The Invincible (CHP 21)

The Invincible (CHP 21)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Natalie clarifies that Audrey is indeed a true fiero and possibly the only one in this world. Audrey takes away Melissa’s pain by using her newly found abilities. She later confronts Aiden saying that she feels all the problems are being caused by her and that she should leave. Aiden tries to stop her but his tries go in vain! Audrey returns to Yorkshire, with determination to focus on Radley. She feels a magnetic force pulling her towards the forest. Upon the force stopping, she comes to face with a huge oak tree with a Celtic symbol on it and identifies it as the Nemetan!

CHP 21

I sprint back to my room and shut the door. How did I reach the Nemetan? No one had ever found it! Aiden’s words echo in my head. “Only a true individual can find the Nemetan!” Only a true individual? Maybe it meant a true fiero! Like me! Only I can see the Nemetan and access it without any harm! I’m the only way to save the werewolves from the vampires. Therefore I must return, I have to find a way to help them!
I quickly get up, and pull my suitcase down. Everything is intact already however just as I open the door, a familiar face walks down the hallway and right in front of the door.
“Audrey!” Zoe cries as she spots me.
“Hi Zoe!” I say, stepping back.
“So, you just came?” Zoe asks, looking at my suitcase.
“Actually, I was leaving.” I say, looking at her.
She frowns “Where have you been? I have been at Radley for 3 whole weeks without you or Theo!” She says.
“I’ve just been very busy!” I say, exasperated.
“Neither you or Theo seem to be answering any of my questions?” She groans.
“Yeah, he had been with me. We are just dealing with stuff…” I say quickly.
“Did you find out!” She says, her eyes widening.
“Find out what?” I ask her, confused
“Whether Theo is a werewolf or not?” She says, raising her eyebrows.
I blink rapidly. I don’t know what to tell her. Of course he is a werewolf, but so am I! What should I tell her? That her best friend is now also a werewolf! My heart tells me that she might not freak out and accept me but my brain buzzes to alert me about the cautions I have to take.
“No. He’s not a werewolf. He.. He.. He just has a mutation genetic variation.” I say quickly.
“Oh!” She says frowning.
“I really have to go now!” I say, pushing her out of my way.
“Audrey wait!” She says
“What?” I say cross, looking back at her.
“The agency has given us only one more week…” She says.
“What, what for one more week?” I ask.
“To solve the case, or else all of us will be expelled!” She says, groaning.
I stop in my tracks. For the past three weeks, I have been so busy with the supernatural that I forgot all about my ambition, my job, my passion… Spying, Solving cases… And now if I don’t solve this case, I will be expelled! No more cases, no more anything… Suddenly an idea strikes me. I remember Harvey telling me that the patients are hallucinating. Zoe already knows quite a lot about the supernatural world already… Maybe she could figure this out.
“I know something about them. They are hallucinating Zoe. They are being poisoned. I know this is something related to supernatural so I’m leaving it to you. Figure it out! Best of luck!” I say, running away and not bothering to look back.

