The Invincible (CHP 12)

The Invincible (CHP 12)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey communicates with Zoe about Theo and how he was able to pick up all her lies as if he knew everything. Zoe abandons the plan thinking that Theo knows everything and that pursuing such a plan would be hazardous. Audrey and Theo leave for the party as they have a sweet moment in the elevator. At the party, she meets Melissa.. Melissa seems to have a connection with Theo! Three men in a parking lot kidnap Audrey!

CHP 12
My head thuds hard and my eyes are still fuzzy. I can’t feel the blood trickling any more. I groan as I strain my eyes to look. I’m in a dim room. It looks like a warehouse, with spare furniture, clothes and other resources. I struggle to lift my hands and see they are tied by rope, so are my legs. No one seems to be around. I look at my bag on the table. My cross-bow and arrows are still in there! I can use them to slice open the ropes. I try to tip myself near the table and attempt to reach my bag but alas!
“I have taken your bow and arrow, Audrey!” A loud voice booms from a cranny.
I can’t see anyone around.. Who is talking?
“I know you are eager to know why you have been brought in this condition but believe me.. I mean no harm!” The voice booms.
The voice seems familiar to me.
“Who are you?” I scream out but my voice quivers.
The man steps out and his shadow falls over me.
“Hello Audrey!” He says as he smiles wickedly.
It’s the same tall man who I had encountered in the attic and is supposedly Lady Cambridge’s DEAD husband.
“Are-A-Aren’t you supposed to be dead?” I ask him as my voice trembles.
“Aaah! So you do know! Well, yes! I’m supposed to me dead but I’m not. Poor Naomi, she actually thinks I’m dead.” He says smiling.
“Naomi?” I ask, absolutely blank.
“Lady Cambridge’s first name! You didn’t think her name was Lady Cambridge did you? It’s actually Naomi Haynes Cambridge. Don’t look so shocked!” He says smiling.
“Why have you kept me her like a prisoner?” I ask him, outraged.
“Oh Yes! I’m extremely sorry for keeping you here this way.. You know I’m not used to having guests.. I’m not very hospitable.” He says sarcastically.
“If you could stop talking in puzzles and actually tell me why you have got me here, I would really appreciate it or else..” I say menacing him.
He chuckles and says “Very well, Let’s get down to business, shall we?”
“I have gotten you here to help you, Audrey!” The tall man says.
“Help me? In what way?” I ask him, surprised.
“First of all, to help you figure out what is causing disturbances at Radley. Secondly what is the mystery behind my fake death and finally to figure out what Theo truly is!” He says.
“You are going to help me? Why should I trust anything you say? I don’t know you! I don’t even know your name!” I say, speedily.

“OK Audrey! Whether you trust me or not is something I can’t change but if it helps, my name is Harvey.” He says, smiling.
“So.. Tell me, what is causing these events in Radley.” I ask him as casually as possible.
He rolls his eyes and says “I can’t tell you the whole thing but I can tell you that ‘the patients are fantasizing. And whatever they are seeing in their minds is what they are writing on walls. Next time look carefully. Whatever you read is actually what they are seeing. And you know why they are hallucinating? Because they are being poisoned. To help them, you need to start by sucking the poison out!”
“How do I take the poison out? And what are they being poisoned with?” I ask him.
“I can’t tell you that! You will have to figure it out on your on. If you follow my advice you will soon uncover the whole mystery.” Harvey says.
“I don’t believe you!” I say spitefully.
“Last time, I told you to keep an eye on Theo and look! You are so close to knowing what a monster he is!” Harvey says with a look in his eye.
“Monster? No, Harvey! Theo is not a monster! It’s you who is the bad guy here! I can look in your eyes and tell the hunger you have for evil!” I say, angrily.
“Aaah! Your temper truly matches your fiery hair, Audrey! What do they used to call you? Daughter of Satan?” He says, laughing.
I roll my eyes and hunch back. What have I gotten myself into.. But whatever Harvey is saying

seems legit enough. It seems true. It makes sense.
“What? You believe me now? I can see the look in your eyes. You hate me but you do believe every word I’m saying.” He says.
“Why did you pretend your death!” I ask him.
“Because, my life was in danger. And pretending to be dead was the perfect option!” He says, shrugging his shoulders.
“Who wanted to kill you?” I ask him boldly.
“Oh No! I wasn’t going to be killed by someone! I had cancer..” He says quietly.
“So?” I ask him blankly.
“So… I wanted to live. Apparently, science still doesn’t have the perfect medicine to beat cancer but the supernatural does have!” He says, wickedly.
“Supernatural?” I ask him.
“Yes! Werewolves, Vampires, Kitsune’s, Werecoyotes! They don’t have any diseases! All they have is power!” He says, proudly.
“So what are you?” I ask him.
He laughs and looks at me. “Want to know?” He says
I nod my head as beads of sweat trickle down my back. I can’t hide away, fearing the truth forever. Today I will see it and believe it.
Harvey starts to shape shift. His ears grow extensive and wide. His back starts to vibrate. His teeth grow into piercing canines. His body starts to coat itself with silver fur and then a spark of red glows in his eyes. A wolf! A werewolf!
“Look at me Audrey! This is me now! Powerful! Glorious! And Immortal! No one can hurt me! No one! He says laughing.
My entire body trembles. I had never expected this kind of transformation. But I calm myself. He won’t hurt me! If he would have wanted to, he could have hours ago!
He inches towards me. “What had you said? Werewolves don’t exist? But they do! Look at me! I’m the proof!” He says.
“So, you turned into a werewolf and your cancer was cured? How?” I ask him, trying to divert his mind.

