The Invincible (CHP 27)


The Invincible (CHP 27)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Theo describes how everything has changed in the past 2 years. His pack is back to normal and the vampires held the war to stop. Melissa comes into his office, asking him for help in romantic issues; the duo then roam around trying to figure out a gift for Dylan – who is dating Melissa. Theo catches a whimsical sight of Audrey who walks out of the shop without recognizing Theo or Melissa. They rush home to tell the others and are stopped by Natalie when Melissa says she thought Audrey’s eyes were glassy!
They try to open up the book of Arthethmis however need a secret to be unveiled.
Theo reveals he isn’t the biological son of Scott Cavanaugh but the son of Maxon Schereave of Illeas; which makes him the crown prince of Illeas!

CHP 27
Everyone looks at each other; their mouths wide open. My words spinning around their heads.
“Why didn’t you tell us before?” Zack asks, folding his arms across his chest.
“Because I didn’t want you all to treat me like royalty; I wanted to be a normal person for once!” I say sighing.
“What do you mean?” Lydia asks.
“Being a prince means staying at the palace all day long; signing papers of legislation and taking manner classes. Do you know how many times I have been out of the palace in Illeas? Only twice! And the twice has been in my father’s farmhouse… I haven’t toured my own country!” I say, my voice shrilling high.
Zack takes in a deep breath and blinks rapidly.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” He says.
“I though being a prince meant fun and free time, the ability to do whatever you wanted and break all rules!” Sophie said smiling.
I gave a light chuckle and shook my head, “Trust me, it’s much more hard work and boredom… You hardly have a life. Your life just spins around signing documents, attending meetings and instructing generals…”

“So, why exactly have the king and queen sent you out?” Dylan asks, crossing his legs.
“My mother, Queen Amberly is a werewolf. My father, Maxon is an ordinary human. They fell in love and got married. This is against the rules of the werewolf world. You can’t marry a human! But my mother broke the rule. It was catastrophic because she was the daughter of an important fiero; he’s not alive anymore. Her breaking the rule sent the all the werewolves in fits! However Romulus pardoned my mother on only one condition, if she had a child and he or she would be a werewolf, the child would need to be sent out of the palace when turned 17 and would have to contribute strength and wisdom to the werewolves for 7 years… I am the first born of Illeas and a werewolf. So according to the condition, I have to live with a pack for 7 years and contribute to the war… And since I’m born with the powers of a fiero due to my grandfather being a fiero, I was issued as a fiero as well…” I say, sitting on a table.

“Yeah I remember, when we first met, you didn’t have
a pack… I was the first member of your pack and you were 17 at that time..” Zack says.
“But then why did Scott Cavanaugh take you in as a child?” Natalie asks.
“Because I couldn’t stay in the normal world without my luxuries. Being raised as a prince of 17 years, I was used to soft beds, delectable food and full suits.. It would be really hard for me to adjust to the shift. Since Scott Cavanaugh was a former druid and obviously a billionaire; my mother arranged for me to be his son temporarily… No one knows how Theo Cavanaugh looks; only when they hear my name do they realize I’m related to Scott Cavanaugh. And since no one knows how I look except you guys, I am hidden well enough. So when I return to Illeas; there will be no problem.
“What about the people of your country?” Melissa asks.

“Like I said, I’ve only been out twice. According to Illeas; I’m still well inside the palace doors. They won’t really see me until my coronation.” I say.
“You said you would have to stay till 7 years… How much time more?” Natalie asks.
“I’m turning 23 next month… That makes it a month more.” I say, pressing my lips in a straight line.

A worried look passes through everyone’s faces. They blink rapidly as they try to adjust to my words.
“I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking what will happen to the pack when I leave right? You don’t have to worry. When I leave for Illeas; you all can come with me.. You will be offered homes close to the palace and I will always be available for any help.. Coming or not is your choice…” I say, smiling.
Everyone exhales a sigh of relief and seem pleased with the decision.
“What about the book?” I say suddenly standing up.
“Let’s see.” Natalie says, opening up the book.

This time it doesn’t close immediately and stays put. The secret was enough to open it up. Natalie flips through the pages until she arrives at a page, which says ‘Mind Control’.
“Mind Control?” Dylan says, raising his eyebrows.
“Listen to what the book says… Mind Control is a way of erasing memories and creating a whole new personality. Once given to the person required to alter, a decision can be made; either to change the personality or erase memories… Both cannot be done together. Side effects include: metal fits, uncountable vomiting or glassed eyes….” Natalie slows down at the last sentence.
My eyes blink rapidly, how is it possible? Didn’t the hellhound take her away? I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t breathing when she was in my arms..
Natalie as if reading my mind asks “The hellhound… Did he have a star tattoo on his back?”
I try to rewind to the memories in my head to get a flashback of the hellhound. I clearly remember he didn’t have a tattoo.
“No, he didn’t have a tattoo..” I say.

