The Invincible (CHP 17)


The Invincible (CHP 17)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey experiences a hallucination where she shatters open the door of death! She is told that she was in a sleep paralysis due to her body fighting against the bite! She is also conveyed that she is the first person to break open this door, but is left with an rare question arising of what supernatural being she is! Theo tells her that the other two fiero’s will be visiting and if they find her harmful, Theo will have to assassinate her!

CHP 17

“Hey! You don’t have to worry. It will be alright.” I say to Theo who is still quivering.
He nods but not with certainty. And uncertainty is nerve-wracking.
“We should go and get something to welcome the fieros!” Natalie says.
Everyone nods in unison and leave the room with stillness. Theo stands in front of me and rocks himself. The room is dead silent except for our heartbeats.
“I wanna say something…” Theo says quietly.
“Go ahead..” I say, my heart pounding against my chest.
“I don’t want you to get hurt.” He says, softly
“I won’t be hurt. I believe it!” I say, reassuring him.
“I won’t be able to protect you if they make the wrong decision.” Theo says.
“You don’t have to think that way! I know nothing will happen to me.. I’m sure they will take the right decisions.” I say moving towards him.
“How are you so sure?” He says with frustration.
“Because if they are even a little bit like you, then they won’t take biased decisions.” I say.
“Like me?” Theo says looking confused.
“Honest, brave and unbiased.” I say as I stand right in front of him.
He sighs and closes his eyes. I hold his hand and squeeze it to reassure him although I myself am not sure of anything that is about to happen.
“If something happens… Take care of Vanessa and tell her that I loved her.” I say quietly.
“I won’t let anyone do anything to you.” Theo says firmly but his voice shakes, he touches his forehead to mine and stands there, breathing the same air as me. It doesn’t feel awkward or out of place. It feels like home, as if I’m safe. Then he opens his eyes and looks at our joined hands for a few seconds.
“What are you looking at?” I ask him.
“Our hands.” He says.
“What about them?” I ask.
“How they are so different yet so alike.” He says quietly.
“Why is your heart beating so fast?” Theo asks me.
“Because I’ve never stood with a boy in this manner.” I say stammering.
He smiles and closes his eyes.
“I’ve never stood with a girl in this manner also.” He says after a few seconds.
“That just gives us something more in common.” I say smiling.
“You make me happy, Audrey.” Theo says, smiling.
I don’t know what to reply so I stay silent. Then he touches his lips to my forehead, between my eyebrows. I close my eyes. I don’t understand this. Our relationship. Whatever it is. But I don’t want to ruin it so I stay there, silently. He doesn’t move either. He stays there with his lips pressed on my forehead and I stay there with my hands around his waist for a long, long time…
When we come out of the room after what seemed like a whole 30 minutes, we act like nothing happened and help the others, in preparation to welcome the fieros.
“Is Mr.Crepsly going to come too?” Natalie asks Theo
“I don’t know!” Theo whispers to her.
I turn around to look where they are standing and see that they are whispering on top of the staircase whereas I stand near the front gate. How am I able to hear them whispering from this afar? It’s a trait of supernatural powers!
Once we all arrange everything is place, we wait for an hour.
“They’re coming. I can hear them.” Theo says, standing up from his couch as the others closely follow him. The door opens and in come two men. One is towering and muscular, not very old as the other. He is scowling and looks frightening. He seems to be 45-50 years old. The other one is short and old. But he still looks strong enough. His eyes are wrinkled and he has huge spectacles hanging over his nose. He looks like he is 80-85 years old.
“The old one is Romulus. He is known to be the wisest and most intelligent fiero in the werewolf world! The younger one is Flynn. He is the strongest werewolf with the most developed abilities in the werewolf world.” Aiden says, dodging me.
“I see you have introduced the girl to us Aiden!” Romulus says smiling.
“Aiden! The one who breaks all the rules, every time!” Flynn says, scowling.
Aiden presses his lips into a straight line and steps back. Theo pushes through the rest of us and stands in line with the other fiero’s.
“Aaah! Theo! We’ve missed you. You should come back and rule with us! What a foolish decision you have taken to stay in this absurd pack!” Flynn says, laughing sarcastically.
Theo’s face glows red but he says “I may not have a powerful pack as you Flynn but at least we don’t kill each other and are happy.”
