The Invincible (CHP 14)


The Invincible (CHP 14)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Melissa and Dylan take Audrey to their underground den – which is partially where some of the werewolves stay. They tend to Audrey’s wounds and explain her the motto of their pack ‘we protect those who cannot protect themselves!’ They tell her not all werewolves are bad and that their pack is known as ‘Vindex’ – which means Protectors in Latin. Melissa blurts out that Theo likes Audrey. Theo’s pack doesn’t return for a long time causing distress to Dylan. When they come, Theo is carrying Sophia (a member of the pack) who was severely injured. Theo reveals Audrey’s mother is the druid!

CHP 14

“Listen, Audrey! Don’t worry, Ok?.. I “ Theo starts to say as he advances towards me.
“No! Stay out of it! For so many years, I thought my mother was dead! And now I know she is alive? And you are asking me to be OK?” I say furiously.
“Audrey, Theo didn’t know she was your mother until he met you!” Melissa says quietly.
“He didn’t know? I thought Theo knew everything right?” I say outraged.
“Keep calm.. If you want..” Theo says…
“Keep calm? This is what you are telling me? What if for 11 years you lived as an orphan.. Then came to know your parent is alive.. You would be calm?” I ask him.
“I thought you would be happy to know that your mom is alive, Audrey.” Theo says, bluntly.
I shake my head and sit down on a chair. My hands and legs are shaking vigorously and beads of sweat are trickling down my back. My throat tightens. I can’t swallow. Tears are streaming down my face. I can’t breathe. I feel as if I’m shrinking. Tinier and tinier. I need help. I can’t move anymore. My limbs feel as heavy as stone and I feel like I’m going to throw up.

“Audrey?” I hear Dylan’s voice but it seems so far away even though he is standing next to me.
“Hey, Theo! She’s having a panic attack!” He screams out.
I feel a cluster of people crowding around. It makes it more difficult for me to breathe.
“Hey, move! Give her space.” One of the boys calls out.
“Audrey! Look at me, Hey.. Look at me!!” Theo says, cupping my face and trying to make me focus.
“Here, feel me heartbeat, try to breathe like me..” He says but his voice just whirls in my head and I can’t concentrate on what he is trying to say.
Then I feel his hands around my waist and he is pulling me out from the cluster into the fresh air. There is nobody around. Just the bright moon and a pleasant breeze.
“Breathe, Audrey, Don’t tighten yourself!” Theo says, rubbing my back.
Here in the fresh air, I start to loosen up and the shrinking feeling starts to go away. I clutch myself and rock back and forth to relieve the tension.
“Ok?” Theo asks worriedly.

I nod and sigh. I’ve never had such a terrible panic attack ever since I was 13! I had anxiety when I was a teenager but then it started to get in control. Now, I feel it rolling back in me. Awakening after a deep slumber. I start to cry. I’ve never felt this vulnerable and weak before.
Theo doesn’t say anything. Just puts his arms around me and sighs in my ear. We stay there for a few minutes until I stop sobbing.
“Feeling better?” Theo asks me.
“Yeah. How did you know what to do?” I ask him, still sniffling.
“My sister, used to have panic attacks. So, I used to comfort her then.” He says.
I nod my head quietly. It’s so weird to see Theo in this way. Caring, concerned, calm, composed…
“You’re thinking how different I am, right?” Theo says, reading my mind.
I nod, unable to say anything.
“Let’s go back. You shouldn’t stay out for too long. It won’t take Harvey a lot of time to sniff you out.” Theo says, tugging at me arm.

I follow him quietly inside the den. Everybody look at me and gives a weak smile. Most of them are still hovering over Sophia – who is still unconscious.
Theo goes over to one of the girls called Jane and asks her to summon my mother.
“You okay?” One of the boys’ bends over and asks.
“Yeah, I’m better.” I mumble.
“I’m Aiden, the capo of this pack.” He says, smiling.
“Hi, I’m Audrey.” I say.
“I totally get why you fretted over your mother. I understand you. I’m an orphan too.” He says, softly.
I nod and give him a smile to acknowledge his concern.
“What’s a capo?” I ask him.
He laughs and says “You have a lot to learn about our world Audrey.”
“I know, and I don’t even know when I’m gonna start.” I say.
“We’re gonna start now.” Theo says, dragging in a blackboard with some chalk.
All the others garb a chair and sit around me, as if it’s a class room and Theo is the teacher.
“Thank God! Finally I will understand how you guys work.” I say, sighing.
The others give out a hearty chuckle. Theo smiles.

