The Invincible (CHP 20)


The Invincible (CHP 20)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Theo clarifies to Audrey of how he controls himself during the full moon, the anchor method. He explains how some werewolves use pain to keep them human, like Derek. This is because bitten werewolves (Damot’s) have more problems controlling than born werewolves. They have a small talk about Vampires after which the duo fall asleep. The next morning after practicing shooting with Jane, Audrey talks to Aiden about the Nemetan – a scared tree for the supernatural. Only two people had ever found the Nemetan and they never returned. Only a ‘true’ individual can find one. They are attacked by Harvey, who captures Aiden and Melissa, and asks Audrey to join hands with him. Audrey refuses, and Harvey slashes Melissa’s throat causing Audrey’s anger to fume which results her into shifting into a werewolf! A true fiero…

CHP 20

“Are you sure I’m a true fiero?” I ask Natalie.
“Yes, without a doubt. Your eyes are glowing yellow, just like Theo’s, Harvey’s and Romulus’s… Only a fiero’s eyes glow yellow, to indicate the fire within them. That’s where the word ‘fiero’ derives from. To be a fiero you either have to be crowned by an existing fiero, kill an existing fiero or be born into a fiero family and inherit your title. You haven’t killed one, or been crowned one, or even born into a fiero family. Which means, you are a true fiero! Your consciousness and spirit always carried that title and the bite just triggered it!” Natalie says, her hands shaking.
“But, I thought true fiero’s only existed in myths…” Sophie says.
“There was one myth from Mexico that said that there would be one individual who would save the world from destruction. That individual would be a werewolf, a fiero, but a fiero can only be resolute from the test of determination, will power and inner strength.” Aiden says.
“But I haven’t given a test!” I say, quickly.
“You have! When you defeated the wall of death! It was a test to see your will power and determination. The shattering of the wall assured your place as a fiero…” Natalie says.
“But that’s not all about what the myth says. Before you, there had been another true fiero. But he was consumed within his own power. A true fiero cannot kill anyone, not anyone innocent. They are brought to protect, not kill. If a true fiero kills someone, their power is snatched away and they are killed by their own aura of fire!” Aiden continues.
“So, I have to save people?” I ask, raising my eyebrow.
“That’s what you are supposed to do.” Dylan says.
“I can barely save myself, let alone, the whole freakin world!” I say
“Maybe now, you should just save her.” Lydia says, bending over Melissa.
Melissa lays down on the floor. She is alive and is breathing but in immense pain. Her eyes are misty with water her hands are quivering.
“What can I do?” I ask Aiden.
“You can take away her pain. Hold her hand and look at your nerves. They will transfer the pain to you. It will hurt but you can overcome it. But you will only be able to take a certain amount of pain from her. Too much pain can kill you.” Aiden says, nudging me.
I move towards Melissa and she gives me a pressing smile. I bend over and take her hand. I close my eyes. When I open them, I can see my nerves turning black. They are absorbing the pain from her. Melissa lays quietly, not flinching. My breathing gets tighter and my chest grows cold. Pain throbs everywhere and my head gets dizzy. It hurts a lot more than I expected. I growl and moan. My hands start to feel numb and then Dylan pulls me away.
“That’s enough or you will kill yourself.” Dylan says.
It takes me a few second to recover but them everything seems normal. I heal fast.
“How am I able to do that?” I ask.
“It’s a fiero ability. A fiero can take pain away from an injured person. Even Theo can do that but unfortunately he isn’t here.” Dylan says
When I look back at Melissa, she is sitting up. She looks better and the wound is starting to heal. Aiden carries her upstairs for rest.
“Audrey, you do realize that you are special? And that a lot of people are going to come for you?” Natalie says, sitting down on a couch.
“I know, I think I can protect myself.” I say quietly.
“You must learn to control your powers.” Dylan says.
“I already know, how to do that. Theo taught me a way…” I say
“The anchoring method?” Dylan asks.
“Yeah! That’s how I stopped myself now, after I almost killed Harvey.” I say.
“Did Theo know?” Sophie asks.
“I don’t know. Maybe he did.” I say, heaving
“He knew, he had told me about your dream, but we weren’t very sure.” Natalie says.
I put my head in my hands and rock back and forth until I feel calmer. No one says anything. They just head back upstairs until I’m left alone.
“You okay?” Aiden says, coming down the stairs.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I say, sighing.
He burrows his eyebrows and frowns “You can tell me anything, you know?” He says.
“It’s just that I don’t feel I belong here. I shouldn’t be a werewolf. I should be in Yorkshire, solving a case. Not here in Brighton, fighting werewolves and maybe even vampires!” I say.
“You don’t want to stay here with us?” Aiden asks, surprised.
“Not anymore. I’m tired of this life. I’m tired of living in fear that we may be attacked any time.” I say.
“That’s the consequence of power Audrey. We as werewolves have power, strength, agility… It comes with the cost of fear.” Aiden says.
“I know, I wish I could turn back time and not have let curiosity take over me to find out about Theo. If only I would have stayed in Yorkshire and solved my case. I wouldn’t ever have come this far!” I say.
“It was your destiny. This is where you belong. This is where you will stay.” Aiden says.
“I don’t think I belong here.” I say.
“Why not? Everyone is so fond of you. In fact you and your mother are bonding well too.” Aiden says.
“Now that since I’m a fiero, I feel like I’m threatening everyone’s lives. Everybody will want me. That will mean there will be more attacks, more fights, more people will lose their lives.” I say.
“We are a pack Audrey. That’s what we do. We protect each other.” Aiden says.
“Because of me, Sophie and Melissa have already gotten hurt. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt also.” I say.
“Everyone gets injured at times. You can’t stop that!” Aiden says.
“Maybe if I leave, the fighting might stop!” I say.
“You are going to leave? Leave us all? Leave Theo?” Aiden says, gasping.
“If it saves your lives then yes!” I say, getting up.
“Where will you go?” Aiden asks.
“Back to Yorkshire.. Where I’m supposed to be.” I say, walking out the door.
“And what will I tell Theo and the others?” He says following me.
“Tell them I’m fine and it was my decision to go. And please! Don’t tell them where I have gone.” I say.
“Please don’t leave!” Aiden says, catching my hand.
“I have to.” I say, jerking his hand away and walking right out the door.
I feel guilty, like I’m running away from all my problems and leaving everything behind. But I assure myself that it’s the best for everyone. I catch a cab and I’m soon heading to the train station, boarding a train to Yorkshire.

