Intezaar (SwaSan) Episode 9


Episode 9:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka akhri Pannah…akhri mor… Mein Karoon Intezaar tera…(Intezaar)

Hi everyone, it’s Halima again with another FF…
Hope you enjoy this boring and 8th episode of Intezaar.

Sorry for any mistakes…
The episode starts at the factory, the person is revealed to be Fairy’s brother-in-law, he laughs.

“What did you think…? Who would’ve it been?” 40 year old man says.

Sanskaar huffs in anger.

The flashback is then shown that after telling him the truth, he takes a gun out and shoots fairy. Fairy is shocked along with everyone else in the room.

“It was me who supported Raghu!” His brother-in-law/40 says.

Fairy is stunned while falling.

“I wanted this Akka Power! That’s why I did this! I thought to blackmail you by using your daughter but she ran away, now we found her but we don’t need you any more! The property that you named under Swara’s name would be mine! I would tell her you’re her father and you left her the property and she will give it to me! Don’t worry, after my work is over, I’ll make her reach up, next to her Maa and Baba!” 40 says and chuckles.

Fairy gets angry, the 50 year old man is shocked.

“If you want your life then keep quiet!” 40 says.

Then fairy manages to stand up and falls on to 40 but then a blast happens.

All are shocked and they rush out, Fairy also comes but 40 pretends to help him and takes him out.

End of flashback.

Sanskaar looks down and thinks “This is why Dada said to protect Swara…”

“Hahahaha, what are you thinking?!” 40 says and laughs evilly.

“I’m thinking about how to finish you!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“Anyways we will finish you and finish Swara!” 40 says

“You won’t be able to unless you die!” Sanskaar says in a serious and threatening tone.

40 year old man relaxes back while them men come to attack Sanskaar, Sanskaar fights them. The police then enter with Raka, all are shocked, the police fight the men too, the 40 year old man stands up and tries to run but Sanskaar blocks his way, he then starts beating him up. Raka looks on.

“You killed Dada! This is for him!!” Sanskaar says and punches him in the stomach hard.

“You wanted to kill Swara?!” Sanskaar says and holds his collar.

He then punches him, Raka goes to Sanskaar and calms him, the 40 year old man falls on the floor.

“Leave me!” Sanskaar says to Raka.

Swara then reaches there and sees men on the floor and bleeding, she then sees Sanskaar and a smile appears in her face.

She was about to call her name but sees the 40 year old man pointing a gun at Sanskaar while his back is faced towards him. Swara is shocked and runs there.

The man pulls the trigger and the bullet flies in slow motion, Sanskaar and Raka also turn in slow motion, the bullet was close to hit Sanskaar’s chest but Swara comes in between and it hits her chest in slow motion. After she gets shot, everything comes back to normal and she falls in Sanskaar’s arm. All are shocked including Sanskaar.

“Swara!” Sanskaar shouts.

Swara painfully smiles at him and touches his face, tears fall out of Swara’s eyes.

Swara’s POV:
My Sanskaar is safe… I couldn’t let anything happen to him, I managed to smile through the pain I was feeling, but this pain is worth it, he’s safe and that’s all I’m happy about. I couldn’t get my words out, I see everything going blurry around me… I can’t see anything clearly.

Before closing my eyes, I heard a bullet, I didn’t know who got shot or what happened, I was lying lifeless, I didn’t know what will happen next, Bas I hope Mera Billa is safe. I drowned into the darkness.

Sanskaar’s POV:
I saw Swara In front of me in pain, I couldn’t take her pain… Something happened to me… I felt a pain in my heart, I don’t know what it was but I was boiling in anger so I took the gun out of Raka’s pocket and shot him! But Swara… My Swara, my Chudail isn’t opening her eyes! I’m sitting lifeless, I don’t know what’s happening around, I’m just looking at my Swara. I hope nothing happens to her, I love her and I can’t live without her, she is my life.

I started to weep in front of everyone.


The ambulance took Swara and that man, Sanskaar was taken by the police, he was crying remembering Swara.

Police station:
Raka received a call.

“Hello? City hospital?” Raka says.

Sanskaar, who is behind the bars looks there.

