The Invincible (CHP 15)


The Invincible (CHP 15)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey gets a panic attack when receiving news about her mother. Theo calms her down using previous experience from his sister’s attacks. Audrey talks to Aiden (the CAPO), who comforts her kindly. Theo tells Audrey about the different types of werewolves including other supernaturals in his pack. Phoenix, Beta, Damot, Capo, Alpha, Fiero, Hunters, Banshee and Druids are just to name a few.

CHP 15

“So now you understand our world better, don’t you?” Theo asks, crouching over.
“Yeah, I do.” I say quietly.
Jane walks in, striding with every step, her posture poised and vigilant.
“She’s here.” She says, stopping in her tracks and looking at me.
I take in a deep breath and sigh. I cant keep escaping reality and now is the time to face the truth. Aiden puts his hand on my shoulder for consolation and Theo gives me a reassuring look.
Then she walks in, tall and graceful. Her shoulder length auburn hair bobbing up and down with refinement. Her face is still the same except the small crinkles around her eyes, defying her increasing age. Her smile still remains the same, soft and hesitant as if it’s a crime to smile.
“Hello, Audrey.” She says softly, her voice calm and composed.
“Hello, Natalie.” I mumble, I can’t bring myself to call her mom.
“You look gorgeous.” She says, sweetly.

“You look exactly the same.” I murmur bitterly, not bothering to thank her for the compliment.
She sets down her bag on a table and pulls out some bottles and sachets.
“What happened exactly?” She asks Zack, who is the Alpha.
“She was a prey to Harvey.” Zack tells her.
“Oh dear, attacked by the demon wolf?” She says with a worried look on her face.
“Yes, and her body isn’t healing also. It should be healing by now but it’s not happening.” Zack tells her.

She saunters across the room and stands above Sophia. She picks up her hand and gives it a powerful jolt. I legit hear Sophia’s bone cracking.
“What the hell is she doing? Won’t that hurt her more?” I say, leaning over to Aiden.
“She’s just triggering the healing process.” He says quietly.
“How is hurting Sophia more gonna trigger the healing process?” I ask, improbably.
“As werewolves, we have some trigger points in our body, like a certain point in the hand or neck. These points have cells that quicken our healing abilities, so deep wounds heal almost in 6-7 hours. Human’s don’t have this ability.” Melissa explains.
I nod quietly. Of course werewolves have this power also. They can do everything and anything. Screw them for their power.

“I know what you are thinking. Don’t take out your hatred for your mother on my clan. We just saved your life!” Aiden says, nudging me.
I grin and nudge him back. Natalie sprinkles a powder on Sophia’s wounds and then carefully inserts an injection with a specific orange substance.
“Since it was a demon wolf, who hurt her.. It will take longer to heal. She will return to consciousness after an hour or so.” Natalie says.
“Thanks.” Theo says walking over and gratefully shaking her hand.
“I’m a part of your pack Theo. You don’t have to thank me, I was just doing my duty and playing my role.” She says.
“What’s a demon wolf?” I ask.
“A demon wolf, is a fiero who has turned bad. Like Harvey. He was a fiero until a year ago but then he chose the wrong path and turned evil. So when a fiero turns wicked, we call him a demon wolf.” Natalie says.
“I didn’t ask you to answer my question.” I say coldly.
She sighs before rocking herself back and forth.
“I’m sorry I left you and Vanessa, Audrey.” She says softly.

“Sorry? That’s all you can say?” I ask her bitterly.
“What do you want me to do? I had no choice. Your father left me with no choice.” She says.
“Oh! He left you with no choice? So, why did you leave away without us, why didn’t you take us with you? Why did you pretend to be dead?” I ask her.
She doesn’t respond but her eyes grow misty with tears she is holding back.
“I’ll tell you why you ran away. Because you were selfish and a coward.” I say with extreme fury.
“Do you know how it feels like to go to your mother’s funeral at the age of 11? Do you know how it feels like when there is no one to comfort you? I was 11 years old.. Vanessa was only 5! You left because your husband aka my father used to torture you, abuse you, hit you. But did you ever think of me? When you left, I was his new prey. He used to hit me with his belt, his shoe, lock me in cupboards and I used to scream and wail and cry until I had no tears to shed and my eyes were dry. He used to go out to drink and not return for days! There was hardly any money at home… Vanessa was small so she mostly ate the little of what we had to eat…

Do you know how it feels like to go starving for days? Do you know how it feels like to explain a tiny soul, where her dear mother has gone? Do you know how it feels like to be without anyone to lean on? I was 11 and didn’t go to school for a year because I grew so spindly that I could barely lift myself. I had marks of belts on my back, wrist… I still have some of them. They scarred me… I was hospitalized once because I had a terrible panic attack and fell down from the stairs… Then? Then at the age of 13, dad died too, due to an accident. We were sent to a children’s home… Only then I actually went to school and ate and had a life. My foster parents loved Vanessa and me more than you and dad ever did… They treated us like princesses, and they still do..” I say, spilling out into a crying mess.
Everyone looks on. Their heads lowered down. I see a glassy layer of water in Theo’s eyes before he blinks it away. Natalie stands in a corner with her head lowered in shame. Her hands are quivering and I see she is crying but I feel no sympathy.