“Oh no!” Natalie says shaking her head, eyes blinking rapidly.
“What? What happened?” Zack asks immediately.
“A hellhound is a messenger of death and not biased between both vampires and werewolves. An authorized hellhound, who doesn’t take any sides, must have a tattoo on his back… The hellhound who took Audrey away didn’t have a tattoo. It means he was associated with the vampires… It was a plan all along…” Natalie says, her hands on her forehead.
A gasp escapes me. How could I have not realized? How we fall in the trap so easily? Of course, she couldn’t have died instantly. She was a true fiero… She wouldn’t just die with a slash of a sword? Tears fill my eyes; we fell into the trap and didn’t know until now.. Didn’t know for 2 whole years?!?

“It must have been a plan all along! The vampire who slashed her must have done it in a way to get her unconscious for a few hours… Enough to make us believe that she was dead. Then the hellhound must have taken her away to the vampires where they would have used this potion to erase her memories..” Natalie says.
“But why would they want Audrey? She is a werewolf, they’re vampires!” Dylan says.
“I guess they figured out she was powerful.. They can use her.” Melissa says.
“That’s why the war was stopped! They must be training her! They will use her as a bait in the war!” Sophie shrieks loudly.

Everything falls into place… Of course it was a plan. The vampires were training her. It was all written.. And all of us stupidly fell into the trap without even checking. Anger fills me up. There is no more sympathy, compassion or love.. It’s just pure anger..
“Is there any way to reverse the mind control thing?” I ask, grinding my teeth.
“There is something written; but it’s smudged.. The only words I can make out are: identity, human, love, power and reverse.

I take the book from Natalie and look, she’s right. It’s all smudged and there’s nothing we can make from the clue.
“I guess we’ll just have to brain storm!” Lydia says, shrugging her shoulders.
Just then the phone rings on the corner and Dylan picks it up. He turns to me, pressing the landline in my hand.
“Who is it?” I ask.
“Its your father; the king.” He says as he turns around.

On one side of London; Theo and his pack brainstorm over a way to bring Audrey back while Theo battles with the thought of going back to Illeas within a month. On the other hand, a young girl with flaming red hair, giggles profusely; her hand on her waist and her eyes twinkling with joy.
The Girl’s Point Of View

“Meredith?” My mother calls out, her voice booming through the corridors.
“Here, mum!” I say from my bedroom; where May and I are in absolute fits of laughter as she tickles me.

“There are my naughty little kids!” Mum says as she steps in the room, smiling her head off at the sight of May and I.
“Hi mum!” I say, pushing May of me and smoothing my hair out.
“What on earth are you both doing?” Mum asks, shaking her head.
“We’re playing!” May says, giggling on the bed.
“Ok, now enough playing.. We have to get Meredith ready for practice!” Mum says nodding at me.
I sigh. I hate practicing. It leaves me exhausted.
“Please can I not practice today?” I ask.
“Dear, you know the conditions we live in… There’s fear and uncertainty everywhere. We almost lost you once. Not again, darling.” She says.

Two years ago, I woke up in this very room. My head spinning and a huge bandage across my waist. I had no idea where I had woken up or what my name even was. Then mum, dad and May told me that my name was Meredith and I was their daughter. They told me I was not biologically their daughter. They had found me in a bag on the street when I was a baby and took me in. I was a werewolf and they, vampires! Even though the differences, they loved me like their real daughter and never treated me unfairly. Apparently I had an accident two years ago, I was stabbed by werewolves in a war! Truthfully I don’t remember. I woke up with May and since then have been trying to remember everything that happened before the day I woke up in this house. Honestly, I can’t remember a thing! I’m just glad I’m with mum, dad and May! I’m absolutely sure they’re my family… Otherwise why would they keep me?!? Then as I started to recover, they taught me martial arts. It’s so that I can protect myself anytime a werewolf strikes. Ugghh.. I hate werewolves. They’re such horrible creatures. They have no care whatsoever about anybody. Sometimes I hate myself for being a werewolf too.. I just wanna be a vampire like the rest of my family.
“Come on, darling! Get up and get moving!” Mum says, pulling me up from the bed.
I sigh and clumsily slump on my shoes as mum plants a small kiss on my forehead.
“Do well..” She says.

“I hope whatever I do makes you proud mum.” I say.
“You have always made me proud Meredith.” She says, a smile playing on her lips.
“Come back early Mere! I want to play school!” May says giggling.
“I run back home as soon as I finish, princess!” I say smiling, as I place her plastic crown on her head and she gives me a small peck on my cheek in appreciation.

Precap – Theo returns to Illea immediately after finding out that his father is unwell. The king tells him it’s time Theo takes the throne and becomes king… But before that he would have to get married!

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