The Invincible (CHP 18)


The Invincible (CHP 18)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Theo admits that he feels scared that he might not be able to help Audrey if they wrong decision is taken but she dismisses it by saying that she believes nothing will happen. They have a small moment where Theo admits that he feels intimidated by Audrey but she makes him happy! Audrey gets a sense of supernatural powers when she overhears Theo and Natalie talking although they are far away. The fiero’s arrive with Flynn immediately announcing that he doesn’t like Audrey but Theo takes her side whereas wise Romulus announces that he thinks Audrey is harmless although he has no idea about what she is… Mr.Crepsly gives in a short surprise by dropping onto the door and announcing that Audrey will make history!

CHP 18

After the departure of the fiero’s and the entire incidence of melodrama, it was decided that Aiden and Theo would look out for me incase I wouldn’t be able to control my powers of whatever creature I was to become. 2 weeks had passed since I was first bitten and nothing much had happened. Except the occasional days where my eyesight and hearing would be enhanced, there were no other signs of me morphing into another supernatural and it was soon when I thoroughly assumed that Mr.Crepsly was wrong and that I wasn’t going to be any more dominant and definitely not going to make history. In these two weeks I had become a much more prevailing part of Theo’s pack, edging closer to many members and making many more friends that I had ever anticipated. Melissa, Dylan, Aiden, Theo and I became very close. It wasn’t soon when we all would stay awake in the basement till 4 AM every night, talking about everything and anything. I learnt a lot in these two weeks of how the supernatural world works and at every turn it never failed to astound me. But my assumptions were too quick to deduce as tonight my fear turned into reality…