“This might a little overwhelming for you, but you will get the hang of it.” Aiden says as he nudges me.
“So, the first thing you need to know are the different types of werewolves.” Theo says.
“There are different types of werewolves?” I ask, bluntly.
“Yes, many types. As werewolves we have different ranks in a pack. First come the ‘PHOENIX’. These are the average werewolves. They do everything that an ordinary werewolf can do, therefore they are targeted mostly in fights, because they are the easiest to defeat. In my pack, we have two Phoenix’s” Theo says.
“Who are they?” I ask him.
“Lydia and Sophia.” He says.
A girl taps my shoulder “I’m Lydia.” She says and smiles.
“And you obviously know, Sophia” Theo says, quietly.
“Next, come the BETA. Beta’s are just like Phoenix’s except they have one special ability that no other werewolf has.

In my pack we have Melissa and Dylan. Both of them are Beta’s. Melissa’s special ability is that she can resist Mountain Ash. Mountain Ash is a poisonous plant for werewolves. She currently is the only werewolf in the universe, who can resist it. And Dylan’s special ability is that he can resist Mistletoe. Mistletoe is also poisonous to us. Dylan is also the only werewolf who can resist Mistletoe in this universe.” Theo says.
I look over to both of them and smile. No wonder Theo sent me with both of them. They both are reliable and have special abilities.
“Next we have DAMOT’s. Most werewolves are born as werewolves due to their ancestral history. A Damot whereas is a human who was bitten to be a werewolf.

The Damot here is Derek. He was bitten by another werewolf but decided to join my pack. They are also like Phoenix’s except they are bitten and Phoenix’s are born werewolves.” Theo says.
“Hi!” A voice booms loud from behind me.
I look back and see him. He’s Derek.
“Next we have the CAPO. A Capo is the co-captain of the pack. They are extremely powerful and can’t be defeated by a Phoenix, Damot or Beta. You already know that Aiden is the Capo here.” Theo says.
Aiden looks at me and grins.
“Next we have the ALPHA. The Alpha is the Captain of the pack. They are the strongest and most powerful. They also have the ability to relieve pain by taking some themselves, but only to a certain limit. Taking too much pain from a sick being can kill them. Here Zack is the Alpha.” Theo says pointing towards the boy leaning next to the blackboard, opposite to him.
“Hi!” Zack says to me.
I smile back.

“Then we also have a few human’s who are part of our pack. Like Jane. She isn’t a werewolf or any supernatural. She is just an ordinary human who works with us. Jane acts like a spy. Keeping track of our rivals and signaling us from danger. She is a HUNTRESS as well so often she helps us avoid werewolf hunters. Right now she has gone to summon your mother.” Theo says.
“Speaking of your mother. Natalie is our emissary also known as a DRUID. She is a human, not a supernatural. Druid’s have vast knowledge about medicine and Celtic history. So often when we need advice we summon a druid. Every pack has their own druid. In our case it is your mother – Natalie.” Theo says.
“Finally, we have something called a BANSHEE. Banshees are just like average humans, but they are kind of psychic. They can detect death and know when things are gonna approach us. In my pack, Veronica is the Banshee, but she had to go somewhere, so right now she isn’t here. Veronica was the one who alerted me about you getting kidnapped. Our pack is one of the only pack’s with a Banshee.” Theo says.
“So basically in your pack you have Phoenix’s, Beta’s, A Damot, A Capo, An Alpha, A Huntress, A Druid and A Banshee… Right?” I ask Theo.
“Perfect, you have gotten the hang of it.” He says, smiling.
“So, what are you?” I ask Theo.
He hesitates for a second and then says “I’m a FIERO.”

