Hi everyone, yb here . just thought to do some fun activity. I have started writing ff’s just some time before, so I don’t know many of the authors, readers and silent readers. so I just thought to ask few questions , do answer them and introduce yourself. This is just like an introduction, do try.
Hope you have fun.
Name: balamirra yegneswaran
Age: 14

Why do you like ek duje ke vaaste? I like ek duje ke vaaste only and only because of namik paul and nikita dutta.

Something that attracts you towards shraman? Their friendship/bond

What habits have you inculcated watching edkv? We should not be egoistic, ego is the biggest obstacle towards love.

If there will be a season 2 of edkv, then how do expect it to be like? Edkv season 2 should show what other problems/ odds shraman face in their happy love life.

What are your other hobbies? Singing, collecting stamps, sketching, listening to music etc

What other serials do you watch in sony/ other channels? Beyhadh,/ ek rishta saajedahri ka and ishqbaaz.

Guys answer them as fast as possible, so that I can come to know about each one of you.
Thankyou guys
Hope you enjoy this till i upload the next episode


  1. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Ohk I am in

    Name: Khushi as u can c😋😋
    Age: ladkiyon ki age puchna is not good dear…..Haha I will tell i am 17 years old
    Work: to irritate others and disturb others😂😂😂😂
    On a serious note
    I am writing ff Love is Blind and wrote an OS Tere Bin which is my personal favorite

    I watch edkv only and only for my jaan NAMIK PAUL no other reason to watch edkv

    Yeah the bond and friendship between shraman is the one which attracts me

    Yahi that there is a thin line between self respect and ego and we should take care of that line and one more that taking help from ur friend does not lessen ur self respect

    In edkv season 2 I would love to c seperation track in which shravan will be at fault and will try to persuade sumo

    My hobbies are sleeping dancing singing watching TV listening songs

    Nowadays I watch ishqbaaz and pardes mein hai mera dil

    So this was my intro nice to meet u dear and this is really a good step to make new friends

    • Balamirra



      hii kushi,
      glad to know that you watch edkv only for namik, i know he’s too good……
      i loved the way you explained the thin line about ego and self respect ..
      we have similar hobbies and yeah i love to watch ishqbaaz , so thats good
      nice to meet you

  2. AnShIta


    |Registered Member

    Hey di!
    Long time no see, huh?
    Where had you been all this while??? I’ve been waiting for your posts ever since! Please do post the next one soon! Really soon indeed!
    Now, my name is Anshita Sharma and I’m 12 years of age. I’d written this FS named ‘THE DIARIES – OUR LIFE SAVIOURS’. If you haven’t heard of it, do have a look at it!
    Honestly, I liked EDKV mainly because of Nikita Dutta…her acting was soooo perfect! As for her character, it was my favourite! I learnt about taking my own bold stand whenever required no matter what the consequences shall be…
    Of course, ShraMan’s bond did attract me to the show but, Suman Tiwari was the key to the show for me…
    I believe that if there is ever another season if the show, ShraMan’s married life should be focused on, including the tough and rough times they have to face. Definitely, their bond should be comparatively waaaaay stronger by then!
    Coming to my hobbies, I LOVE listening to songs like helllll! Singing, too, is what I always do. The two of them, listening to songs and singing, make up my life! And, not to forget, I love reading books! My favourite series include Harry Potter and Percy Jackson…what about yours?
    Other soaps I watch include Chandra Nandini, Beyhadh and my all time favourite, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi😍😍😍😍😍
    Now, one question from my side to you: Which celebrity do you like???
    So, after all this discussion, I’ll sit say one thing, post the next episode of your ff really soon!
    Love ya!😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • Balamirra



