The Invincible (CHP 2)


Thank you so much guys for showing immense love and support to my story and giving it so much appreciation, I truly wasn’t expecting so many responses to the story.. The story is just getting a kick off so I apologise if it’s a little monotonous. Hope you enjoy today’s chapter and hope you like our new character 🙂 Cause he is here to stay and steal your heart <3

The Invincible (CHP 2)

Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey finds the trace of the murderer. Mr.Mogumery tells her about the mysterious events in Radley Asylum. Audrey is sent to Radley to study the happenings.


“So, are you excited Audrey?” Alfie asks me as he drives me off to Yorkshire (where Radley is located)
“Of course I am! This is my first ever case to solve, my first ever chance to be a proper detective!” I say enthusiastically.
I look out the window. There are rows of lush trees everywhere. Masses of green grass straggle off for miles. Orderly columns of tropical flowers are in sight everywhere. The sun is shining bright and the sky is a blue so vivid that it hurts my eyes.
“Isn’t the countryside beautiful?” I say gently.
Alfie smiles and nods in agreement. He takes a sharp right and drives straight ahead for a few kilometers & to my revulsion I see the horrifying building of Radley Asylum. It’s ancient and eerie. The aura around it attracts negativity. A spine-chilling graveyard surrounds it’s backyard…
“Are you sure, this is it?” I ask Alfie as he scratches his head, trying to make sense of everything.
“Yes, this is what is in the map.. This is Radley!” he says in astonishment.
I shake my head. I now apprehend what I got myself into.. I turn back and look at the fields of blossoms and grass and then look at the bloodcurdling asylum, where I will be investigating for a long time. Suddenly I just want to go back at my desk and not do this mission but then a resilient voice in my head booms ‘You have been waiting years to solve a mystery, and now that one is here, you want to go back? Don’t you want to know the story of those patients? Are you so timid that you will be startled by just one old house? If you are so anxious, how will you solve other secrecies?’
The voice in my head stops and I look up at the Asylum again. I make up my mind. I will stay here and I will solve this conspiracy. I bid farewell to my friend as he drives back home and I stagger off with my suitcase towards the Asylum.

“Are you Audrey Tredwell?” says a strong, masculine voice from behind me.
I turn back to see a tall, brooding and handsome young man standing behind me.
“Yes, that’s me.” I say “How do you know my name?” I ask him.
“My seniors told me I have to work with you to solve this case.” He says. His voice is hoarse and surprisingly quiet.
“OH!” I say in surprise. “How come I’ve never seen you in the agency before?” I ask curiously.
“I don’t work in the same agency as you.” He says.
“Really? Where do you work then?” I ask him again.
He looks at me, burrowing his eyebrows in a deep crease. “You are one curious cat, aren’t you? He says.
I smile and say “I am a detective, being curious is in my blood.”
He smiles and says “You work for the BDSA, whereas I work for the International Dauntless Agency (IDA).”
“Wow! So you are a secret agent?” I say in shock.
“You could say so.” He says.
“What’s your name?” I ask him, eager to know more.
“Theo, Theo Cavanaugh.” He says.
He leads me to another way behind the asylum, moving away from the graveyard.
“Where are you taking me?” I ask him

“Do you want to stay in that mental asylum or in a decent apartment?” He says, turning back to look at me.
“Of course in a decent apartment.” I say in an obvious manner.
“Then please, follow me.” He says softly.
I open my mouth to ask Theo something but then he says. “And please don’t ask anymore questions.” So I shut my mouth and instead follow him quietly to a building behind Radley.
The building is much better than my expectations. It faces the farms on the other side of the country so I can see herds of sheep and cattle moving around. It has a well-lit elevator and spotless corridors.
Theo takes me up to the 6th floor via the elevator. When we reach, he takes out a key from his left pocket and opens up a door, which says 605.
“You have a key to my room?” I ask him.
“Not anymore!” he says as he plunks the key in my hand.
“Make yourself comfortable. I will come to call you once dinner is ready and then we can go and have a look at Radley.” He says.
I look around my room … It’s pretty average. There is a trifling kitchen, a desk, a TV, a couch, a connected lavatory, a cubbyhole, a chest of drawers and astoundingly two beds!
“Why are there two beds in my room?” I ask Theo.
“Ah! Yes, I almost forgot to tell you!” He says in a sudden louder voice.
“Tell me what?” I ask him.
“Another agent will be sharing a room with you, she must be arriving in a few hours.” He says, his voice softer this time.