I reach Brighton quickly and am soon headed in the direction to the den. I look around before pulling open the ladder and dropping down in to the narrow passage. When I reach in front to the door, I see it’s open and no one is there. The sun is shining brightly so the room is flooded with light. All the furniture in the room has been scattered. The medicine bottles are broken and pieces of glass scar the floor. Tables and chairs have been turned over and some are broken. It looks as if a huge fight took place within the 6 hours I left.
“Hello?” I say.
“Oh! Audrey..” Veronica says as she quickly drops down from the stairs.
“Veronica! Where is everyone? What happened?” I ask with concern.
“They’re all gone!” She says.
“Gone? Where?” I ask.
“After you left, Theo came back with Zack about some information about the vampire war. Apparently the werewolves are on the verge of defeat. We told him you left… He didn’t say anything but everyone knew he was heartbroken. Romulus and Flynn had called Theo back as they needed him. There is a magical sphere with the werewolves. It’s called the circle of life. When all the three fiero’s put their hand on it, their power is distributed among all the werewolves in the universe for a short period of time. It’s as if there are 100,000 fiero’s! They needed Theo to activate it. They can’t do it without Theo as Theo is the youngest and one of the most powerful fiero’s of all times. Just as Theo was about to leave, the vampires attacked. They apparently had gotten the news that Theo was about to leave to activate the circle of life and they knew that if it would be activated, then they won’t be able to win the war. They threatened to kill Aiden and Zack if Theo didn’t go with them. Theo had no choice so now the vampires captured him. The vampires took everybody else away too… Except me. Theo wanted me to tell you this.
“Te encontre. Es el lugar donde comenzó todo. En aguas profundas, donde Me acerco y me paseo bajo”
“What language is that in? I ask Veronica.
“I have no idea. This is just what he told me before they took him away.” She says.
“Can’t you use your senses to find out where he is?” I ask Veronica.
“No, they poisoned me with lily essence. It stops my abilities for a short period.” She says.
“How long?” I ask.
“Around 5 to 6 more hours!” She says.
“They can do anything to everyone by that time!” I say.
“I know, that’s why you need to figure out what Theo said!” Veronica gasps.
“Te encontré. Es el lugar donde comenzó todo. En aguas profundas, donde Me acerco y me paseo bajo.” I say to myself.
“It sounds like French to me…” Veronica mumbles.
“No. Theo couldn’t speak French. He only knew three other languages except English; Latin, German and Spanish.
“It could be any of these three.” Veronica says.
“It’s not German because I have studied German. It’s not Latín either as it doesn’t have even one word of old English. So it has to be Spanish!” I say.
“My brother knows Spanish! I can ring him up and ask him what it means!” Veronica exclaims.
“Quick, call him immediately!” I say, flipping my phone to her.
She grasps it quickly and dials a number.
“Hello, Mark? Hi, Yeah I’m fine. Listen, I’m gonna tell you a sentence in Spanish, can you translate it for me?” She says over the line.
I pull out a pen from my bag and get ready to write the translation on my hand.
“Te encontre. Es el lugar donde comenzó todo. En aguas profundas, donde Me acerco y me paseo bajo!” She says slowly, annunciating each word clearly, she nods her head after listening to what he said and cuts the line.
“He said it means ‘I found you. It’s where everything started. Near deep waters where I walk over and I walk under!’” Veronica says.
“This doesn’t make sense!” I say, jotting it on my hand.
“Near deep waters where I walk over and I walk under… What does it mean?” I say, looking at the writing on my hand.
“It’s a riddle!” Veronica says.
“Are you sure this is translated correctly?” I ask Veronica.
“Yeah, my brother has a literal degree in Spanish.” She exclaims.
“I found you… Theo met me first at the gate of Radley…” I say
“It says, I found you not I met you.” Veronica says, cutting me in.
I close my eyes and repeat the riddle to myself. I found you… Where did he find me? The place where everything started… What started? Deep waters? Where is water deep? Where I can walk under and over… Where can Theo walk under and over…. Where it all started.. Does it mean where all of the supernatural activity started. When I first came in contact with supernatural world! When Harvey kidnapped me! It all started when Harvey kidnapped me! On the bridge…
“I think I got it!” I spurt out.
“What? Where?” Veronica exclaims.
“It’s the bridge. I found you… Theo found me after Harvey bit me on the bridge. Where it all started… All this supernatural activity started from the bridge, I was kidnapped there and bitten. Near deep waters… The Brighton Bridge is above Michigan Lake; the water there is deep. Where I can walk over or under… We walk over a bridge and our shadow walks under it! It has to be the bridge!” I say.
“OH MY GOSH Audrey! You are a genius!” Veronica says, excitedly.
“I also have a plan to get there and get out pack out of this mess!” I say, smirking…

Precap – Audrey and Veronica break into the place where everyone is held captive however Audrey is caught by the vampires…

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  1. Again…loved the chapter! It was awesome. As I said earlier, the wait was all worth it. ☺
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    Audrey is an amazing character. So is Theo. Credit goes obv to you and your super brain!! 😉 You always manage to make me wonder whenever I think oh! Thats the limit. Now she wont b able to wonder me anymore. But you always overrun that wonder and bring in new ones. Love ya!! Keep writing. Tc ♥♥

    1. Hi Bisha 🙂
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