Intezaar (SWASAN) Episode 5


Episode 5:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka akhri Pannah…akhri mor… Mein Karoon Intezaar tera…(Intezaar)

Hi everyone, it’s Halima again with another FF…
Hope you enjoy this boring and 5th episode of Intezaar.

Sorry for any mistakes…
The episode starts with Swara turning to Raka.

Raka: Thank you.

Swara then looks at Sanskaar and smiles, he walks away.

Swara: Why? It was my duty to protect my bother.

Raka: I’m not even your real brother and you…

Swara: Arey… But you are my brother Na?

Raka smiles and nods.

Raka: I’ll get going…

Swara: Where would you go?

Raka: Wherever…

Swara: Leaving your sister here? No! You’re not going… It’s not safe for you out there.

Swara then goes to the side and buys a Rakhi. She then walks back to him.

Swara: I know I’m early but I can’t wait till Raksha Bandhan day…

Swara then ties it around Raka’s hand, he smiles.

Raka: I don’t have any gifts.

Swara: Stay here… That would be a great gift and Raksha Bandhan is a month away… So be prepared to empty your pockets.

Raka and Swara laugh.

After a while Swara finds an empty house, she manages to break the lock and opens the door, she coughs.

Swara: You stay here Raka…

Raka: What about you?

“I’ll stay somewhere else.” Swara says.

“But Di…” Raka says but stops.

“Why did you stop? You can call me Di.” Swara says with a smile.

She then gives up while looking at the state of the house. She walks in with Raka and starts cleaning it.

Sanskaar walks past and sees her in the house.

“Who opened this house for her?” Sanskaar thinks.

“Jungly Billa…? He kissed me Na? Ab Dekho!” Swara thinks and smirks while noticing him.

“Raka, pass me that bag.” Swara says.

“This one?” Raka points at the blue bag.

“Yes.” Swara says.

Raka then gives it to her and she takes it,

Sanskaar turns around as he hears his name.

“What?!” Sanskaar says.

Swara spills the marbles from the bag and Sanskaar turns and looks at her, he doesn’t look down and walks forward, he slips on them and falls down.

Swara and Raka start laughing while Sanskaar gets angry.

“What the hell?!” Sanskaar shouts.

“Oh… Billa? After all who can see the Billa come in?” Swara says.

“Why do you call him Billa?” Raka asks.

“Oops… Jungly Billa.” Swara says.

Each time Sanskaar tries to stand he slips. Raka was about to go to help him when Swara stops him.

“He spilt water on me Na? Watch what I do now.” Swara says with a devilish smirk on her face.

Swara goes inside and brings out a bucket, she then walks near Sanskaar and spills a bucket of liquidly cow dung.

“It’s good the Padosi Vali Aunty left this bucket here.” Swara says with a smile.

Sanskaar is angry and huffs, he then grabs Swara’s hand angrily and pulls her, she slips on the marbles and falls on top of Sanskaar. Both share an eye-lock for a while. Sanskaars anger disappears while Raka looks on with a smile and then goes out.

Raabta tune plays…

Sanskaar’s eyes are shown looking at Swara and Swara’s eyes are shown looking at Sanskaar. Swara then breaks the eye lock and tries to get up. Sanskaar also tries getting up. Swar gives up and sits.

“Chi! You got me dirty too!” Swara says while yanking the cow dung off her shoulder.

“It’s your fault!” Sanskaar says.

“My fault?! You’re the one who pulled me down!” Swara says whil glaring at him.

“Haa and I was the one who poured it on my self Nai?!” Sanskaar says and tries to get up.

Swara then ignores him and thinks of something. Sanskaar continues trying.

Swara then moves the marbles out of the way with her hands and pushes them away, she then crawls out and stands up, Sanskaar looks on.

“You do it like this!” Swara says and leaves.

Sanskaar shakes his head and crawls out the way Swara did and leaves.

“Bhai ko Batana padega!” Sanskaar says while leaving.


Swara finishes cleaning, she sees Raka talking on the phone.

“Who is he talking to?” Swara thinks.

Swara then comes out and Raka finishes talking and turns around, he gets shocked to see Swara.

“D..Di? You?” Raka asks.

Swara gets suspicious while Raka tries to laugh it off.

“Come inside, I fixed your bed.” Swara says.

Raka nods okay and walks in, Swara gets thinking. She then sees Sanskaar sitting near the well.

“Billa?” Swara says to herself.

Swara then smirks and walks down.

Sanskaar is remembering his meeting with Swara, a smile appears on his face while he was thinking about her fearless attitude in the bus. Swara sees him smile and gets shocked.

“The Billa is smiling?!” Swara thinks and looks on surprised.

She takes her phone out and quickly takes a picture, the flashlight shines on Sanskaar and he looks up.

“Thank god I caught it…” Swara says while smiling and looking at her phone.

Sanskaar stands up angrily.

“What are you doing?!” Sanskaar says.

“I’m dancing.” Swara says and puts her phone in her pocket.

Sanskaar gives the confused look.