“It’s good that your head is lowered. You should be ashamed of yourself.” I say quickly before I grab my bag and run out. Nobody dares to follow me so I walk away all on my own. I find a bench on the sidewalk and rest my hands on my knees. I don’t cry. I don’t need to. The difficult times had gotten over. I have a family. My foster mother and father. My dear sister. I don’t need Natalie. She isn’t my mother, she just gave birth to me. That’s all.. My real mother is back home in Birmingham. She gave me love and affection. I look at the road ahead of me and sigh. I won’t be squashed under Natalie’s influenced. I won’t fall in her traps. I won’t have sympathy for her make-believe tears.
“Aww! Look at you! Miserable and desolate.” A voice behind me booms.
“Don’t come close to me. I promise, I will shoot you.” I say turning back to face Harvey as I pull out my cross-bow and arrows.

“You think I’m scared?” He says laughing.
His pack comes out from behind him. There is no way I’ll be able to defeat them all. There are at least 13 of them, and I’m alone. I don’t even have any more smoke or light bombs.
“You caused us a lot of trouble by lighting those wretched light bombs, Audrey.” Harvey says, smiling.
“I did it to protect yourself.” I say, grimly.
“Yes, you protected yourself from me, but can you protect yourself against your mother?” He says.
“She won’t hurt me.” I say.
“Are you sure? What makes you think that she will not hurt you in return of more power.” He says.
I don’t reply because he is right. I don’t trust her and I never will.
“If you join me, you can take all the revenge you want.” He says, extending his hand.
I slam it away and say “I will never join a monster like you. You aren’t good, you are a demon wolf!” I say outraged.
“Aaah! So Theo explained to you about our world, didn’t he?” He says, smiling.
“Yes, he did. And he is the Fiero. He won’t let me get hurt.” I say quickly.
“But he isn’t here now… He won’t protect you.” Harvey says as he lets out his claws and puts them on the hardboard to threaten me.

“But Veronica is there. She is a Banshee. She will know I’m in danger.” I say confidently.
“Didn’t Theo tell you that Veronica left immediately after warning Theo about your previous kidnapping. She isn’t in town anymore. Banshee’s can only sense things when they are in the surroundings.” He says, smiling wickedly.
I remember that Theo had told me about Veronica leaving. My self-confidence lets go of me and I feel vulnerable.
“I gave you a choice Audrey, but you refused. So now, we’re going to do it my way.” Harvey says as he grins.
“I don’t need your approval. Just one small bite and you will be part of my pack, a werewolf!” Harvey says with a maddening look in his eyes.
I try to run away but two of the werewolves clutch my hands and refuse to loosen their grips. There sharp claws dig into my wrists. Harvey moves towards me as I struggle. He prances out his fangs and smiles.

“There now Audrey, if you don’t move, it won’t hurt.” He says.
I struggle more, thrashing into the two boys holding me. But they don’t even more an inch. They stay as rigid as a rock. Harvey comes so close to me that I can see my own reflection in his eyes. Then I feel his fangs digging into my supple skin. It feels as if a hammer is being banged to my bone. When he pulls out, I see blood dripping out of my sore arm and the area around it turns black. They leave me withering on the ground as I wail and cry out of extreme pain.
“Why isn’t the blood turning black?” One of them asks.
“I don’t know. She should have started transforming by now at ease.” Harvey mumbles with uncertainty.
“She isn’t transforming!” One of them shouts out.
“If the bite doesn’t change you it kills you.” One of them mumbles.
All of them start moving back in apprehension. They don’t know what’s happening to me. I don’t know too. But I don’t want to die. Not in this way!
“Let’s run away before Theo’s pack reaches her. She is anyways dying. She’s useless!” Harvey calls out before making a run.

Within seconds they have disappeared out of my sight. I’m already weak due to the previous injuries but what this bite does to my body is unimaginable. I quiver and shake and cry in pain but no one reaches for help. I try to reach my phone but it’s already to late, my eyes are blacking out and my legs don’t support me.
I drop down and take a breath before everything fades away. I only have flashes of bright light. Of the memories with Vanessa, mom and dad, my friends, Theo…. Black.

No Precap

– Stay in suspense 😉

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    1. Thank You Haya 🙂 Unfortunately this week has been extremely busy for me and I won’t be able to update this day after tomorrow 🙁 Sorry..