“Why can’t she have her own room?” I ask him.
“The building is full.. If you didn’t already know then, even the staff of Radley stays here. You didn’t think they were staying in that netherworld. Did you?” He says and smirks.
“Maybe, I did.. Do you know this agent who is sharing this room with me?” I ask Theo.
“Who? Zoe? Yes, I do know her.. We work together in the agency.” He says.. A smile making it’s way up his face.
“OH! That’s nice! I had no idea that I would be working with secret agents.. That also two.” I say but maybe a little too insolently.
He looks at me warily. “You didn’t think only the two of us would solve a case which includes 1500 patients?
“I didn’t know what I was expecting..” I say wearily.
“Take some rest” he says as he strides off, shutting the door behind him .
The more I talk to Theo, the more I want to discover things about him. He is like a puzzle to me that I want to solve but I have never seen the complete picture on the front of the box so I’m clueless. Nevertheless I slump down on my bed in absolute fatigue and find myself drifting off in sleep.

Precap – Theo takes Audrey at the Asylum as she is appalled to see the conditions of the patients and just then the clock strikes 10 minutes to 3!

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  1. OMG! This epi was soooo gud gurl! I enjoyed it so much! So many refrences to catch on! Theo as in Theo James right? And Cavanaugh is Toby’s surname in PLL and Dauntless as in Divergent! WOW! I love the refrences you have takn.. And yes! I am in looooveee with our main lead.. he seems so mysterious!! The precap seems ever so intrsting.. Keep it up! LY

    1. Thank You Shraddha <3.. Really appreciate your kind words 🙂 Yes, your refrences are absolutely right! I have used to sources to come up with names.. HEHE 🙂 I'm really glad to know that you have enjoyed Theo's entry.. Yes, he is very mysterious 🙂 Keep reading to know more & once again, many thanks <3

  2. God i luv mysteries…..
    and Its scary u knw…. If u have watched conjuring..the clock stops at 3:08…i don’t knw wots gonna happen..eagerly waiting… seems,Theo is a mysterious and a dangerous person…really looking forward to see zoe’s entry!!post soon!! Luv

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Vivi <3.. Really appreciate it. Actually the idea for the clock striking ten minutes to three is somewhat from the conjuring.. Throughout the story there will be many quick turns and horrors ( which I hope you will enjoy ).. Yes, Theo is a very dark and mysterious character but you will have to wait to know if he is dangerous or not :p..
      Zoe's entry is going to change the entire direction of the plot.. I will try to update as soon as possible.. Once again, many thanks <3

  3. I seriously got goosebumps while reading was very awesum..i liked Theo’s entry..and i m loving it..update soon..oh yaa…u have a very good vocabulary

    1. Thank you Bisha <3.. Really appreciate your kind words. I'm pleased to know that my story is in your interest. Really glad to know that you liked Theo's entry. I will try to update as soon as possible. And once again thank you so much <3

  4. No words yaar . Its beautiful the way u have described it . Really loved it . I can actually picture everything in my mind . Very well written . Ur a great inspiration to me . Love u loads ? .

    1. Dearest Prarthna,
      Thank you so much for your appreciation. I’m so glad you are following up with my story. I’m so lucky to have a BFF like you, who always has my back.. I’m so glad to know that you take me as an inspiration in writing… 🙂 See you tomorrow in school. <3 LY

  5. My dearest MysteryGirl,
    I feel so proud to read your story. The way you are playing around with words and putting them in an ever so beautiful manner is so fascinating. I never expected you to turn out into such a fantabulous writer. Reading your work is like watching art being made… It’s just magical. You’ve always had a beautiful flair of writing, right from the beginning and watching you put it up on the web is incredible. I remember sitting beside you as you typed your first draft chapter. The way you brainstormed it, making countless flowcharts and spider diagrams and then putting a pencil in your hair and moaning that you will never finish writing it. And look at you now, typing effortlessly with new ideas popping everywhere.. So proud that I’ve known you all my life.. I know you are going to make it big 🙂
    With all the love and care in the world,
    Your MysteryBoy

    1. Thank you so much MysteryBoy! Your kind words have made my heart melt with joy :).. I’m so glad to know you have been enjoying my stories.. I have been wondering who you are.. Since I wasn’t with anyone while writing any of the chapters.. I am absolutely sure that I was alone (unless you were spying on me :p)… I would really appreciate it if you would reveal your real identity to me.. And I hope you continue supporting me in the future..
      With Sincerity,

  6. Awesome episode, love you loads

    1. Thank You Roma <3 LY

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