The Invincible (CHP 10)


The Invincible (CHP 10)

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Summary Of Last Chapter – Audrey and Zoe go to Brighton to one of England’s biggest libraries to find out more information about wolves. Audrey asks the librarian about the Diary of Gerard. The librarian asks an answer to a riddle instead of the Diary. When Audrey gets her hands on it, she dismisses it as ridiculous until Zoe tells her about it’s history! They then notice how Theo’s abilities match that of a werewolf.

CHP 10

“You do know that your plan sounds absolutely ridiculous right!” I say as I slump on a puff bag and sigh.
“Hello! It might work! See, here on the book it says that a werewolf’s biggest enemy is a werewolf hunter. To face a werewolf hunter it must use all it’s powers. In other words it must shape shift!” Zoe says.
“So basically, we are going to hire fake hunters?” I ask her.
“Yes!” She exclaims.
“Won’t he find out?” I ask her, utterly exasperated.
“I don’t know? But we can try, right?” Zoe says.
“OK! When we go back, I’ll ask him if he wants to come to the party.” I say.
Zoe nods and smiles.

The next day

Zoe’s plan sounded extremely ridiculous and stupid but maybe it was worth a shot to try. Today I have to try and convince Theo to attend a party with Zoe and me in Brighton. Apparently when Zoe was taking a break, she had met a guy who had invited her to his house party. So we will be going there and acting normal. Later in the night I have to take Theo with me to a garden nearby. The fake hunters would be there and they will try and get Theo angry so that he can shape shift. The plan doesn’t sound right to me though. What if they really end up hurting Theo even if he is innocent? What if Theo comes to know what we were thinking about him and it really hurts his sentimental? So much to look into but so little time. I jump up my bed and get ready. Last night Zoe, stayed back in Brighton to make arrangements and I came back to Yorkshire to take Theo with me. After I’m all ready to go, I start to look for Theo.
I knock on his door on his apartment.
“Hey!” He says, acknowledging me as he swings open his door.
“Hi!” I say.
“Where were Zoe and you yesterday?” He asks me immediately.

“We went to Brighton.” I say.
“Brighton! Why?” He says as he signals me to come in.
“We just wanted some fresh air. There was too much going on here in Yorkshire!” I say as I walk in.
His room is exactly as I thought it would be. Clothes thrown around. Dirty dishes clumped on the sink. A boyish smell hovering in the air.
“Sorry!” He says, looking at me and grinning.
When I look at him now, I just see a 24 year old young man, with a brooding smile, ruffled hair, sparkling eyes, and a huge dimple which would make all the girls go weak on their knees. It makes it increasingly difficult for me to imagine him in an evil way.
“So.. What brings you here?” He says, leaning against the wall.
“I actually came here to invite you for a party!” I say.

“A party?” He asks me with bewilderment.
“Yeah! It’s one of Zoe’s friends parties.. I needed someone to go with so I thought I would ask you.” I say.. dropping down a downright lie.
“Me? You’ve come to the wrong person Cather… I’m not really a partyish guy…” He says scratching his head.
“Ok! First stop with that nickname! I absolutely hate it!” I say irritably.
“Ok! Cather!!” He says, grinning even more widely.
I roll my eyes and say “Secondly, it won’t be that bad you know… I’m not a party girl either.” I say trying to be as persuasive as possible.
He looks at me for a second and says, “You have a plan don’t you?”
I practically choke on my own breath and splatter “What?”
He laughs and says “Relax, I was joking.”
I sigh and shake my head. I actually thought he knew.
“Why are you so scared? I can practically hear your heartbeat!” He says.
“I’m not scared.” I say, defensively.
“A person’s heart only races this fast when they are scared or..” He says as he leans in next to my ear “Or when they are lying” He whispers in my ear.
A shudder passes down my spine and I feel as if Theo can look right through me.
He moves back and sits on his chair. “Fine, I’ll come. What time?” He says.
“Uhh- Uh- 3PM?” I say quickly as turn to leave.

“By the way Cather. I think this belongs to you.” He says.
When I turn back, I see he is holding out The Diary of Gerard.
I look at him nervously before snatching the book from his hand and running out the door. As soon as I reach my bedroom.. I shut the door and slump on my bed. How did Theo get this? Yesterday, I forgot to take the Diary with me and Zoe had said she would go get it back from the library. This means Theo was there yesterday… And he knows everything!
My phone beeps. I pick it up and see the message from the unknown.
‘I told you to watch out! He is always ahead of you. You think you are going after him but the truth is that he is after you!’
-Your (not) well -wisher.
My hands shake as they phone drops onto the bed.

Precap – Audrey and Theo reach Brighton and attend the party. A young girl comes to them and says, “Gosh, you guys look so good together!” Audrey and Theo look at each other in surprise.

Sorry guys for the short update but this week has just been incredibly busy for me. I do try to update as frequently as possible but it becomes a little busy sometimes. As a reward for you guys in return, you can ask me any questions you would like about ‘The Invincible’ and I will try and answer all the ones I can! ☺

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  1. hy i think he do knw everything srsly it feels soo nd i think werewolves nd vampire can read the mind if m not wrong thn he knws everything nd still behaving normal how can he nd whose the person who is msgng her as in soo many thought in my little brain it’s doing part time job to solve all these doubts hahahah better u help me out well today’s epi ws awesome nd do find time to update byee love u tc gn

    1. Hi Shreya! Thanks a lot for your appreciation! 🙂 Yeah, he does know. The person who messages Audrey actually can kind of read her mind and is a stalker so he knows exactly what Audrey is doing at what time… Hehe, that’s the thing about mysteries.. They keep whirling in your head until you don’t find an answer and I’m sure all you questions will be solved soon. Thank you so much again 🙂 Byee LY

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