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    1. Thank You Advaita 🙂 Hehe, I know, it seems everyone is dying with suspense 😉 I will try to update as soon as possible but I can’t assure anything as this week as been increasingly hectic . 🙂

  3. Miss MysteryGirl, you have so much mystery in your pen that you keep pushing it in my body. 😉 Good! I din much like mythological characters like vampires werewolves etc. I do love horror but not these. But your story has a certain simplicity which took my attention and I finally loved it to the core. I can tell you many questions are jumping up and down inside my mind. But I keep them under control as I want to get the answers through the story. This chapter too left suspense. Its like you break the suspense and then again you make it up. Lol. Cool. Waiting eagerly for the next part. Keep writing..

    1. Thank you soooo much Bisha 🙂 Hehe, I keep writing mysteries because I love them, which is why I’m a mystery too ;). Its such a pleasure to know that you have started to enjoy mythical creatures due to my story, I’m gratified 🙂 You can definitely ask questions if you want, you don’t have to contain yourself. I myself get extremely hyper when I read suspense stories too, always eager to know more 😉 I will try to update as soon as possible but that won’t really be possible this week 🙁 Sorry..

  4. It’s really interesting and brilliant. sorry I was really busy so I couldn’t read all your episodes properly and I went back and read them. It’s very impressive and I hope you’re still reading my ff.
    Good luck for your next episode~Nusz

    1. Thank You Nuzs! 🙂 It’s totally fine that you couldn’t keep up. It happens to all of us 😉 Thank you for continuous support and love. xoxo

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  6. Omgeeee that’s so much suspense ….. I think may be Audrey will transform into a special werewolf or may be theo will help her….well its just a guess. Keep up the good work mystery girl .Tc.

    1. Thank You sooo much Buzz! 🙂 Whatever you think might be true 😉 You never know… SPOILER ALERT <——- Anyways, thanks so much.. Byeeee

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    1. Haha, Thank you so much Clara. Yes, I am actually a tad bit evil for not giving the precap 😉 I just wanted you guys to be in suspense.. For the whole week, cause I’m not going to be able to update, But, if there’s a will, there’s a way, so I will try my level best. 🙂 Byeee

  8. its really a great mysterious story !! full of suspense and creativity ,i loved each and every part of your story . Its really a mindblowing ff page I have ever read . I want to suggest you something that “you should write this story as a novel n publish it , am dam sure that it’s going to be really a hit one ” Plz try it !!

    1. Thank You Soo Much Priya <3.. I'm so glad to know you have been reading my story 🙂 I'm gratified for the beautiful words you have written about my story 🙂 Haha, Yes, obviously I love the idea of getting it published but my story isn't very polished. It doesn't seem professional, intriguing and very witty. I believe it's just a very simple story which uses the basic backbone of mythological creatures and is supported by the mystery elements. Getting something publish requires a lot of training, polishing and perfection, which is something I am still lagging at. Also to mention the fact that I'm pretty small yet (just 14 years old). Therefore my age reflects in my work, it childish and not varnished. Though I'm grateful to know that you believe it its wroth publishing 🙂 Thanks a lot.. Byeee

  9. My Dear Sweety age dosen’t matter if u have talent within yourself . Yeh, I know its something very challenging to write a novel but if u have beauty with brain then u will be able to surely write it ,and i known you are gifted with it. The story that u are writing needs a lot of polishing n perfection to make it apt. for a novel but the storyline that u r creating is awesome n outstanding . Some parts or ideas u might be taking from other stories but whatever it might be the storyline ur creating is marvellous,till now u are able to capture the readers with ur mysterious thoughts n i hope u will continue to do ..Two thing more 1)plz don’t end this story abruptly make it a really suspensive and mysterious 2)this ff page contains mostly love story readers. So don’t fill small that u r not getting too many comments, u r really a talented one just keep it up n think over it. bye tc!! ?

    1. Thank You So Much Priya <3 Your comment literally made my day and it made me reel with joy! I know age doesn't matter when you have the talent and passion. I'm so pleased to know that you feel that I am capable of summing everything up into a clean novel 🙂 Yes, I do burrow inspiration from other stories, Eg: The messanger part was inspired by PLL and the current werewolf track is inspired by a book I've read. I do try to capture attention by creating an eerie atmosphere and am thrilled to know that it works its effect. I'm trying my level best to make my writing even more polished and smooth so that you guys enjoy it more 😉 Hehe, I totally understand the feeling when people leave the ends of a story hanging and disappointing and I promise I won't do that, though the ending is still a long way to go.. Secondly, I really don't bother about the 'number' of comments I'm getting. Even one comment is more than enough to satisfy me, and luckily I'm fortunate enough to have so many lovely and supporting readers who really help me step up my game 🙂 I write for inner creativity satisfaction and I will never stop writing until I run out of my own creativity, which probably will be never 🙂 Thanks again soooo much.. Byeee TC

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    1. I just updated the new chapter (16). Go check it out 🙂 bYEE

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