The Invincible (CHP 19)


The Invincible (CHP 19)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – 2 weeks have gone over after the fiero’s departure. Audrey struggles to uncover her truth. She has a dream about her turning into a werewolf with yellow eyes like fire! Indicating that she is a fiero! She attacks Theo killing him under the influence of the full moon. She wakes up in panic to find Theo comforting her and assuring her that it was just a nightmare. The duo have a small conversation after which Theo takes hold of Audrey’s hand to look into her dream (a fiero’s ability), he assures her that nothing of such sort would happen in real life and comes close to admit his feeling towards her…

CHP 19

Theo smirked as he looked at the full moon in front of him.
“How are you so under control, even during a full moon?” I ask him, trying to divert away the topic of crushes.
“Because, I have learnt to anchor myself…” He says, coyly.
“Anchor?” I ask.
“Yeah, everyone on this planet has someone very important to them, someone they would take a bullet for, someone they would die for… They are the anchors for us. Before doing anything, you think of them, how it would affect them? So, I just think of that person. She acts as an anchor to calm me down and focus on her instead of the full moon, that way I stay out of the moon’s pull… Because I’m not letting it focus on me…” He says, smiling.
“She?” I ask, showing a typical wife behavior, taking interest in knowing who the ‘she’ is rather than the wit of the moon strategy.
“My mother!” Theo says, laughing.
“Oh!” I mumble.
“The other werewolves have learnt this method to keep themselves in control as well.” He says, looking back at the moon.
“What if there is no person to anchor on to?” I ask.
“Then you use the second method. Pain… Pain keeps us in human form; you might have seen that if one of us gets hurt we immediately shift back to our human selves… That’s because pain makes us human, it makes us realize that we can feel sensitivity just like humans…” He says, modestly.
“So, everyone uses the anchor method, right?” I ask.
“Yes.. Everyone except Derek, he is a bitten werewolf, a Damot, the rest of us are born werewolves.. That’s why learning to control himself is harder for him than for us, thus the result is caging up.. He is better than before, much more in control but he is still learning.” Theo says, turning to look back at him.
I turn and look back too, Derek is sleeping against a wall with his hands and legs tied to metal chains and wound against a pillar. He is tied up for the night because he hasn’t learnt to control himself yet. He normally just falls asleep but 2 weeks ago, I had seen him completely out of control. He had the same maddening and hungry look in his eyes that I had in my dream. It was only when Natalie caged him through mountain ash with much difficulty when he came back to his senses.
“Do you think Harvey knows I’m alive?” I ask Theo, trying to divert my mind from my horrifying dream.
“I don’t know.. He might know, since he is a fiero. But if he knows you are alive, then I wonder why he hasn’t come back for you yet?” Theo says.
“Maybe because I’m nothing? I’m useless? I’m not worth it…” I mumble.
“I think it time Audrey that you realize that you are worth a hell lot more than you think you are…” He says with conviction.
I don’t say anything but just stare at the moon. We don’t talk more and then decide to go back to bed. I get into bed and Theo sprawls out on the couch, looking out. Just before I switch off the lights, I ask him. “When the fiero’s left, they said they were going to fight a war? What war?”
“War with the vampires…” Theo says.
“Vampires exist?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.
“Don’t be too surprised..” Theo says, closing his eyes.
“Nothing surprises me anymore, especially since I’ve met you all.” I say, smiling as I finally switch off the lights.