“Hello?” I say as I walk through the door into Theo’s den. There is no furniture any more, the tables, chairs, shelves have all been taken away and it is pitch dark with no one in sight.
“Where are you all?” I shout out but alas! No one answers.
I walk deeper into the dark but I can see as clearly as I would in brightness. It’s my heightened sense of eyesight! A trait of supernatural powers! I can hear my own heartbeat and the light tap of my feet. Wait a minute! I can hear something else… Two more heartbeats… My heightened sense of hearing, one more trait of powers! There are two more people in this room with me.
“Reveal yourself!” I yell as I throw over my crossbow and arrow over my shoulder. The past two weeks I have been practicing my shooting skills and I have gotten so commendable that I can shoot an object that is flying in the air at the speed of 100 km/h!
“I said reveal yourself or I will shoot you!” I yell again but there is no response…
“It’s the night of the full moon, Audrey!” A voice says.
“So what?” I say.
“Every full moon, all supernatural creatures lose their ability to control their minds and they become hungry, to kill and murder! Their anger reaches a peak and they can see nothing but a prey!” The voice booms again.
“I think you are forgetting that I am not a supernatural!” I say, smirking.
“But you are! Look in the mirror!” The second voice booms.
I turn around to see a full-length mirror reflecting off the window so I can see the full moon. It glows white with azure and it fills me up with ecstasy. I walk towards the mirror with tiny steps and drop my crossbow on the ground.
“There’s nothing in the mirror.” I say blandly.
“Look at your hands!” The voice says.
I lift my hands up to my hands and shriek in horror. I don’t have nails but claws, which are at least 6cm long! They are mucky and sharp and feel heavy on my fingers. When I look back up in the mirror, I yelp again as I fall down on the ground, fumbling and trying to run away from myself. I don’t see a girl but a wolf! Silver, grey fur that shines in the white glow of the moon with streaks of black near to the paws. My eyes glow a fierce yellow and instead of human teeth I have canines and fangs!
“What is happening to me?” I yell as I stand up, although I’m a wolf, I can still stand on my two legs like a human. However my voice sounds gruff and loud, almost manly!
“You are morphing… Into a werewolf!” the voice booms louder.
My eyes go hazy and everything around me turns red like blood! An explosive of anger burns inside me… The effects of the full moon! The more I try to compress it, the more it burns with fury and I know that I’m losing full control. I hear slams, thrashes, howls and cries. Someone else is here and that person is rescuing me from the two people in the house. When I turn to look who it is, I can only see a pair of greenish-yellow eyes, staring back. The other two people have escaped…
Suddenly I feel a wave of nausea taking over, it soon is replaced by an evil urge. An urge from the animal side, an urge to kill.. A howl escapes, a wolf howl, from me! I struggle to leash myself, to control myself and then it happens! I can’t see the person, only his eyes, I run towards him and leap, throwing my claws into his stomach, he trashes, growls, howls, cries but all I can hear is the evil chant in my head that says ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’ I don’t stop, I keep digging my claws in, thrashing and scratching his face until his cries stop because he is dead! Then my vision returns back to normal and my first sight are my paws, which are coated with blood of the person I just murdered. The person who saved me! I gave in to my urge! I shouldn’t have… When I peer over to the person, I can’t recognize his face! It’s scratched and ripped so hard that I can see his skull and his eyes have been gorged out! Blood encompasses his body in a pool. I try to look for a trait to recognize this person as I weep, I’m not in my wolf shape anymore, I’m back to human… I circle around him and my heart stops for a second when I see his tattoo on his arm. Two black bands, symbolizing the supernatural balance to the human… The only person who has this tattoo is Theo! I just killed Theo! I scream, my voice so loud that it bursts my own eardrums and then….
“Audrey! Audrey, wake up!” I hear a voice as it shakes me awake. It’s Theo. My back is wet with sweat and my heart is pounding hard against my chest and I’m in a huge mess of tears.
“Here, I’m here!” Theo says, cupping my face in his hands.
“You’re okay! It was just a nightmare!” I say with relief taking over.
“You were dreaming!” He says with his eyebrows burrowing in. He always does that when he is anxious. In the white glow of the moon, I notice that his eyes are a beautiful shade of blue but the iris is encircled by a light shade of turquoise and the pupil has streaks of grey. They look grand!
“Your eyes! They look different!” I say, quietly.
“What’s so different about them?” He asks quietly…
“I don’t know…” I say, touching his cheek and it skimming it with my thumb. He doesn’t say anything but just stands there leaning over my bed.
“What were you doing here?” I ask him.
“I am supposed to look over you… Aiden’s duty was yesterday, today is mine… Remember?” He says softly.
I nod and lean my head back in exasperation. It didn’t feel like a dream. It felt so real, I can still feel the heaviness of the claws on my fingers and the horrible stench of blood hovering around my nostrils.
“What was your nightmare about?” Theo asks me.
I look at him. I know I can trust him. And anyways I wouldn’t be able to lie to him as he would catch it immediately with his powers.
“The nightmare was about you…” I say softly, closing my eyes.
“Me? Do I scare you so much?” He says with intimidation.
“No, You were in it but you weren’t the thing that scared me… I was afraid of myself…” I say, my eyes still closed.
“Give me your hand…” He says after a few moments of silence.
“Why?” I ask opening my eyes.
“Just give them to me.” He says.
I reach out my hand slowly, still in fear that I would see claws instead of fingers, but I remain customary. He puts his hand around mine and closes his eyes. I don’t bother to see what he is doing and close my eyes as well. Theo’s hand feels warm and soft against my own hand it makes me feel safe… Theo always makes me feel safe. I hear him sigh and then moan as if he is in pain.. When I open my eyes, I see him burrowing his eyebrows again, his legs trembling and beads of sweat trickling down his forehead. I remove my hand immediately and he opens his eyes in a flash..
“What were you doing?” I ask him with concern.
“Seeing your nightmare…” He says quietly.
“You can’t do that… Can you?” I ask.
“Only a fiero can look through a person’s past or memories my holding his hand…” He says softly.
“I’m sorry…” I say
“For what?” He replies.
“For killing you..” I say.
He grins.. “It was a dream!”
“But, it felt so real!”
“I know… But you lied to me about one thing!”
“You have been having some traits of supernatural powers like heightened sense of hearing and vision… Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t want you to be more worried..”
“I’m supposed to look after you, Audrey!”
“You have already done too much for me, I’m grateful.”
“You don’t have to be grateful!”
“Do you think I will turn into a werewolf like you?”
“I don’t know… Maybe!”
“But two weeks have passed..”
“Things happen all the time, most of the time, we don’t expect it…”
“Why do you keep saving me?”
“Because you are my responsibility…”
“What? Why?”
“Melissa told me…”
“Told you what?”
“That you have a crush on me…” I say blushing.
“She’s a liar, she’s spinning tales..” Theo hesitates.
“You hesitated..”
“No, I didn’t!”
“Yes, you did!”
Theo shakes his head with embarrassment. I look at him with a straight face trying to act serious as if having a crush on me is offensive.
“Don’t make that face! It makes me fee guilty!” Theo says, with a frown.
I burst out laughing with glee and he shakes his head smiling…
“So you agree, that you like me?” I say still laughing..
“I never said, I do like you.” He says, grinning.
“But you aren’t denying it either.” I say with a smirk.

