The Invincible (CHP 16)


The Invincible (CHP 16)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey encounters her mother – Natalie and is stunned to see how she hasn’t changed at all. Natalie assists Theo’s pack by triggering Sophia’s healing processes. Natalie explains to Audrey about the ‘Demon Wolf’. Audrey’s fury is prompted and she leaps up in outrage telling Natalie about all the difficulties she had to face as a child. She runs away from there in a sobbing mess. Harvey faces Audrey, as she stands alone with no one to rescue her. Harvey bites Audrey but she doesn’t shape-shift. One of Harvey’s members points out that the bite didn’t work on her and they all leave Audrey on the street for death!

CHP 16

I see a bright light; its rays overwhelm my profound eyes as they adjust to the beams.
“Audrey!” Someone calls out but there’s no one here.
I’m in a desolate room. No furniture, no organisms; nothing. I see that I’m soaking wet as if I was just pulled out of a shower. I have no memories of what happened after I fainted due to the bite Harvey gave me. Where am I? Who got me here? I look down and see a black cross-marked above where I’m standing.
I walk ahead in hope of finding something. In hope to find someone. I feel like I’ve walking for hours but when I look down, I’m still standing on the black cross. It’s like I haven’t moved at all even though I had been walking. It’s as if I have been shackled by invisible cuffs.
“Hello?” I call out but my voice just echo’s out.

I groan and look around. How long am I going to be here for? I look at my arm where Harvey had bitten me; it’s healed! I remember it aching an immense amount and bleeding overpoweringly. How has it healed so quickly? Only super naturals have this power of quick healing. Unless, I have turned into a super natural being myself! No! It can’t be! I’m supposed to be dead! I had seen the white light people see when they die. I saw my entire life in fast motion. My legs start shuddering. I’m feeling cold. Then to my extreme horror, I see my veins turning black! My fingers start to swell and my entire body rumbles as if an earthquake just stuck me. I look at my watch, at the small corner, where the date is written. It’s 4th April! I fall back on the ground and my eyes shut in utter weakness, confusion, desolation, fear and unwillingness.

I wake up again in the same place; my body is still feeble and exhausted. I don’t even know how long I’ve been here for! Is this heaven or something? I look at my watch.. It’s 11th April! I’ve been asleep for an entire week! But I still feel fatigued.. I make up my mind. I have to get out of here. I need to be free. I step up and try to push my legs out of the black cross, but I fall back with a thud. I now get why I wasn’t able to move! An invisible wall kept me from getting out and surrounded me! Every time I touched it I felt a rush of agonizing electric currents rushing up my blood. But I had to get through it. I touched my hands to it and saw a powerful blue glow of the wall. It was doing it’s best to keep me in. I pushed my hands against it but they stung and hurt like I was digging my hands into hot coal. I pushed so hard that I could feel all my energy drain out of me. I screamt, my own voice sending piercing shrills into my ears and I was half way through getting through the wall. At this point, my hands were burning. I could actually see a part of my skin melting! It disgusted me but I had to keep pushing. I pushed and pushed and it hurt me a great deal. But my will power was enough to defeat the magic. The wall collapsed down and shattered, and I was left in front of a door. I pushed open the door and fell out into its never ending space.

I woke up shrieking and jerking and groaning with the pain I was going through.
“It’s okay, child! You got through it.” A calm voice whispered into my ear. I was back in my real world. I looked up to recognize Theo’s den! I was safe and alive!
I saw it was Natalie who clung on to me and was whispering gentle words in my ear. I forgot about all my conflicts with her and clung on tightly, contented to have her back into her old self. Relishing her hug after so many years. She still smelt like coffee and paint and it made me serene and relaxed.
Pulling away from her, I looked around. There was no one there except for Theo, who was sleeping soundly on a couch. His hand wound over his face.
“He’s been here ever since we found you. He just refused to leave.” Natalie says, reading my face.
“What was that place I was hallucinating about? How long have I been there? What am I? How am I alive? Was it real?..” I start to overwhelm her with questions but she just smiles and says “Go and get changed. All of your questions will be answered once you are fully awaken and fresh. We will also have to wait for the rest of the pack.
I followed her my way upstairs, where Natalie handed me a towel and some fresh clothes to wear. I switched on the shower and hummed along to the rhythm of the water. It feels like I’m coming back home after years although I’m sure it has only been a few days since my second kidnapping! When I’m ready I go back downstairs to see everyone including a new girl who I assume must be Veronica the banshee sitting there and smiling with bliss.

“Oh! Thank goodness you are okay!” Melissa says running over to me with the other’s following closing.
I give her a grateful smile and talk to the others who respectfully greet me with delighted eyes, as if reviving me back to life was their most accomplished achievements. I peer over to look for Natalie and Theo but they both seem to have disappeared. I have so many questions and I know that both of them are the only ones who will be able to answer them. I wait for a few minutes, overhearing the other conversations in the room. Then they walk over the door with an anxious expression on their face, as if they don’t know what to do. But when Theo spots me, he grins ever so widely, I don’t think I’ve seen him ever so ecstatic before. He runs over and pulls me into a hug. At first it feels awkward and out of place but then the awkward feeling runs over and is replaced by an adrenaline rushing down my body making my heart thud so fast that it makes me reel. I wound my arms around his back jubilantly and breathe in the comfort he brings me. I notice how I fit perfectly between his shoulder blade and arm. It’s as if we both are pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and only fit into each other and nothing else.. A perfect match, a perfect pair.