“What? That’s great news. Thank you.” Raka says and disconnects the call.

“What happened?” Sanskaar says.

“Swara survived.” Raka says.

Sanskaar stands up and is happy.

“Swara? Sh…she’s alive?” Tears of joy comes out of Sanskaar’s eyes.

“But…” Raka adds to get attention.

“But what?” Sanskaar asks.

“I’ll ask the commissioner if I can take you to meet her for the last time.” Raka says and leaves.

Sanskaar looks on but smiles hearing that Swara is safe. He then thinks of something.

After a lot of convincing the commissioner let Raka take Sanskaar to the hospital.

Sanskaar reaches the hospital along with Raka, Raka tells him to go in and Sanskaar does, he sees Swara lying down with closed eyes. He goes up to her with tears in his eyes.

“Swara?” Sanskaar says but Swara doesn’t open her eyes.

The doctor comes in while holding Swara’s report.

“And you are?” The Doctor asks.

“Sanskaar.” Says while looking at Swara.

“Oh, so you’re Sanskaar? She said your name during the OT.” The Doctor says and comes near.

“Is she alright Dr?” Sanskaar asks faintly.

“She survived but… Slipped into coma.” The Doctor says.

Sanskaar is stunned and tears develop in his eyes and eventually roll down.

He sits besides her while the Doctor leaves.

“Swara… I will always be yours… But not in this life time… Intezaar karonga…” Sanskaar says and leaves while wiping his tears.

Meri raahon mein pade
Tere pairon ke nishaan
Ne kaha, ne kaha
Teri saanson se judi

Sanskaar is walking outside the hospital with the police, Raka looks on.

Meri saanson ki wafa
Ne kaha, ne kaha

Girte inn aansuon mein
Kuch toh tujhsa lage hai

In the police jeep Sanskaar is staring out and is remembering Swara and their fights…

Inn ashqon mein main na khota

Agar tu hota toh na rote hum (x4)

Paaon ko the mile zameen ki tarah
Aankhon mein kyun hue nami ki tarah

In jail he is sitting down and staring into space and doesn’t eat, he is thinking…

Dil ko tum kehte the Khuda ka hai ghar
Chhod ke kyun gaye ajnabi ki tarah

In court he is also thinking about Swara and is lost.

Girte inn aansuon mein
Kuch toh tujhsa lage hai

The court declare their decisions.

“Witnessing the evidence and witnesses, this court has decided to prison Sanskaar Maheshwari for 4 years under the crime of drugs and mafia… We have found out that he defended himself and not murdered.” The judge declares.

(Not good with laws and sorry for mistakes… I don’t know much about this…)
Sanskaar looks at Raka and Raka nods yes.

Inn ashqon mein main na khota

Near the van:

“You didn’t do the wrong think by killing him! He nearly killed Di and you defended all of us!” Raka says and leaves.

Agar tu hota to na rote hum (Sanskaar thinks about Swara in the van) (x4)

Bin tere dekh main, zara sa lagun
Gham se hi aaj kal, bhara sa lagun
Chhod de saath na, zindagi meri

Sanskaar is in prison and decides something.

Soch ke baat ye, dara sa lagun

4 months later…
Sanskaar is shown working in the jail…

Girte inn aansuon mein
Kuch toh tujhsa lage hai

He looks on and nods.

Inn ashqon mein main na khota

Agar tu hota to na rote hum (x4)

Song end as Sanskaar writes a letter, he then finishes writing and walks near the door.

“Call Raka..” Sanskaar says.

The officer gets confused.

“Shushim…” Sanskaar says.

The officer then nods okay and Sanskaar looks on.

Then Raka comes there and looks at Sanskaar. Sanskaar sees him.

“You called me?” Raka says.

Sanskaar walks forward but there is a cage in between them.

“I want you to do me one last favour”

“What favour?” Raka asks

Sanskaar hands Raka a letter through the holes.

“Give this to Swara.” Sanskaar utters and walks away.

“Only if Swara Di wakes up…” Raka says.

Episode ends on Sanskaar’s face.

Precap: Last episode… What will happen?
FAIRY – Jackie Shroff

RAKA – Anuj Pandit Sharma
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