Precap – An attack takes place at Theo’s den. Audrey feels it’s a dream but when she is knocked over, she realizes its reality. Aiden and Melissa are captured but Audrey saves them by shape-shifting into her werewolf form. Natalie tells her that her eyes were glowing yellows, which means she is a true fiero!

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  1. Audrey! A fiero! Wow! Well that’s highly possible only. Awesome chappy. It was a dream but it sent a chill down my spine as well. It’s so much horrific! You are always beyond awesome. Compliments are always less for authors like you. But who were those voices? And how were they trying to harm Audrey? Why? Keep writing girl. One more question. What’s the significance of the dream? Why did she see it? Attack! Now who’s that attacker? Harvey? Vampires? Or something or someone else? This one I ‘m thinking for the next chappy will def answer my query. I dont want inflate you by my conpliments much! 😉 😛 . Oh, ya. Can you please tell me why vamps n werewolfs are at loggerheads? Btw do you read any other story here? SORRY. so many questions to mess u up! Stay well. Bye

    1. Thank you sooo much Bisha <3… Yes! Audrey is a fiero.. Isn't it amazing… at first I thought I would turn her into an alpha… But then I thought that a fiero would be better… Those voices were just unrecognizable faces… like unknown and they weren't trying to harm her but just show her the werewolf self… The dream is actually important, it will be revealed in the next chapter.. And about the attackers… they are the ones who will attack Theo's den so you will know… You will also know why vampires and werwolves are at loggerheads in the next chap (the next chap is very important 😉 ) HEHE.. No, currently I haven't been reading any more stories.. just posting and reading your comments 🙂 Byeee LY

  2. Awesome…..
    Your writing is good and it is improving day by day……
    I really like this story…..
    Try to update everyday and also make it long……
    I know it’s too much to ask…….
    Update ?

    1. Thank you so much Haya 🙂 I’m so glad to know that you feel my writing is improving as that is my main motive to write 🙂 I will try to make my next update longer 🙂 Byeeee LY

  3. Hi dear ! Thanks for the update. It was amazing ,just amazing !! Audrey’s nightmare was so so so scary ya . AudreTh moments were cute ,as usual !! So Audrey is also a Fiero !! Great !!!
    Waiting for next update.
    Keep writing and keep smiling.
    Take care 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you Advaita 🙂 I’m do glad to know you have enjoyed the chapter 🙂 I will try to update as fast as possible 🙂 Byeee TC

  4. Loved the chapter…and AudreTh moments too. ☺
    And your writing skills are excellent dear…
    Am so excited to know that Audrey’s gonna be a Fiero.
    Waiting eagerly for the next update.
    Update ASAP.

    1. Thank you soooo much Clara 🙂 I will try to update as quickly as possible.. maybe today 🙂 Byeee LY

  5. Update soon ? yaar

    1. CHP 19 Of The Invincible Is Now UP! Sorry For The Delay 🙂

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