The Invincible (CHP 23)

The Invincible (CHP 23)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey explains the plan to Veronica and they create a secret potion. They arrive at the bridge but with no clue on where exactly the pack is captured. Audrey gives Veronica a cue to try and break open the lily essence. Veronica identifies a PJ sign just before collapsing. They identify it as Port Jewel. Audrey walks into the Port and knocks down 10 vampires before getting captured. She smirks, as it was her plan all along to get caught!

CHP 23
“Keep that one locked down safely! She’s a rebel!” One of them barks out.
I give him a stare with my glowing eyes and a growl and he presses his lips into a straight line. They take me into a huge room. Everybody’s here; Dylan, Melissa, Aiden, Zack, Lydia, Sophia… They all have their heads down in exhaustion and fatigue. It’s the effects of the electric currents they were given. The one who was holding my hands, cages me up against a brick wall.
“If you move even an inch, I will get all your friends killed!” The vampire whispers in my ear, giving it goosebumps.
“Where are you going?” The other one asks him
“To get an electric machine for this minx!” He snaps back at the other one.
“I’m coming with you..” He says.
“Who’s gonna watch over them then nuthead?” The vampire snaps.
“They’re all to tired to try any more and this little darling is caged too tightly.” He replies without a benefit of doubt to the other one.
He shrugs his shoulders and the other one follows him without a word.
As soon as he leaves, I use all my strength to break open the chains and shake them off. The vampire will be back within 2 minutes at the least so I have to be quick.
“You guys, wake up!” I say, in a whispered tone.

“Audrey? Is that you?” Aiden asks, his voice gurgled.
“Yes! It’s me, hurry up, we have to go!” I yell at them in a hushed tone.
“We can’t move, this chain gives us shocks every time we move, in addition it is coated with mountain ash!” Zack says sluggishly.
“Why are you all so sleepy and tired?” I ask them.
“Don’t you get it? The electric shocks are weakening us… They’re at a frequency, which is too high for us to withstand, and the mountain ash is soaking our powers. We’re drained!” Dylan murmurs.
“Switch off the electric currents!” Zack mutters.
“Where is the control box?” I ask, in a rush.
“Right behind you!” Melissa says, her head drooping.
I look behind me to find a small panel with a few levers on them.
“Which lever do I pull?” I ask.
“The vampire pulled a red one…” Sophia says.
“Sophie… There are ten red levers here!” I say.
“Then pull them all you idiot!” Zack says.
I pull all the levers down together with a force and everybody jerks up in a flash with a groan. Dylan moves his hand against the chain.
“It’s gone! You switched it off!” He says with a weak smile.
“But the mountain ash, it’s not going to wear off…” Lydia says.
“I brought something for that…” I say, pulling out the spray bottle from my coat’s pocket. The secret potion I had made was something I read in Natalie’s book of spells. It was a concussion to resist mountain ash or to weaken it’s effect. I spray it all over the chains and within seconds the mountain ash evaporates into thin air, leaving no trace of existence.
“How did you do that?” Aiden asks, his eyes widening.
“It’s the Anti-Ash, I had read the recipe in Natalie’s book. It diminishes the effects of the mountain ash.” I say smiling.
Zack applies force to break the chains and gets up, wiping his sweaty hands on his ripped jeans.
“Can everybody else free themselves?” I ask… But before I can complete my entire sentence, everybody has broken through the chains except Derek, who is a Damot.
“A little help here please?” He asks, his eyes pleading.
I bend down and using my bare hands pull apart the chain into two.

“Thanks..” He says standing up and wriggling himself to let go of all the tightness.
“Lets go.” I say but Zack catches my hand before I walk out.
“Can you hear that?” He asks.
I hear a few footsteps coming, around 15 at a time.
“The vampires are coming here..” I mutter under my breath.
“One of the levers must have been an alarm or something. It must have alerted them when you must have pulled it…” Aiden whispers.
“What do we do now?” Sophie asks.
“We fight them…” I say, cracking my knuckles.
“17 of them? Not possible…” Dylan says, shaking his head.
“I killed 10 of them in a go while coming…” I say, shooting him a look.
His eyes open wide and then he coughs. I give him a small smile.
“You think you can take them all down?” Zack asks with a look in his eye.

“Without a doubt. Just keep the others behind me and when I say run, everyone runs the fastest they possibly can…” I say
Zack and Aiden look at each other and round the others up in a circle. The vampires come in, around 15-17 of them. Their fangs showing and a vicious look on their faces.
“This little rebel turned out to be much more faster than I expected her to be..” The vampire who brought me here says.

“Well, this little rebel is about to tear your pants down, sweetheart..” I say flattering my eyelashes and smiling. They all move in sync; Right, left, right, left as if they are being controlled by a robot. I feel the muscles of my arms move as one them tries to throw me to the ground but, as I said I was just too fast. I took a step forward. With my right hand I twisted their arms behind they’re back. Three of them groaned in pain. I smiled to myself. I lifted my leg and kicked the back of one of their knees. They got down on one knee and with my other free hand I tossed them. They threw many tossed punches at me. I avoided them all and jumped behind them. I got down and did a leg sweep. 10 fell on the floor. I got on top of the last one, my legs on each side and put an invisible silver stake through his heart. Silver kills vampires. The buzzer in my hand wasn’t something to alert anyone. It was silver that shaped into a stake when pressed 7 minutes prior to usage.
“Run!” I yelled at the others and they followed quick.
“How the hell did you do that?” Dylan yelled.

