The Invincible (CHP 26)


The Invincible (CHP 26)

Hi Lovelies! It’s been sooo long! I’m aching to write and make you all pleased! Finally I made time between exams to update you all… So here is a chapter for you … But I’m super sorry it’s short 😉 Anyways, my exams are ending on 9th June and I promise after that I will update every single day! ☺ Hope you all aren’t very disappointed! Anyways I won’t rattle you any more with my rambling.. So here is the chapter and I hope you like it! Comment down below what you thought of it! ☺

Summary Of Last Chapter – Aiden grieves for Audrey as he holds himself account for her death.. Focus moves on to Theo who explains how Audrey changed his life in a matter of seconds and how love from one person can change an entire eternity. It’s then Veronica, who tells him that Audrey knew she was going to die and she still chose to sacrifice herself to save Theo, because she loved him more than herself. Theo decides to be brave and grind through the pain of living without her in the thought that Audrey would never want him to be in the condition he was in and she would always want him to live life fully…

CHP 26

2 and a half years later

Theo’s Point Of View

“Are you coming downstairs?” Natalie calls out.
“Just give me a minute!” I usher to her.
I look at myself in the mirror one last time before I exit my room. I’ve changed so much. My hair is shaggier than it ever had been and it ruffled around my forehead. My eyes glint; but it isn’t very cheerful. My face seems more defined and my cheekbones accentuate themselves. I sigh as I face the picture on my wall. It’s a picture of Audrey and me.

It was taken on the day of the party I attended with her; the party she got kidnapped in. Her feisty red hair falls elegantly down her shoulders, curling in towards her waist and her icy blue eyes and glistening with joy as her tan skin shimmers in the magnificent lightning and her mouth is open widely as the picture was taken when we had a good laugh. It’s been two years now but I can’t get over her. I can’t get over the fact that I loved her. And she had loved me too. In the small time I had with her, I had lived my whole life. Sometimes I still wonder why she liked me? I was plain and stubborn and shy… She didn’t even half know me… In that way no one knows me. I’ve never let anyone know the real Theo. It’s because the real Theo is vulnerable.

He’s soft hearted unlike the guarded me. There are so many secrets hid in my heart and no one knows… Some of them being so big that it takes all my force of will to keep it in. Sometimes I ache with the amount of burden I carry and feel the need of a confidant. Audrey was going to be my confidant; she was going to be mine… But I guess in my destiny, anything I love deeply is not supposed to be mine… Some of the memories I have of her are blurry; some of them so vivid that it sends shivers down my spine when I think about it. Sometimes I can still feel her soft breath against my neck and her rosy smell encircling me and her tiny arms around my shoulders… It’s frightening how much one person can change you, how they can make you feel so special by the most ordinary of things. That’s how she made me feel and I’m forever grateful to her.
I move down the stairs, tugging my waistcoat tighter.

My pack sits around the breakfast table, laughing, talking, giggling; it makes my mood lighter. The butler carries a lovely tray down the hall and places a beautiful array of the loveliest pancakes on everyone’s tray. I dig in happily; content with the satisfaction it gives me. After breakfast I get up and go upstairs to my office. I work on a few discreet documents, which no one is supposed to know about… yet!

In the past two years, a lot has changed. A few weeks after Audrey’s passing away, the vampires abruptly stopped the war… No one knows why! From what has been circling around, the vampires found someone called ‘The Lord of Shadows’. Apparently this person can lead them to victory and is currently undergoing training with the vampires. None of us know if this is true or not but it doesn’t bother the werewolves as long as there is peace. My pack left Brighton and we now live in London. The city is so bustling and full of life, it doesn’t give you a chance to think of anything. It moves so fast that if you don’t catch up, you’re left behind all alone! Everyone moved on you could say… Dylan and Melissa are dating and happy, Aiden has taken a keen interest in martial arts, Natalie continues working on making her spells stronger.. Veronica.. I don’t know.
Zack, well he remains the same; uptight and tough, but nevertheless everything is just the way it should be.

Someone gently knocks on my door as I stuff the papers in my desk.
“Come in!” I say
Melissa timidly walks in, her hands behind her back; which is pretty unusual.
“Hi Melissa!” I say
She smiles and seats herself across me.
“Hey!” She says, her hands are nervously rubbing against each other in her lap.
“Do you want anything?” I ask her, raising my eyebrow.
“Yeah, I don’t know how to say it but.. I.. I feel.. No! I think.. Uggh!” Melissa stammers and stutters.
I chuckle lightly as I look at her “Just say it! You don’t have to be afraid.” I say
“I want to propose to Dylan and I don’t know how to do it!” She says quickly.
I raise the two of my eyebrows and grin widely “What made you think that I’m any good with proposals?” I asked laughing.

She smiled “You know more about love than any of us… You have fallen in love and gone through the pain of losing your love and still have kept it together and continue loving her through everything.. To me that’s everything true love is!” She says, her eyes floating around my face.
I smile sheepishly, I realize I have been smiling more than ever and might even be blushing just a bit; I don’t even know why.
“Ok, so what do you want to do?” I ask, licking my lips and leaning forward
“I don’t know… Maybe start with a present?” She says.
I nod my head. “We can go now.. I’m free this morning!” I say standing up.
“But how will I know which present is perfect?” She asks frowning.