“You see, werewolves have a great healing ability. We can heal within hours! If a human gets shot, there might be chances it will die on the spot but a werewolf.. We heal within an hour and then we’re back to our powerful selves. So my cancer healed within hours!” He says, smiling as he turns back to his human form.
“So why did you fake your death! You could have stayed as a human right?” I ask him.
“I was scared. Scared that I would hurt Naomi if I ever lost control to my abilities. So I decided it would be better to just pretend my death and keep her out of it.” He says sadly.
I nod.
“I still don’t get it! How do you turn into a werewolf?” I ask him.
He smiles. “You get a werewolf to bite you.” He says.
“So, why have you decided to help me?” I ask him.
“Aaah! Yes! Now comes the interesting part. I want you to be part of my pack, Audrey!” He says, smiling.
“Part of your pack?” I ask him.
“Yes! We as wolves are in packs as we are stronger when together.” He says.
“You have a pack?” I ask him, shocked.
He laughs and says. “Would you like to meet them?”
He howls so loud that I feel my ears are about to burst. The floorboards start to creak and a door opens. In walk 7 boys and 4 girls. All dressed in black.
“This is your pack? All of them?” I ask him, trembling.
“Yes! And I want you to be part of it. You see, all of them are powerful but not very intelligent. I wanted someone with brains! Someone who is intellectual and cunning. Someone like you. With you in my pack, we will be unstoppable!” He says wickedly.
“So you want to turn me into a werewolf?” I ask him.

“Yes! Obviously.” He says smiling.
“You said you brought me here to help me solve mysteries, but actually you brought me to help yourself. To make yourself more powerful.” I say, angrily.
“No! I’m helping you as well. Imagine Audrey! The powers you will have! You will be unstoppable. No one will be able to hurt you!” He says.
“You said I’m intelligent right!” I say slyly.
“Yes!” He says, smiling.
“Then what made you think that I will be a werewolf with an outrageous and malevolent pack like yours.” I say as I cut open my hands and slam the chair on Harvey’s head. All the other werewolves shape shift and move forward to assault me. I spot my cross bow and arrows in a corner and sprint. I quickly pick it up and shoot. I also have light bombs. Werewolves are scrawny when it comes to bright bombs. So I drop them near to the werewolves and also drop some smoke bombs and run out of the door which is still ajar, while the werewolves struggle and choke. I run and run in the darkness. I don’t know where I’m heading or if I will be able to reach anywhere safe.
“Audrey!” Someone squeals.
I turn back to see around 7 people standing a few meters behind me. They have silhouettes of wolves as well. Did the wolves already escape the bombs? Are they this fast? I run faster, but I can hear the footsteps behind me. They are now only a few centimeters behind me.
“Stop Audrey, It’s me Theo!” He says.
I stop in my tracks and turn. And here he is, standing tall. With his own pack. A werewolf! Exactly what Zoe had said.
“Are you alright?” Theo says coming towards me and clutching my shoulders.
“I would prefer if you keep your claws off my shoulders.” I say sarcastically while looking at the lethal claws on his paws.
“Sorry!” He says, moving back.
“Aren’t you scared, looking at me. Like this?” He says.
“No! I already saw Harvey and his pack as werewolves a few minutes ago. The frightening feeling is overdone.” I say, smiling.
He smiles and behind him, his whole pack stands submissively. One of them is Mellisa.
“Mellisa? You too?” I say, astounded.
She shrugs her shoulders and smiles. I look back at Theo.
“How did you find me?” I ask him.
“ I caught your scent!” He says, smiling.

I roll my eyes. “What now?” I ask him.
“We need to escort you somewhere safe and the rest of us will have to face and distract Harvey.” He says, turning to his pack.
“Mellisa and Dylan. Both of you! Take Audrey to our den. The rest of you, Get your claws sharpened, cause it’s action time.” He says.
“You will be safe with them. And they will take care of your injuries.” He says as he strokes my cheek and then leads away with his pack.”
“Come on.” Mellisa says as she and Dylan lead me away.

Precap – Audrey is taken to Theo’s packs den. While Dylan helps tend to Audrey’s wounds, Mellisa accidentally blurts out that Theo has a crush on Audrey!

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