      hiiii, anshu..
      yeah dude, i was busy..
      nevermind, i will upload the epi very soon yaa…
      nice to learn that you watched edkv only because you love suman tiwari…
      i hope there is a season 2 and shraman face all the obstacles in the journey of love.
      i like little woman by louisa may alcott , enid blyton books and all other classics.
      i like many celebrities and yeah most of them are singers like, adele, bruno mars, ed sheeran, katty perry,arjith singh, armaan malik, shreya ghoshal, neeti mohan and actors like benedict cumberbatch,chris evans, akshay kumar, jaqueline fernandes, ranbir kapoor and tv celebrities who will always remain my favourite: namik paul, nikita dutta , kushal tandon, jennifer winget, gautham rode, kinshuk vaidya, shivya pathania,shaheer sheik, erica fernandes and many more..
      it feels very good when someone wants to read your work asap… i will upload it soon dear..
      nice to know stuff about it..
      love yoou anshu, youve always supported me throught my ff’s

  3. Diya


    |Registered Member

    Ok I start
    Name : Sonai…u can also call me Diya
    Age: 14
    I have just started writing an OS or ff..whatever u call it : Love You Forever.

    I love Ek Duje Ke Vaaste for its wonderful story line of childhood friendship turned into true love. Watching this show made me fall for Namik and Nikita.

    Their nok-jhok,height difference,true friendship,and wonderful chemistry attracts me. In fact their is nothing in EDKV that does not attract me. Every thing attracts !!

    How to become a true friend. Not to involve ego in any relationship. Help a friend at any cost.
    To Sacrifice.

    In season 2 I want both Niki & Namik. I want their nok-jhok to continue and want some more romantic moments.

    I love singing,painting.dancing.talking and reading..and also writing poems. And the most important…WATCHING TV.

    After EDKV I’ve stopped watching television. But if I get time I watch Naagin 2 & Ishqbaaz…but very rarely.

    So this is me…a very boring person !! Love ya !

  4. Christie

    Name- Christina Aelly
    Age-12 years
    Love to watch edkv for Shraman, their unique love story. Their bond attracted me to watch edkv.
    If edkv season 2 it should be continue from season 1 story. Their married should be focused.
    Hobby- dancing,singing, disturbing and irritate others, Roam around,gardening.
    Love to watch Beyadh, ek rishta sajhdari Ka,ishqbaaz, ek tha raja ek thi rani.
    Well that’s my introduction please post the next part ASAP.

    • Balamirra



      hi christie
      shraman’s love story is indeed a unique one , i watch most of the serials that you watch..
      keep reading my ffs
      thankyou for the support

  5. |Registered Member


    ok so very new to this site
    i,m ammmmmm except real name will reveal everythng sorry

    ffs:ammmmm no i just love to read not written any yet but gng to write soon
    i,m mbbs student 1st year

    i watch edkv just for namik the namik paul he is completely baeeee
    what i learn from edkv is that there must be no misunderstanding or ego in love….
    And if there will be season 2 would love to watch sharman romance coz in season 1 sharman bond of frndship was bliss
    ok thats it about edkv

    now about mine i love painting to listen music to study reading or watching fiction stories, many hobbies i hv……..

    And after edkv i hv not watched any serial

    thats all and i would love to be frnds with u???? 🙂 🙂

    • Balamirra



      hii sunshine
      nice to meet you
      welcome to edkv family
      i agree wid you, namik is baee
      and i would be very habby to be friends with you
      do read my ffs

  6. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Hey balarima I love ur stories and also wow love the fact u introduced this thing.
    Name: Joyee/ Farin (won’t reveal the full name)
    Age: 18
    Ff/os: The different shades of love we have for each other (ended, combo ff with krpkab), how can a devil like me fall for an angel like u (5 shots), Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi (2 shots)

    Why I like EDKV?
    Unique concept, NiMik , Shraman’s Nok Jhok, it conveys about friendship which is one of my fav topic, acting of the leads,
    (This is one rare show I watched from beginning to end if not I usually leave shows midway and also followed it religiously)

    I became more egoistic like Shraman 😂😂😂, and more trust on friendship

    I really want season 2 to happen and want them to retain the same cast, season 2 may show their story after marriage (like problems they faced how they tackle it, clear misunderstandings and yes romance, and also their small family and what i really want is Shravan bring sumo to us as it was her dream to go there)

    Friendship and Chemistry

    My hobbies : watching Cricket, funny and reality shows, horror movies, writing, handicraft, inventing stuffs etc.