Flynn’s face glows red with embarrassment.
“Theo and Flynn. Both of you have started with your idiotic fights again! Maybe you should just relax!” Romulus says smiling.
“We should get down with work.. I don’t have time to spare.” Flynn says, taking striding steps towards me. He jerks my hand forward and cuts a part of my skin with his claw.
“Be careful!” Theo says, glaring at Flynn.
Flynn ignores Theo completely and squints his eyes to look at the blood pouring out from my wrist.
“Her blood is bad. She is evil! She should be killed!” Flynn says immediately.
“Now, now Flynn! Don’t take decisions is a hurry.” Romulus says.
“She hasn’t ever hurt anybody and she never will. I know it!” Theo says striding towards me and pushing Flynn’s claw off my hand.
“There boys, calm down. Theo, you don’t have to be over protective! And Flynn, don’t be in a rush!” Romulus says taking a step towards me.
“Relax girl. What is your name?” He asks me when he is standing adjacent to Theo.
“Audrey.” I mutter.
“What a lovely name! What does it mean?” He asks.
“It means Noble Strength.” I say.
“Aaah! Your personality definitely matches your name. I’ve heard of the wondrous deed you have done. Shattered the wall of death! Which is merely impossible!” He says smiling.
“I just used my will power.” I say.
“Yes! You did! Now just stand still and let me look into your eyes.” He says.
I try to keep myself still as I breathe in nervously. Romulus stares piercingly and I feel as if he is looking through my soul.
“What are you?” He mutters to himself as he steps back.
“What is she?” Theo asks.
“I don’t quite know. I’ve never seen the amount of strength she has in anyone’s eyes! But the strength isn’t evil. It’s good and harmless.” He says.
Flynn sighs. Behind him I see a shadow of a vulture.
“Watch out!!” I wail out.
When everyone turns back in shock they are astounded to see a vulture standing at our door.
“Mr Crepsly! The uninvited guest who arrives every where!” Sophia whispers to Dylan.
The vulture turns into a human. His human form is gruesome. Half of his face is deformed and the other half is scarred! He is very short and is a hunchback so his back looks like a lump of rock! He laughs- an evil one that sends shudders.
“Hello! Won’t you welcome me?” He says grinning.
“You weren’t summoned!” Romulus says striding towards him.
“But of course I had to come! This girl has surprised us all and I intent to see her glory!” He says, looking at me wickedly.
He strides towards me and lifts his head in order to look at me.
“Do you know what she is?” Flynn asks.
“She is extraordinary and here to make history! One of the most powerful creatures in the world! There is no one like her!” He says smiling.
“But do you know what she is?” Theo asks irritably.
“Of course I know, prying child! I know everything!” He says, vainly.
“So… What is she?” Romulus asks.
“Time will tell you that!” He says and he smirks and then almost instantly disappears with a flash of smoke.
“Trust Mr.Crepsly to tell cliff hangers!” Aiden says, furiously behind me.
“We have to leave too. There’s a war we need to assist!” Flynn says.
“We trust you to take care of her capabilities Theo… If anything goes wrong you call us! She is now your responsibility!” Romulus says.
“Yes.. I will do my best..” Theo says.
And within another millisecond.. Romulus and Flynn disappear too..
“What on earth just happened?” I ask in bewilderment.
“They didn’t kill you!” Theo says gleefully.
“Yes! But they didn’t know who I was!” I say agitated.
“But we do know that you are powerful and one of the first kind of something..” Natalie murmurs.
“So.. I just wait here for some magic to happen?” I ask sarcastically.
“We wait for the full moon..” Zack says.
“The full moon? Why?” I ask
“Because, on a full moon most supernatural’s are in their full power..” Aiden says.
That makes sense so I nod.
“Who was that creepy guy.. Mr.Crepsly.. something..” I say.
“Mr Crepsly is a wizard. Over 500 years ago, he gave a wolf, the power of transforming into a human.. thus creating the first werewolf… He then travelled around the world, keeping the supernatural world and the human world in balance. Legend says that he can see into the future! But no one likes him for his rude behavior and cliff hanging answers. Most of the time he knows how to stop disasters but he prefers not to interfere.” Natalie says.
I raise my eyebrows and sigh… I definitely don’t like him either!
“Isn’t Harvey a fiero too? Why didn’t he come?” I ask
“Because he is a Demon Wolf.. He is never invited to these kind of conferences.. Besides he anyways thinks you are dead!” Theo says with exasperation…

Precap – Audrey wakes up in the middle of the night and notices claws growing out of her fingers and toes. She screams and when everyone comes to have a look, Theo sees that her eyes are glowing a bright Yellow!