I reach Yorkshire in an hour and a half. I catch a carriage and head back to the hotel I was previously staying in, near Radley. I decided I would solve the case and pretend to be normal. I won’t use my abilities. I reach the hotel and open up the door to mine and Zoe’s room. I still have the keys. I stop midway while unlocking the door. It’s been three weeks since I have been missing. What excuse will I give Zoe? What will I tell the agency? I close my eyes and walk in, hoping nobody questions me. The room is spick and span. The beds are made and everything seems just like it was three weeks ago.. I hear a whistle down the hall. When I turn there is no one there. I realize it is coming from at least 2 miles away from my room. It’s just my heightened sense of hearing and I can’t stop it.
I plunk on my bed and grab some comfortable clothes from my wardrobe. Zoe’s clothes are still here which means she hasn’t left. Maybe she is in the asylum. Trying to figure out things. I change and grab a protein bar I see on the table. While I chew on it, I look out the window. The woods face towards me and I remember the night I had been saved by Theo in his wolf form.
I feel a pang in my heart when I think of him. He risked his life so many times to save me. He cared so much and I just left him alone, didn’t even say a goodbye. I had never felt so safe, so happy, and so ecstatic with anyone in my entire life. I sigh and drop down on my bed again. Suddenly I feel a pull. As if someone is pulling me with a rope. I get up and follow my instinct. It’s as if I am being pulled by a magnet. It takes me down near the woods and soon I’m entering it. I can’t stop myself from walking towards the direction it is taking me. The more I try to resist the pull, the harder it pulls me towards it. I try to turn back to go back outside the woods but it jerks me back so I trip. I decide I won’t be able to break the pull so I follow it deeper into the woods. I walk for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and then the pull stops. It lets go of me and I’m standing in front of a huge tree. It’s so wide that it would take at least 20 people’s hands to go around it. It’s braches spread out in all directions and I’m sure that this tree itself is taking up almost half of the forest. It’s roots are long and thick. Why has the pull brought me here? To see a tree? Why is this tree important? I walk around it and stop in front of a cross carved into the tree. It then strikes me. It’s the Nemetan! The tree Aiden told me about.. The one people have been searching for years! I recognize the cross as a symbol of Celtic druids! I have found the Nemetan! I need to tell Aiden! I need to help the werewolves stop the vampires! I have to go back!

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Precap – Audrey goes back to the room to pack her stuff when Zoe walks in!

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    1. Hi Roshni! So glad you took out time to look over at my story! 🙂 Yeah, I moved fast with my chapters before, but now I only update once a week due to my exams.. 🙂 You can take your time and read whenever you have time.. Thanks a lot once again.. Byeee 🙂

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    1. Hi Buzz! It’s okay if you didn’t comment. I’m glad to know that you followed up 🙂 Thanks, so glad to know you enjoyed the chapter 🙂 Yeah, Audrey is definitely a savior 🙂 For the other questions you will have to read 🙂 Thanks again.. Byeee, I will try to update as soon as possible

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    1. Hi Advaita 🙂 I will try to update whenever I’m free. Thanks for understanding 🙂 Byeee

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    1. Hi Alia! It’s okay if you can’t read my story now, I completely understand the pressure of exams. Don’t worry and take your time. You can read whenever you are free 🙂 Best of luck for your exams. Hope you fly with passing colours 🙂

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