    Hindi: Beyhadh and Pardes Mein Hain Mera Dil English: The flash (some i watch when i m free)

    • Balamirra



      hey joyee
      thankyou for commenting
      i loved your”kaise mujhe tum mil gayi”
      love to read more of your ff’s
      the friendship between shraman is really cool as you said
      nice to know that you watch horror movies, even i love to
      keep reading my ff’s

  7. Neeti


    |Registered Member

    Name:Hey this is Neeti. Many call me Neetu, Neeto, Nets nd may b mre. U can give me any name. Age: I became 13 this mnth only.

    Ff: Why did you leave me (Edkv), Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives
    Os: our angels- shraman os (cmpleted), hum tum bane ek duje ke vaaste (only gave promo nd intro, nt completed)
    Ts: Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche- a shraman ts (one part left)

    I like edkv bcz of its unique concept, grt cast, music nd of course the main leads. Actually I like it in evryway. Especially bcz it gave me a grt family.

    Their cute fights, their wndrfl chemistry nd bond like u said.

    The woman/girl pwr. We will nt bow dwn to any1 bcz we r girls. We shld b proud to b grls.

    Their love stry, their children. The cute fights, the family mmnts. Their supporting each other.

    My hobby, I dont have any hobby mainly. Bt if any1 ask me what wld I do wen I am upset or happy, then I will say writing.

    Ishqbaaz (I nvr miss any epis, I fi8 with every1 to watch it), Beyhad (smtimes), Bahu hamari Rajni kant (fr time pass), Tarak Mehta ka oolta chashma (time pass), Pardesh mai hai mera dil (watched till nw, bt as it is Ekta’s show nt sure till wen). The Kapil Sharma show (bcz of my bro)

    Ha so my hobby is also eating. Eating everybody’s head. I am mre obssesed with Shivika than Roumya or Om…(b it any1 opposite O, bt my fav will b Shivika). I knw I hve a lng list of shows bt I dont watch every epis of them, jst wen I get bored but I cant miss IB any day. Too much obssesed it bt nt mre that Edkv. Nw additional intro frm my side:
    I am fully crazy girl. Dog lover. First impression is the last impression wont wrk fr me. I dont get angry easily, bt once I get angry, its almst impsbl to pacify me. Hate boys (nt celebraties). Dance plus lover. Huge crush on Raghav Juyal (more than any1 <3). Aftr my dog died, I am vry lonely. Love to edit pics. Wanna b scienetist. U get life once, live it fully- I belive it truely.

    It is long as an epi of any ff. So I quite writing fr nw. Jst let me knw ur additional intro.
    Love u- Neeti

    • Balamirra



      hi neeti
      i agree with the fact that the music of edkv attracted me too
      apart from that their are many good things that we have learnt from the story line like girl power and all as you said.
      even i am like you, i dont miss ishqbaaz, its my 2nd favourite serial after edkv.
      i like shivika, ishkara and rumya, but my favourite is shivika, i love them like anything<3
      nice to know your additional intro.
      mine goes like this
      i am a happy go lucky girl, i hate maths, love economics, crazy ideas arouse in my mind which lead to new inventions, i love being myself, love sushant singh rajput<3<3, wanna study in massachusetts,love edkv…a crazy shramanian..
      thankyou neeto,
      keep reading my ff's, do comment..