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  1. Thanks a ton for a shprt wuick uodate! I am so happy. U answered my questions from the last chappy’s comment here. Thanks again for that. But tell me, Audrey transformed into a new creature just because of a werewolf bite? Or she had those features from before inside her unconscious mind? Interested beyond limits to see Audrey’s transformation. But why is she transforming? I seriously fell in love after a long time with a larger than life fantasy. THanks beyond limits for that. Update asap. but I dint much hate Mr Crepsley. After all he is a knowledgable person who created tge first werewolf. Btw its said that Vampire Werewolf are at loggerheads. Does your story incude such stuff? So many blabbering nd boggling questions ti a lil sissy. Sorry for that. But I couldnt help. And moreover you have a perfect homework behind it. Sorry and yhanks for bearing my long boring comments.

    1. Thanks soooooo much Bisha! Your constant support and encouragement really helps me a lot :). I’m pleased to know that all your queries have been answered 🙂 Yes, Audrey is transforming into something because of the bite and also because of her potential which I can’t really reveal now or it will spoil the surprise 😉 She is transforming because the bite is still running in her blood… I fell in love with this type of mythical genre about two years ago and I’m glad to know you are loving it too <3… You will hate Mr.Crepsly later as he knows when disasters are going to strike but won't stop them which will lead to the death of many innocent people :(… Uggh..Everytime I think of any idea you open it up in the comments 😉 I was actually planning to introduce Vampires as well.. Haha, seems like our brains are wired together 🙂 Your comments aren't boring and long, but are really helpful and your questions make me think as well 😉 Thank you soo much once more 🙂 Byeeee

      1. Wow! I am so happy and have a huge grin on my face for fir tgat. I am so glad to see tgat my guess is working! 😉 kkep writing.

  2. Awesome update….everything seems to be so nicely connected along with being mysterious at the same time. You are really writing a masterpiece here. Every update brings in a new surprise ….fabulous work .?

    1. Thank You So Much Buzz! 🙂 Your words uplift my spirits up to write better each time 🙂

  3. As always.. Your update was awesome! ?
    I really like Theo and Audrey’s pair…and one of the mystery’s gonna unfold in next chapter…yay…eager to see what Audrey transforms into.
    Update ASAP..
    P.S. thank you for the quick update ☺

    1. Thank you sooo much Clara <3, I love Audreth too, I feel they connect so well despite being so different 🙂 And I'm glad to know you like them too. It seems everyone is eager to know what Audrey is going to transform into… I will try to update as soon as possible 🙂 Thank you soo much once more.. Byee 😉

  4. Nice and awesome update soon

    1. Thank you so much Haya <3 You always have been commenting since the first chapter and I express sincere gratitude 🙂 I will try to update as soon as possible 🙂 Byee

  5. Thanks for the update dear. AudreTh ( thanks to Clara , for suggesting this name ) scenes were beautiful !! I’m glad that the other fieros didn’t take any decision against Audrey,thanks to Romulus’ wise and patient behavior unlike that Flynn guy . Oh ,and Mr Crepsly ,he is really too mean to not reveal about Audrey’s transformed form !! Waiting for next update dear.
    Tc and keep smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I’m glad that you liked the name ‘AudreTh’ 🙂

      1. Yeah I really liked it !! U know what ,I myself was thinking to give them a name and I thought about “Audeo ” & “Theorey” , but I didn’t approve these myself . But u did a fabulous job dear !! Tc 🙂 🙂

      2. I love the name ‘Audreth’ too! It’s perfect 🙂 Thank you so much Clara 🙂 And Advaita, your tries were pretty good too.. I especially love how Theorey sounds though it reminds of school (as in theory 😉 )

    2. Thank you so much Advaita <3 (I love the name Audreth too! Shoutout to Clara 🙂 ) I'm glad to know you like Audreth as much as the other do 🙂 They couldn't have taken a decision against Audrey as she is the main character and yes thanks to Romulus 🙂 I will try to update as soon as possible 🙂 Byeee TC

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