The Invincible (CHP 11)


The Invincible (CHP 11)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Zoe and Audrey agree on a plan after some argument. Audrey goes to invite Theo to a party and they have an awkward conversation after which Theo points out that he feels Audrey is lying to him. When he finally agrees to come; he gives her The Diary of Gerard, which Audrey had forgotten, in the library, which also indicates that Theo was there in Brighton the other day. Audrey gets a message which points out that Zoe and Audrey feel that they are going after Theo but the truth is that Theo is actually going after them!

CHP 11

I give Zoe a call immediately.
“Hey! Did Theo agree?” Zoe says as soon as she picks up the line.
“Yeah, he did but listen to this!” I say, almost breathless.
“What? Did he say something?” Zoe asks, concerned.
“Yeah, he knows I’m lying. When I was telling him about the party he came close to me and whispered in my ear that he knew I was lying. Later he also suddenly said that he thinks we have a plan but then started laughing and said it was a joke!” I say hurriedly.
“What? Does he know?” Zoe says.
“I don’t know if he really knows or not but it freaked me out! It’s almost as if he can look through me!” I say.
“You know in the Diary it says that a werewolf can sense when a person is lying by listening to their heartbeat.” Zoe says, sucking a deep breath in.
“Which is another trait that Theo shows.” I say quietly.
There is an eerie silence for a few moments as both of us sit in agony.
“That’s not it you know Zoe. Something else happened also.” I say.
“What?” She says, completely overwhelmed.
“When I was leaving.. He gave me….. The Dairy of Gerard. The same Diary we forgot to take with us, yesterday in the library.. Which means he was there last night and he knows exactly what we are going to do.” I say.
Zoe keeps quiet for a few seconds and then says “I don’t think this plan is going to work out now! If he knows what we are going to do… He will hide himself.”
“Now what” I say, exasperated.
“Just come here anyway.. We will think for a new plan later when we come back to Yorkshire. We can’t just cancel on the party now.. Theo will doubt us.” Zoe says, wearily.
“Alright! So we just attend a party tonight? No.. plans and all?” I ask her.
“No! I will tell the fake hunters to not come as well.” Zoe says.
I suck in a breath and say “Alright!”
She disconnects the line and I lay down on my bed. The disappointment in her voice was clearly evident. But we don’t have a choice. If Theo knows.. He will never uncover himself! I look at my watch and it’s already 2PM.. If we have to leave at 3PM then I better start getting ready now.

After 45 minutes

“Are you ready Audrey?” Theo says from outside our door.
“Just give me a second!” I say as I insert a bobby pin to hold my hairstyle in place.
I quickly grab my clutch and open up the door.
“Hi!” He says but he is engrossed in his cell phone when he looks up he steps back in astonishment. “Woah! You look amazing-phenomenal!” He says.
“Thank you!” I say, blushing a bit.
“Let’s go!” He says as we head down in the elevator.
One of my pins fall out and my hair falls back down on my face.
“Jesus Christ! Can’t my wretched hair stay in place!” I say frowning as I try to fix my hairstyle.
Theo smiles behind me as I fumble in the mirror.
“Don’t do anything. Just leave them loose. You look really pretty with your hair open!” He says smiling.
“No! I look like the daughter of Satan with my hair open!” I say frowning.
He smiles again and gently says “I think you look like a mermaid.”
I look back at him gratefully and smile. All my life I had been insecure about my hair. I was a redhead! My hair was such a bright, flaming red that people always called me ‘a red vixen’. It was long and wavy and went all the way down to my waist and I absolutely hated it! But know when I looked in the mirror and saw it through Theo’s perspective I actually liked them for once!
He inched towards me and took the front pieces of my hair and tucked them behind my ear. “There, you look perfect now.” He said.
I smiled at him and said “Thanks!”
When I looked back at my watch I was horrified to see that it was already 3:05 PM.
“Theo! We are going to miss the train! There are only 10 more minutes left!” I say tugging at his shirt.
He smiled and said, “Who said we are going to Brighton by train?”
“Then, how are we going to reach there?” I asked him in bewilderment.
He took my hand and led me out into the parking lot. And there stood a shiny, red convertible.
“WOW! It’s beautiful!” I said touching it.
“I know!” he said as he pulled out the keys.
“Whose is it?” I asked him.
“Mine, of course…” He said with a funny look.
I nodded my head. Of course it was his. I had forgotten that he was Theo Cavanaugh. He worked for the defense agency and his dad was a billionaire. Of course the car was his. I sat in and we drove of to Brighton.

“Hey, Theo and Audrey!” Zoe said coming to greet us when we had arrived our destination.
“Hi!” Theo and I said in unison.
“Come on, I’ll introduce you guys to everyone.” Zoe said tugging us both.
After we met all of Zoe’s friends, I started talking to a girl named Mellisa. She was a kind soul. We talked about the latest trends, books, films and so much more.
“Hey!” Theo said tapping my shoulder while I chatted to Mellisa.
“Hi! Something you want?” I asked him.
“Yeah! I’m starting to get bored. Can we go back?” He said.
I smiled, “Sure, just give a few minutes. Then we can leave.” I said.
“Alright, meet me in the parking lot at 9!” He said.
I nodded. He looked around as if he was searching for something and then looked at Melissa as if he recognized her. She looked at him intently as well. I think they knew each other.
“Hey! Are you guys together! You look so cute!” A young girl said, pointing at Theo and me.
I shook my head politely and said, “No, we’re just friends!”
The young girl shrugged her shoulders and said “What a pity!” as she went back to the dance floor and when I looked back. Theo had gone of as well and so had Mellisa!
“Hey!” I said, finding Zoe on the dance floor.
“Hi! Enjoying?” She asked me.
“Yeah! But I’m leaving.” I said.
“Why? The party isn’t even half way yet.” She said frowning.
“Theo isn’t comfortable and wants to go back.” I said.
“Oh, alright!” She said.
I left her there on the dance floor then and looked at my watch, it was 8:45.
I had to meet Theo in the parking lot in 15 minutes. I decided to go to the parking lot anyway. The wind was breezy and pleasant and I stood next to the convertible for a few minutes. I looked at my watch again. 10 more minutes. I sighed and closed my eyes. Suddenly I heard a bang. When I turned back there was no one there. Then I heard a scratch. A shiver went down my spine.
“Theo, is that you?” I asked trembling.
Then suddenly someone grabs me from behind. I start to scream but a hand claps over my mouth. It smells like soap and is so big that it almost covers my entire face. I thrash but the arms holding me are too strong, so I bite down one of the fingers.