“Obviously I took your photo!” Swara says.

“But why?” Sanskaar asks.

Fairy is looking outside from the window.

“There is something about this girl which makes her different.” Fairy says and closes the Windows

Swara smirks while looking at Sanskaar.

“What happened?” Swara says.

“Billa ko apni aukaad yaad aagayi?” Swara mockingly says.

“No… I was thinking what type of Chudail are you?!” Sanskaar says.

“Chudail?!” Swara says and thinks.

“You must be the Queen of the Chudails right?!” Sanskaar says with a smirk.

Swara huffs and Sanskaar goes up.

Swara up and goes inside the house and sees Raka sleeping in his room.
She then goes in the other one and locks the door.


Swara wakes up and opens her door, she heads out and hears a knock on the main door. Swara opens it and sees a lady.

“Beta… Today is my daughters Sangeet and Mendhi… Do come with your brother.” The lady says.

“Brother?” Swara thinks.

She then remembers Raka and nods okay.

“Ji Aunty… We will but where?” Swara asks.

“Here… In this colony.” The lady says and leaves.

Swara then sees people making arrangements, she sees Sanskaar directing the decorators.

“Oh… So this Billa will decide the decorations?” Swara says to herself.

She then sees 2 buckets full of flowers but they’re different.

“Sir… Which flowers shall we put here?” The decorator says.

Sanskaar looks at the two basket, one had roses and the other had sun flowers.

“The yellow ones.” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks on.

“Sun flowers and in a sangeet?!” Swara says while walking towards them.

Sanskaar then looks away after seeing her.

“Bhaiyya, do one thing… Decorate his room with sunflowers” Swara says and looks at him.

Sanskaar glares at her.

“Anyways please put the roses on.” Swara says.

The decorator nods okay and tells his men to take the basket full of roses. Sanskaar turns to leave.

“Mr Jungly Billa.!” Swara teasingly says.

“Itni Jaldi haar man liye?” Swara says.

Sanskaar just leaves, he then smiles and shakes his head while leaving and Swara smirks.

Swara is then walking around and she notices Fairy’s house. She sees Raka inside it and is searching for something. Swara gets confused and shocked.

“Raka?” Swara says and enters.

Raka stops and is shocked, he turns around and sees Swara.

“What are you doing here?” Swara confusingly says.

“N…nothing.” Raka says.

“Isn’t this Fairy’s house?” Swara asks.

Raka is speechless and is thinking.

“I… Vo…” Raka struggles to say.

Sanskaar sees them and enters.

“What are you doing here?” Sanskaar says and comes in.

Swara turns around and both Raka and Swara see him.

“We’re having barbecue!” Swara says.

Sanskaar looks on.

“We accidentally entered the wrong house.” Swara says and looks at Raka suspiciously.

Raka then looks at Swara and nods yes.

Sanskaar looks at Raka suspiciously. Fairy comes in and is confused to see them.

“Arey Bhai… Yaha koi party Chal rahi hai?” Fairy asks.

Sanskaar turns and the trio see him.

“Nahi… It’s just that we came in the wrong house and he wouldn’t let us go.” Swara says.

“Oh… But excuse me.” Fairy says while looking upset.

Fairy goes inside and Swara looks on. She then sees a small white photo on the floor and goes forward to pick it up but Sanskaar picks it up.

“This is Bhai’s!” Sanskaar says.

“Yeah and I’m not going to steal it!” Swara says.

Both SwaSan glare at each other but Sanskaar gives up and looks away with a smile, Swara gets confused.

“Raka… We shouldn’t stay with Jungly Billa’s!” Swara says.

“Let’s Leave!” Swara says loudly and leaves while Sanskaar is still smiling.

Fairy sees this and a smile appears on his face.

“For the first time I seen Sanskaar smile like this…” Fairy says with a small smile and shuts the door.

“Chudail… Billa Ki Billi” Sanskaar chuckles.

Sanskaar then remembers all the incidents.

“When did she do this and why?!” Sanskaar thinks.

“Is it a good thing or bad.” Sanskaar pouts.


The decorations are ready, Swara comes out in a blue Salwar suit. She smiles seeing the decorations.

“Wow, not bad.” Swara says.

She heads down and sees the bride sitting down. Raka comes down too but looks at Fairy’s house. Swara reaches down and turns around, she sees Raka looking at Fairy’s house.
Raka turns to her and then smiles.

Sanskaar is standing on the side and smiles seeing Swara.

Swara confusingly looks at him. The mendhi ladies come and start doing the brides mendhi. The ladies start dancing.

Swara claps and enjoys, Raka keeps on staring at the house. Some men come in and get shocked seeing Swara…
Swara doesn’t see them.

Precap: BLAST… Boom!!

FAIRY – Jackie Shroff

RAKA – Anuj Pandit Sharma
Thank you for reading… Do tell your opinion and if it’s good or not good…

I would upload episode 6 on the the 30th July…
Till then I hope you all have a blessed day, take care and keep smiling…?
Love you all?

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    You’re a great writer ducky.

    Love you.

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