The next morning, goes by regularly. We eat breakfast; Theo and Zack go out to look for Harvey’s pack. The rest of the werewolves, go about doing their own work and Jane, (who is the human spy/huntress for Theo’s pack) and I practice arrow shooting and martial arts. After practice, I go and sit by Aiden, who is trying to figure out a map to find something called a ‘Nemetan’.
“Have you found anything yet?” I ask him.
“Nope, it’s been two weeks and nothing yet. Not even one clue.” Aiden says, sighing.
“What is the ‘Nemetan’ anyways?” I ask.
“According to Romulus the Nemetan is a sacred space used by druids for various rituals. He says druids picked a large, older tree in a grove to represent the center of the world. Many believed that cutting or harming the “world tree” would bring severe problems like fires, plagues, strife, “death and destruction of all kinds. He explained that the power of the Nemetan is like a magnet that draws supernatural creatures.” He says, squinting his eyes.
“So why don’t you ask Natalie to find it? She is a druid…” I say.
“We tried, but failed. All of us have been trying for the past few months. Legend says that the ‘Nemetan’ has a plant growing around it. That plant can be used against Vampires. Celtic Druids didn’t get along with vampires that well. So when they made the Nemetan, the center of their powers, the planted this plant around it to protect it from the Vampires. If a Vampire touches that plant, they die instantly.” Aiden says.
“Where is the Nemetan located?” I ask.
“Here, in Brighton. But no one has found it yet. Only two people had found it in 1937 and they never returned. Legend says only a ‘true’ individual can reach out to the ‘Nemetan’. Till now none of us have been able to comprehend what a ‘true’ individual means?…” Aiden says.
“But why are vampires and werewolves at loggerheads?” I ask him.
“The war started quite a few years ago, and is still going on. Years ago, the vampires starting bending the rules. The rule said that they could drink the blood of a human, but they aren’t allowed to kill them, except when it is absolutely necessary. This rule was made to keep the supernatural world in balance with the human world. But many vampires, later started to kill the humans they took the blood from. When asked for reason, they simply replied that the human had become impure and didn’t deserve to live. The werewolves protested against the killing of humans and declared war on the vampires if the killings didn’t stop. The vampires didn’t stop so the werewolves attacked and the war has now been going on since the past 4 years. This is why Theo doesn’t live with the fiero’s also. Since most werewolves were busy fighting the vampires, there was no one to protect the humans. Therefore Theo was sent here to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Which is the reason we are the ‘Vindex’ pack.” He says, taking a deep breath in.
“That’s a lot of history!” I say smiling.
He smiles back and before he can say anything, Veronica jumps up in horror.
“Someone is coming… One of you is going to die!” She says looking at us.
“Veronica, who is coming?” Derek says, leaping up to his feet.
“How does she know, when one of us is going to die?” I ask, Aiden, nudging him.
“She is a Banshee remember? Banshees can detect death or when something bad is going to happen?” Aiden says, whispering.
Jane quickly grabs a gun and throws to me a crossbow. Aiden, Derek, Dylan, Melissa, Sophia and Lydia stand in front of the door. Transforming into werewolves while Natalie and Veronica grab a sword each. The door opens and in step around 20 people. Before I can see who it is, the werewolves have already started fighting. I can’t see anything in the dim light except a number of people fighting. Jane, Natalie and Veronica also move in with their swords and soon are lost in the mess of the crowd. I move back in defense. Unable to analyze a thing. I stand there stupidly staring at them while the werewolves fight. I should help them. I should go in and fight. That’s what I’m trained to do. But I don’t go in. I just stand there with the bow in my hand and look. My eyes grow hazy and I realize that wolfsbane has been sprayed. Wolfsbane is a poison to werewolves. So why am I being affected by it? I’m not a werewolf? The only people here who can resist wolfsbane are Jane, Natalie and Veronica. Even though Dylan and Melissa are Beta’s, they can only resist mountain ash and mistletoe and not wolfsbane! Within seconds everyone is on the floor, coughing, splattering and trying to breathe. Around 15 of them go around and stand next to their leader. When my eyes adjust, I see on the floor, 5 werewolves who I don’t recognize! They are dead. Then my eyes move up from the floor to the door. There standing is Harvey! He found us all and has come here with his pack. Ready to attack!
“Isn’t it such a beautiful reunion, Audrey?” He says smiling.
“Why are you here?” I ask, my voice wobbles.
“To take you. I bit you. You are my Damot, not Theo’s! You have to come with me!” He says, furiously.
“I haven’t even transformed into anything!” I say, raging with fury.
“Some werewolves take more time than the others. If you wouldn’t be a werewolf, you wouldn’t have been affected by the wolfsbane.” He says.
I realize he is right. I shouldn’t have been affected by wolfsbane but I am!
“I will not come with you!” I say.
“Too bad. If you don’t come, I will kill two of your friends!” He says, picking up Aiden and Melissa, who are laying close to him, paralyzed completely due to the wolfsbane!
Nobody else is able to move because of the wolfsbane’s effect! Then how have I gotten over it so quickly?
“Let them go!” I say.
“Nope. Not until you come with me! This time no one will be able to save you!” He says.
“You will never be able to take me with you!” I say, spitefully.
“Then watch this!” He says, wickedly as he claws Melissa’s neck with his talons and pulls apart the flesh. Blood pours out and I can see her neck bone. She splatters and falls down immediately but doesn’t die – werewolves don’t die easily and besides, Harvey didn’t pull on any vein… But anger rises in me. I feel the same feeling I felt during my dream. Heaviness on my fingers, a banging in my head and powerful surge! I feel my aura break through the cage of the wolfsbane as I sprint ahead, knocking down each werewolf with one blow. I pull away Aiden from Harvey in the blink of an eye and claw his face. He scrambles back in fear, unknown of my identity and the danger I behold. Within seconds he flees and I don’t bother to follow him and the rest of the werewolves. I just close my eyes and turn away from the door, trying to control the surge, trying to find an anchor, just like Theo had said. When I open my eyes I see I’m back as a human and when I turn back, I see everyone looking at me.
“You’re a fiero!” Dylan says.
“Not just any fiero! A true fiero!” Sophia mumbles.
“The only one in the this world!” Natalie says with astonishment.
I turned into a werewolf, this time in reality and not a dream! I am a fiero! A true fiero!!!

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Precap – Audrey finds the Nemetan while wandering in the woods!

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    1. Thank You Haya <3 Your comment really made my day 🙂 Radley is going to be back in the plot now… it's coming soon. All I can say is that it all started at Radley and it will end there too. Yes, she is the only true fiero 🙂 But it will cause a lot of disruptions and problems… I will try to update as soon as possible.. Maybe today itself if I get time. 🙂 Byeee

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