“Ow!” a rough voice cries.
“Shut up and keep her mouth covered” That voice is higher than the average male’s and clearer.
A strip of dark cloth covers my eyes and a new pair of hands ties it at the back of my head. I struggle to breath. There are at least two hands on my arms dragging me forward and one on my back, shoving me in the same direction and one on my mouth, keeping my screams in. Three people. My arms hurt. I can’t resist three people on my own. After thrashing I hear the sound of the sea. A weight in my stomach drops. We are right above the sea on a bridge. Are they going to drop me in? I thrash harder and struggle.
“Why is she being so difficult?” One of them says.
“Just give her a little whack and she’ll quiet down.” Another says.
One of them slaps my back hard with something like a bat and then my knees. I feel a substance trickle down my shins. I realize my shins are bleeding and they sting. Then suddenly they strike my head and my eyes go blurry as I start to drop.
“What did you do?” One of them says as I drop down.
“You told me to hit her!” Another screams.
“Yes! But not that hard!” The other one screams.
“She has to be alive!” One of them says.
All the noises are getting muffled in my head and I feel blood trickling down my head as well. My breath slows down as I struggle against the cloth on my nose.
“Look! Her head is bleeding.” One of them screams.
“Holy crap!” One of them says.
They lift me up and sprint somewhere. Before I know what is happening, I feel my heart going up my throat and then Black……

Precap – Audrey wakes up in a place. Her hands and legs are tied to a chair. “Hello Audrey!” A voice says. When she turns back to look, she sees the tall man!

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  1. it ws good but wht will happen nw she is kidnapped nd tht too by some super natural powers??? is she

    1. Thank You Shreya 🙂 Yes, Audrey has been kidnapped.. But I can’t yet reveal if it’s by supernatural forces or not.. But if you pay close attention you will notice that the people kidnapping her are just ordinary humans and haven’t shown any supernatural abilities yet! Thank you once more 🙂

  2. WOW!! Sorry. I just saw the 10th chapter as I had missed it. Anyways, undoubtedly beautiful chapter again! Anyways, I am really super excited to know what happens to Audrey and is Theo too involved in this kidnapping plan or not! Sometimes I feel that the stalker is Theo himself! At other times he seems to be the tall man! But most votes goes to Theo. The way you are penning down this, is surely a treat for my eyes and mind. But sometimes I do think you are diverting from the central point- Radley! They are staying there for at least a weak(I dint count but! LOL) and have gone there only twice at the time of the events! There can be more dangers for the patients there. Audrey should now focus on Radley too! I think the treasure of each and every mystery lies in the asylum. Lets see how you shape it! I am sorry if I have hurt you by my words but I just said my opinion. Anyways, keep it up and keep writing like this! GOOD LUCK!

    1. Hi Bisha.. Thank you so much for your sweet words and kind encouragement.. To be honest, I’m losing words to express gratitude to your constant encouragement! Audrey getting kidnapped was actually a last minute plan and it only occured to me when I was writing the chapter. Whether Theo will be involved is something even I haven’t decided yet :P.. And when it comes to the stalker.. I’ll give you a SPOILER : It isn’t Theo or the tall man! ;). The main plot – Radley.. Yes! I have often thought about it and I know exactly when it will be placed in the ongoing plot.. If you remember Audrey and said that the only way to solving Radley’s mystery was to know more about Theo, because it had all started when he had arrived at Radley! All I can say for now is that ‘There’s a circle of life. If a mystery starts at a place.. It will end at that too’. And you haven’t hurt me at all.. Infact I’m very open to these kinds of opinions and they really help in progression of the story 🙂
      Thank you once again.. TC LY <3

  3. Nice…..
    Waiting for next episode….
    Try to make it long

    1. Thank you Haya <3 I do try to make my episode's long enough to hold the mystery in 🙂 But your opinions are welcome and I will try to make them longer 🙂

  4. God….wot to say…its killing me(in a good way)….hw long will it take to reveal d mystery..i’m tooo deseparate to find it out…ya i knw wer is d fun if everything is revealed …u r awesome at keeping mysteries…stay alive…
    It was amazing…d tall man is a mind reader… So he is d one who abducted hr…is melissa a werewolf or is she a hunter…..will theo b able to save hr…
    Update soon!!love you….

    1. Hi Vivi! Thank you so much for your words of appreciation :).. The thing about mysteries is that when one isn’t even over yet.. Another one paves it’s way to snatch the readers mind and then it’s the writers job to complete them all (which is super difficult 😉 )
      The tall man.. I wouldn’t say he is the mind reader but yes… He is quite something and going to be a significant character. Mellisa is a new character who is going to play a VERY important role.. (just wait and read 😉 ) And will Theo be able to save her? Well, has he ever left Audrey alone and hurt (SPOILER ALERT!) I will try and update as soon as possible. Bye .. LY

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