“What’s a Fiero?” I ask.
“A Fiero, is the strongest werewolf in the entire universe. Even more stronger than an Alpha. In the world, currently there are three Fiero’s. One of them being Theo.” Zack tells me.
I look at Theo. I never imagined him to be the strongest of them all!
“Fiero’s are dangerous though. Legend says that one should never get a Fiero completely angry or they have the capacity to destroy everything that comes in their way. They are known to be like the kings of the werewolf world.” Aiden continues.
“BTW, None of us have ever seen Theo in the angry way the myth says. He is pretty good at controlling it.” Melissa says.
Theo gives me a brazing smile.

Precap – Audrey is bitten by Harvey but doesn’t transform. One of the members of Harvey’s pack points out ‘If a werewolf bite doesn’t transform you, it kills you!’ Indicating that Audrey will die!!

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  1. Superb chapter! Full of info regarding. It seems like we aren’t reading about werewolves who are mythological. But some actual beings! Cool. By the way, why did Natalie go away from Audrey? And last day’s precap wasnt fulfilled. Its ok. I love the chapter and your story. You are having an outstanding ability , talent and laborious too. Is Harvey a Fiero too? Guess so. Otherwise equality wont be maintained! And Theo’s way of curing her panick is so cute yet full of care. I had perceived that Theo must be the strongest one! He said its HIS pack. And a totally shocking precap! But Audrey wont die. Will she? Guess her mom will save her. Lets see how you shape it. Keep it up..

    1. Thank You Bisha 🙂 I tried my best to keep it as realistic and intriguing as possible and I’m so glad to know that you have grasped it with ease. Why Natalie drifted away from Audrey is explained in my next chapter (15).. Which probably should be up by the time this comment is published.. The previous precap will be fulfilled there 🙂 Yes, Harvey is a Fiero too, which is explained in CHP 15 as well..Yes, obviously Theo had to be the strongest cause he is the hero right? 😉 And about Audrey’s death.. You just have to wait and watch cause it’s going to change the whole track once more 🙂 Thank you so much once more.. Byee LY

  2. oohh gosh it ws an epic epiii srsly i m feeling like m reading some world class novel with full of suspense thrill new characters nd much more love u dear nd when did harvey bite audrey????? will she die or turn into his pack plzzz no she should be in Theo’s team nd m waiting when she nd her mom will meet soo much excited yr plzzz update soon till thn byee love u tc

    1. Thank You Shreya. I’m grateful for your continuous support and encouragement :).. Harvey will bite Audrey in the next chapter.. And if she dies or not is something you have to watch out for. Her mom and her will also meet in the next chapter, so keep reading and hopefully it will answer all your queries. Thank you so much again 🙂 Byee LY

  3. I am commenting here 4 the 1st time. Sorry bt i can’t comment regularly bcoz I hv my entrance examinations. Bt i read all the parts. U know what ur story is making me crazy. The way u pointed out all the types was just awesome. Waiting 4 another suspense. N what abt the patients in the asylum n Zoe. Update soon. And can u tell me frm which state r u?

    1. Hi Rashi, I’m so glad to know you have been reading and liking my story. It’s totally fine that you can’t regularly comment 🙂 Just continue reading and following up, that’s more than anything I want 🙂 Than you for your words of appreciation. They really mean a lot to me. The patients at Radley and Zoe are side tracked for now as they don’t fit in but they will be back very soon.. I will try to update as fast as possible. I’m not from India, I live in Dubai 🙂 Byee

  4. It’s completely taking me into it……
    Try to update fast…..

    1. Thank you Haya, Your comment makes my day 🙂 I will try to update as fast as humanly possible 🙂 Byeee

  5. It was really awesome…. The classification of wolves, Theo taking care of Audrey ….everything was amazing…. Good work.

    1. Thank You So Much Buzz 🙂 Really appreciate it 🙂

  6. Hi !! U r an amazing writer dear !! I love ur story!!

    1. Thank You So Much Advaita! Really Grateful ??

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