“Your heart will guide you… You’ll know it when you see it!” I say
She smiles politely and places her hand on my forearm. I return back a shy smile and we walk down the hall in a bustle.

“It’s been half an hour and my heart doesn’t settle on anything!” Melissa moans.
I scratch my hairline. We’ve been looking through streets for half an hour and not settled for anything.
“There’s still one more great shop down the corner! Lets check it out!” I say hopefully.
She smiles and gracefully walks out as I follow. I silently pray to god that we find a gift and go back home.. I’m in no mood to shop and anyway shopping has never been my main forte. As soon as we enter Macy’s I feel a gush of wind overpowering me and a known feeling surrounds me entirely.
“I’m going to look around for a bit..” Melissa says as she leaves my hand and walks around the shop.

I get a feeling of something familiar. My heart is racing against my chest and my eyes search for something; something I quite don’t know. I get a rosy scent hitting my nose and I know for sure I can identify that scent within billions. It’s Audrey’s! When I turn to look back from where the scent comes from, I see a tiny, but well-built and thin figure in a black crop top and bright neon shorts. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun. It’s red. My heart leaps up to my throat. It couldn’t be her! It cant be! But just before she leaves the shop I get a peek of her face and I know for sure; I know for sure it was Audrey! I could identify her face within thousands, there’s no way I could be wrong! She’s alive! Audrey is alive!

Melissa rushes over, heaving! “Please tell me you saw that girl!” She says.
I nod, my brain still in a state of shock. “It was Audrey!” I whisper and Melissa looks up to me, but something about her expression tells me bad news is about to arrive.

“I’m sure it was her! Even Melissa saw her!” I yell. I get frustrated over the fact that none one believes me. We returned home instantly to tell the others about her but here it seems like I’m a stranger and no one seems to understand me.
“It was just a illusion! That’s all!” Aiden says, trying to calm me.
I swat his hand away and look at Melissa, she seems unsure of what she saw; judging before she says anything. But I’m sure, I’m so sure I can bet my life upon it.
I look over at Natalie… She seems thoughtful, like she’s lost. She catches my eyes and gives me a sympathetic look.

Melissa gets up and walks into the middle of the room. “I’m sure it was Audrey too.. But there was something different! Something different about her eyes; they were almost glassy!” She says.
Melissa had gotten a better look of her face than I did. I blink rapidly trying to let the information sink in.
“What did you say?” Natalie asks springing up.

“That her eyes were glassy!” Melissa repeats herself.
Natalie instantly runs up to the bookshelf, pulling out a book with a red slash across it. She tries to open it but it closes itself.
“What the hell?” I say, questioning what I just saw.
Natalie heaves a long sigh and faces us.
“This is the book of Arthethmis! The greatest druid of all! But, it’s condition is that the group who needs to open this book, will have to ask its greatest secret holder to spill out one big secret!
“But why do you want this book to be opened?” Aiden asks

“Because I think I know what happened to Audrey..” She says..
An eerie silence falls across the room and we all blink at each other. We all want Audrey back; and one of us will have to sacrifice.
Everyone faces me, giving questioning looks because they know I keep the most secrets and I’m the one no one knows.
“Fine!” I say raising my hands in air and letting them fall down thudding at my waist.
“Fine! I’ll spill!” I say again, rolling my eyes.
I close my eyes and try to breathe. What I’m about to let go might break some hearts, form some new ones, bring more admiration for me but maybe also a few enemies.
“My biggest secret is related to me birth..” I say sitting down on a couch.

“You all know me as Theo Cavanaugh, son of the biggest industrialist worldwide.
But it isn’t the truth. How many of you have seen childhood photos of me with my father?” I ask.
No one answers, because no one has ever seen them.
“You have never seen them because they don’t exist!” I say, sucking in a deep breath.
Everyone exchanges confused glances, not knowing where I’m heading.

“You see, I’m not the real son of Scott Cavanaugh… For those of you who don’t know, Scott Cavanaugh used to be a druid, a very powerful druid and a huge ally for the werewolves. Scott Cavanaugh and Tanya Cavanaugh had no children. Now, think! I’m a werewolf by birth but how can I be a werewolf by birth if my father and mother are both not werewolves??” I ask.. My voice fading away.
“It’s not possible! Are you suggesting that..” Melissa says.
“Yes, Scott and Tanya Cavanaugh are not my real parents, they are only my parent to the outside world. I was born into another family; raised and taken care of by my real family until the age of 17. Then they sent me out to learn the ways of the world and now that I’m 23; I’m going to have to go back in a few years.” I say.

“They sent you out to train you?” Dylan asks.
“Yeah, so that I would learn survival of the fittest and how the society works!” I say.
“Who are your parents?” Natalie asks, raising up from her seat.
I press my lips tighter before I say “Maxon Schereave of Illeas and Amberly Schereave..”
Everyone in the room gasps as their eyes widen…
“You… You….” Mellisa starts to say.
“Yes, I’m the real son of the king of Illeas.. I’m Theodore Peterson Schereave.. The crown prince of Illeas and the future king..” I say, a grin escaping me.

Precap – The Arthethmis book opens up and they discover what kept Audrey away. Theo (or should I say His Highness Theodore) is asked to return to Illeas for an emergency!

Please read the short paragraph I have written to you above the summary of the last chapter.. It will explain everything ☺
Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement! Hope you enjoyed today’s chapter. Comment down below what you thought of it.

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