When he pulls away I see the glistening joy in his eyes. The others chuckle softly including Natalie as I tuck in a piece of my hair behind my ear in embarrassment and Theo rocks on his heels.
“What?” He asks everyone, with his serious voice.
Everyone stops giggling but the mischievous smile is still there on their faces.
“You must be having a lot of questions. And I will try to answer them as truthfully as I can.” Theo says, making me sit on the couch he was previously sleeping on. Zack, Theo and Natalie stand crossing their arms in an awfully similar way, leaning across the table. The three leaders, all here to answer my queries.
The others find a spot to sit and silently look over to their leaders. Dylan and Aiden sit on either side of me, giving me endless smiles and continuously rubbing my hands, which are still freezing.
“How long was I in the hallucination?” I ask them when everyone is silent.
Zack sighs and answers “Three weeks!”
I feel a pang in my stomach, three weeks? For three weeks I was asleep? Aiden rubs my back to comfort me and I pass him a grateful smile. I see the burrowed look on Theo’s face. No wonder they were so glad when I revived, they must have thought that I wouldn’t have survived!
“What were the hallucinations?” I ask.

“You were in a sleep paralysis.. When a human being is bitten by a werewolf, its body either accepts it which means it turns into a werewolf or rejects it which means it dies because a werewolves bite is too strong for human bodies to fight against. In your case however, your body rejected the bite but didn’t kill you immediately. When we found you, I had to listen to your heartbeat infinite times to make sure you were alive, it was that soft, nearly close to death. You were laying between the line of life and death which is known as Bardo!” Natalie says softly.
“But why was I having those hallucinations? And why did it take me so long to get out of it?” I ask her, puzzled.
“The first week, you just slept through. It was because your body was still fighting against the bite, which also the reason you felt weak. The second week, you got up and tried to walk but were so drained that you barely noticed that a wall was surrounding you and that you were actually in the same position. Then you fell asleep again because you were still tired. The third week you got up and actually realized that you were hallucinating and pushed against the wall.” Theo says.
“What was that place but? And how long did it take me?” I ask again.
“About 5-6 hours to push against that wall. That place was a door, which opened in your mind due to the bite. That wall was a death wall. The longer you would stay in it, the longer it would feed of you, eating up all of your strength. If you would have stayed there for another week, you would’ve died!” Natalie says.
“I pushed against the wall of death? I defeated death and came back?” I ask her, feeling a triumph in my chest.
“Exactly!” Theo says.

“But the question arises.. How did you do it?” Zack says, scratching his arm.
“What do you mean by how did you do it?” I ask him.
“Because Audrey, you are the first person who has ever crossed that wall!” Theo says, alarmingly.
“Even Theo’s dad, the former fiero, couldn’t get back from the wall of death!” Dylan says.
“This makes you different Audrey!” Melissa says, standing up.
“Another question that arises is, even if the bite was rejected, it was running in your bloodstream and still is. This means you are some type of supernatural.. But what, because you have shown traits of nothing we’ve ever known!” Natalie says shrugging.
“That’s why all other fiero’s are coming to see you from all across the globe!” Zack says exclaiming.
“If you are a new mythical creature and helpful then they will allow to stay and be part of our pack, but if you are harmful, they will assassinate you!” Theo says, quivering.
I realize why he is shaking. There are only two more fiero’s in the world except from him and if they decide I’m harmful, he will have to be the one to assassinate me with his own hands!

Precap – The fiero’s arrive. The first fiero doesn’t like Audrey and says she must be assassinated. Theo however supports her by saying she has done no harm to anyone. Everyone look on to the final and wisest fiero who has to make the final decision by choosing one side!

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  1. I just loved this chapter. A new mystery unfolds with every chapter… And at the end we again are left in suspense guessing about the next part…That’s what I love the most about your writing.
    Today’s chapter was awesome. And “AudreTh” ? hugged…!!!!
    Waiting eagerly for the next update… Update ASAP…please!

    1. Thank You So Much Clara 🙂 I’m so glad you have enjoyed this episode.. I try to make it as intriguing as possible and I’m pleased to know that you are intrigued by it 🙂 Yes, I tried to make an “Audreth” moment, cause they aspire me so much 🙂 (BTW I love that name <3)
      I will try to update as quickly as I can… Byee TC

  2. Wow! I really am in short of adjectives to compliment this chapter and you. Being on the other side of the screen you never realise what ecstasy im having in my heart. U are so damn awesome. I was going to ask you if there was any role of the other fieros in this story when you yourself answered it. Cool. Telepathy, eh?! Lol. Joking. I really loved Audrey-Theo chemistry. I mean they are a sweet intermission between the tight mystery. And suspense again increased. Btw is Harvey too gonna come? And you said there are only 3 fieros in the explanation episode. Am I right? So I dont think the accounts match if I am right. And wont Harvey be punished for he tried wrongly to include Audrey in this dark world? WEll.. keep writing dear. And let me enjoy. I seriously look forward to your updates as you are one of my fav authors here.

    1. Thank you so much Bisha 🙂 I always feel so happy when I read your comments.. Everyone of you give me so much love and support that it just drives me to do better each time and I hope I am fulfilling your expectations. I’m so glad you have been enjoying my fictional story. BTW I really like the word ‘ecstasy” and I think I’m gonna try and use it in my chapters ;).. Hehe, maybe we do have telepathy, considering I’m answering questions before you ask them ;).. I’m glad to know that you are enjoying Audreth moments in between the muddled mess 🙂 About all your question for the fieros, they will be answered in the next episode where the fieros are explained in more detail 🙂 I hope I keep intriguing you by my fiction and keep reading 🙂 Thank you soo much once more 🙂 Byeee

  3. This is so interesting !! I’m so curious to know what would the other fieros decide regarding Audrey . Plzz post next part soon.
    Bye bye 🙂 🙂
    Take care and keep smiling. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank You So Much Advaita <3 You can read the next chp (17) which I have already posted and hopefully it will answer your question about the fieros.. I will try to update as soon as possible.. Thank you so much once more 🙂 Byeee TC

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