyways wearing out. Mice crawled on the floor, picking up any tit-bits of food.
“This is horrible!” Zoe says as her face quivers.

Theo is silent, just looking around in tremor. For a second I see his eyes fill with water, but a second later he looks customary.
“We can’t let this situation weaken us.” Theo says, so softly that I can barely hear him.
Zoe starts to move forward, looking at each cage.
“Guys! Look at this!” She says, pointing towards one of the cells.
Theo and I move towards her and peer in. On the walls are scribbles of untidy handwriting saying ‘do you know everything?’ ‘I saw her playing by the pond.’ ‘She is dead!’ ‘Her image hovers around me.’ ‘They will come to investigate!’

“What do they mean by ‘they will come to investigate.’?” Says Theo.
“You don’t think they already knew we were coming? Did you?” Zoe tells him.
Suddenly I can see fear on everyone’s face and we all realize that this case is much more puzzling and dangerous than we thought.

Precap – Someone catches Audrey from the back and clamps her mouth. She tries to scream for help but is thrown into the darkness. A force strikes her head before she falls unconscious.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Comment down below what you think of Lady Cambridge and whether you think Theo is negative or positive.

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  1. Nice…..

    1. Thank You Alia <3 The appreciation really makes my day 🙂

  2. I want Theo to be positive ☺
    And love your story. Mysterious and exciting.

    1. Dearest Clara.. Thank you so much for your kind words.. The appreciation just drives me forward to do more <3.. Whether Theo will be positive or negative is something you will have to watch out for as the story proceeds.. But subtle hints have already been given 🙂
      Thank you so much once again <3

  3. Wow how do u manage to write soo well . I am not sure of theo’s character he seems grey shaded but loved the chapter. Eagerly waiting fr the next one.

    1. Thank You Prathna!! LY <3 Theo is a mysterious and dark character due to several reasons which will be revealed later 🙂 Best of luck with your story <3

  4. Superb Chapter! Love the way Theo is so mysterious and dark.. I think Lady Cambridge’s character is a little fishy.. Precap seems ever so interesting! Cant wait! Update soon! LY,
    Your MysteryBoy

    1. Dearest MysteryBoy,
      Your constant kind words lift my spirits up 🙂 It makes me ever so joyful, I can’t explain.. I will try to update as soon as I can.. And once again.. May I kindly know your true identity 🙂

  5. OMG! So cute! I literally love the pair of Theo and Audrey! The way he calls her Cather! Literally swooning over them <3 And I hate that Lady! She was so mean na! The way you described the cells of the prisoners! Mashallah! So gud!!!!! I literally had goosebumbps… The handwritings on the wall thing is soo creepy.. Cant wait for the next update.. The precap seems very interseting!! LY

    1. Dearest Shraddha,
      You comments from day one have always been so encouraging! I can’t explain! It makes my heart leap with joy! I’m so glad you have loved the pairing of Theo and Audrey! I was swooning also while writing the chapter! I guess that’s what makes them special <3.. I will try and update as quickly as possible 🙂 Once again many thanks.. LY

  6. Well..Theo seems to a mysterious and dark character.. and lady Cambridge too.. Well in such a mysterious vibe this is only expected..i love your writing to the core.. I am very happy that ihave got to read your story..i dont know how much talent is poured in yourself…keep it up!!

    1. Dearest Bisha,
      Yes, Theo is a mysterious character with many elements to his character. You will be surprised on his sudden goofy bursts or his aggressive nature. I’m so glad you have been keeping up and reading my story.. It honestly makes up my day to read such lovely comments <3 Thank you so much.. <3LY

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