  8. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Mirru sooooo how r u girl nice ques so this seqment should be ques with mirru right toh I may start giving ur answers….
    Name:Harpuneet Kaur(pyaar se preeti)
    Age:unlucky 13 for me lucky coz this year only I got my sweet edkv family love u alllll ….
    Ff:I am mad for you
    Three shots:Hum tum aur shraman.
    One new five shot:tera mera pyaar ishq ka gumar…
    Os:yaar 10 likh di nhi pta paongi and chod kisko janna hai…
    Reason I like edkv:ese kuch hai hi nhi ki mujhe pasand na aaye aapne edkv mei main reason namik height personality good looks and Nikita smile soooo cuteee…
    What I love bout shraman:they know and care for each other best buddies and best couple
    Habits:we should care for each other friends r always friends ego se bacho .
    Edkv 2:I want some great chemistry of shraman….
    Hobbies:bhut hai.tu page PR rozana aana friends ke sath masti poems likhni ghane sunne hr smay TV dekhna I like cricket also…
    Other TV show:reality show bigg boss kapil sharma show best of luck Nikki the suit life of karan and kabir tmkoc I watch many shows pehle like shararat sonpari karishma ka karishma kya mast hai life many kids shows…uncountable.. …..
    Bs ki kuch aur bhi jannana hai.
    Do ask more quessss????
    Pls tell me meaning of ur name so unique loved itttittt….
    Loveeee uuuuu.
    Take care.
    Post ur ff…

    • Balamirra



      hi preeti,
      i know you have written a lot of os, each and everything is too good
      yes..namik’s height and nikita’s smile is an other reason to love edkv.
      and edkv s2 should show some nice chemistry between shraman too..
      tum mujhe mirru, jo bulati, woh mujhe bohot accha lagta hai..
      my name is not unique, i ll message you the meaning
      keep reading
      love ya

    • Neeti


      |Registered Member

      Oye, Preeti di. Ap to mere jaise ho. Evn I used to watch this all, bt Bangladesh me Disney banned kiya gya hai ;-(. Best of luck Nikki nd Doraemon was my fav. Doraemon k waja se bann kiya hai. Pta nai kaun use dekh kr pagla gya, uski waja se Disney chala gya, wrna mai koi serial nai dkhti thi phle. Big boss k hr season mujhe mjburi me dkhna prta hai nd Kapil Sharma show v mere bro ki wajase dkhna prta hai. Aur apne jo jo bla mai sb dkhti thi bachpan me, on pogo, nicklodean, disney, humgama, sre channel k sre shows day to ni8 mai dkhtithi. Ab sirf Nick bcha hai.
      Bye, love u- Neeti

  9. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Sry for being late but here goes my intro
    Name: Ariana (Aryana) ppl call me (Ari or Aru)
    Age: 14
    Not long I’ve been here but I wrote:
    “Love, Friendship or Something more (EDKV)”- Completed
    “Storm of the Bruised Hearts (EDKv)”- Continuing

    l loved edkv for it’s natural story line. Perfectly realistic with no extra sas-bahu problems. Ik it screwed up at the end but keeping at aside, just love it. Obv a reason is Namku. He is just a chocopie

    ShraMan friendship is a hugggggggeeeeee thing I’m fond of. The fact that I can relate to it makes it even better (not the love-just frndship part) and I also admire the definitation of love and marriage it potrayed. Something out of telly logic nd into real world sort

    Of course ego is a huge factor to learn abt from EDKV, but besides I would take in the biasness. So while judging we should b open minded allowing to wear everyone’s shoe nd look into the matter. And though I’m not a love-y person nd even Shakespeare’s writtings can’t make me step a single step towards love still I’ll take in the friendship zoned love part where even when ur man-woman hormonal influences pop up, the friendship stays harmless

    In S2 I would love to see more of external conflicts than internals ones but not sas bahu ones

    my hobbies inclue: Singing, playing piano, clarinet, mallet or drums, painting, reading books, solving puzzles, , playing badmintonsleeping, eating 24/7, talking (count in as blabbering nonsense)

    Other shows I watch: Currently studies have taken over my life but if free I watch Beyhadh nd Ishqbaaz. Besides serials I’m obsessed with cartoons nd sports like cricket, soccer nd basketball

    ask more questions if u want

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