“I used my wits!” I say dangling the stake from my hand. I could feel Dylan’s smirk from the back of my nape.
“OK! Everyone stop!” I say, holding out my hand.
“The vampires are going to find us within minutes, so here’s the plan.. Lydia and Sophie; you both take this, it’s the plant I found at the Nemetan… Just one swipe of it and the vampires will be unconscious for at least 15 minutes. That will be enough time for me and Aiden to bring Theo out while you guard the door and keep the vampires out from barging in!” I say quickly.
The duo nod their head and grab the plant from my hand.
“You found the Nemetan?” Aiden asks, his eyes popping out.
“Yup, I’ll explain later..” I say.
He nods his head and keeps mum.

“Zack, you go and cause a burnout. I want you to make the lights as dim as possible. Remember I want a burnout, not a blackout. The light should be dim but not completely out. Dim light confuses vampires so they will most probably be confused for a few minutes. Melissa and Dylan go with you to stop any vampires from entering the electric room. Use this;” I say, giving them the stake.
“You got it!” They say in unison.
“Derek; you get out of this labyrinth and find Veronica who is standing outside. You both need to get near the bridge and drive two cars to the entrance of the port, as soon as we arrive you drive it as fast as you can!” I say sternly.
He nods his head and mouths an okay!
“Remember, avoid the vampires, use the tools I have given you and if you finish your job, return to the car and wait for the others…” I say.
Everyone gives a nod and runs in the direction they are supposed to go in.
Sophia, Lydia, Aiden and I run towards Theo’s direction. We stop in front of two openings.
“Which one is it?” Sophie asks.
I close my eyes and try to get Theo’s scent. Every time he has stood close to me; what did he smell like? Sweat, wind, and musk! I get the scent!
“It’s the one on the right!” I say taking charge.

“Wait! I heard there are at least 70 vampires near the place Theo is kept. They don’t want him escaping under any circumstances!” Aiden says.
“I’m sure we can defeat them! I have the stake!’ I say, smiling.
“The stake that you just gave away to Melissa?” Aiden asks raising his eyebrows.
“Shoot!” I say, banging my head with my hands.
“Now what?” Lydia says.
“We’re dead!” I say shaking my head.
“You can kill them Audrey!” Sophia says.
“70 of them at one go? There’s no way I’ll come out alive…” I say softly.
“Do you have a plan?” Aiden asks.
“Yup..” I say shaking my head.

“What?” Aiden asks his eyes widening.
“We go in there and get killed or kill them..” I say, as worried look sails past my face.

Precap – Audrey gets stabbed by a sword coated with mountain ash and wolfsbane after rescuing Theo… She collapses on the gound, resting in Theo’s arms while he tries to revive her. Natalie arrives just after Audrey closes her eyes and her hand slips out of Theo’s. She touches Audrey’s temple as she utters ‘Audrey’s gone… She’s dead!’

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  1. Clara

    Oh My God!!! The precap! It’s a cliffhanger!
    Pleasseee update ch.24 as soon as this one…
    Love ya

    • MysteryGirl

      Haha! Most of my precap’s are cliffhangers :)… Yeah I’m gonna try to update as quickly as possible though it might be a while 🙂 Thank you so much Clara <3 Byee LY

    • MysteryGirl

      Thank You So Much Clara 🙂 I will try to update as soon as possible 🙂 Byeee TC

  2. Aastha

    hello mystery girl
    i am new to your story currently i read this chp only……… But your plot of story is very different full of mystery excitement suspence
    loved it to the core
    i will come back after i read all chpy
    love u tc

    • MysteryGirl

      Hi Aastha! So glad you took out time to stop by this chapter 🙂 I’m really pleased to know that this new type of genre has captivated you and I hope once you have read all the chapters you won’t be disappointed 🙂 Take your time to go through the chapters and I’ll see you around 😉 Thank you soo much once more… Byee Ly 🙂

    • MysteryGirl

      Thank You So Much Sam! Haha.. Welcome to the sweet torture of reading “The Invincible”… Dreadful amounts of suspense right?.. I will try to update as soon as possible 🙂 Byeee

  3. bisha

    OMG!! Audrey is a SUPERWOMAN!! But the precap made me quite emotional!! 🙁 . Anyways, the fught was just just out of words.

    And Audrey’s wit! Truly heavenly wit. And that Do Or Die mentality of hers- I wont be able to stop if I start praising Audrey. 🙂 And yeah! All credit goes to you sweetheart!! You are having that heavenly talent to put down this story with such aptness and what not compliments!! I seriously love this one. Keep writung dear. Love ya loads 🙂 ♥♥

    • MysteryGirl

      Hi Bisha! Thank you once more for your valuable comment 🙂 It literally brightens up my day.. Glad you enjoyed the fight scene, it took a lot of effort 🙂 Truly, Audrey to me is a character I would want to be in real life.. Sometimes I just imagine her as a living being and that’s why she seems to real and true! True that! Audrey’s praises are out of the world! 🙂 Thank you soo much once more.. Byeee.. Love You <3

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