Intezaar (SwaSan) Episode 4


Episode 4:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka akhri Pannah…akhri mor… Mein Karoon Intezaar tera…(Intezaar)

Hi everyone, it’s Halima again with another FF…
Hope you enjoy this boring and 4th episode of Intezaar.

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The story starts with the bus stopping at a destination, Swara is shown sleeping.
She then remembers the scene and hears the bullet, she wakes up shockingly.
She looks around and sees everyone sleeping but Sanskaar and Raka missing.

“You’re awake?” The conductor says.

“Ji… Have we reached?” Swara asks.

“Yes, we reached Hyderabad.” The conductor says.

“Oh, so the Jungly Billa is here too?” Swara says and stands up with her bags.

“Yes… Dada is here… In Hyderabad.” The conductor says.

“Thank you for a safe journey.” Swara says and heads out.

“Oh God… Please make Sanskaar beta and her stay away from each other…” The conductor prays.

Swara is then shown walking on the streets with her shoulder bag and suitcase. She smiles looking around.

“Wow, Hyderabad is so beautiful…” Swara says with a smile.

She continues walking but a thought pops up in her mind.

“Wait… Where am I going to stay?” Swara asks herself.

She was about to get hit by a truck when someone pushes her to the side, Swara falls down.

“Are you crazy? If you’re so fond of dying then die somewhere else, not in the streets of Hyderabad!” A man shouts.

Swara manages to stand up and turns to that man.

“Sorry… I didn’t know the Lorry was coming.” Swara says innocently.

“Are you new here?” The man asks.

Swara nods yes. The man is revealed to be Fairy.

“Do you have anywhere to stay?” Fairy asks Swara.

“Nahi.” Swara nods.

“Hmm… So you ran away?” Fairy asks.

“Haa.” Swara nods.

“Come with me!” Fairy says.

“But…” Swara says.

“If you want to stay here then you can.” Fairy says and turns to leave.

Swara thinks wether to go or not.

“Wait…” Swara says.

Fairy stops.

“I’ll come.” Swara says while thinking.

Fairy nods his head yes, Swara then picks her bag up and sits in the car and both leave.

After a while they reach a basti (colony) Swara looks around.

“Arey Wah, expensive suit… Expensive car and this is where you live?” Swara asks.

Fairy chuckles.

“Well you don’t need to live in mansions to show off your money… I like staying with my people… Here.” Fairy says.

“Hm…” Swara nods and gets impressed.

Just then someone smashed against Swara window. She gets shocked and moves back, the car also stops.

“Arey… This is Raka, why are you hitting him?” Swara says worriedly.

“You know him?” Fairy asks.

“Haa, I met him on the bus.” Swara says and steps out.

Fairy also steps out and the driver drives the car off.
Swara sees Raka lying on the floor.

“If he’s here then that Billa must be here too!” Swara says and huffs.

Fairy also sees Raka on the floor.

“Raka?” Swara says and bends down.

“What happened? Who did this to you?” Swara asks.

Raka opens his eyes and sees Fairy. Swara notices him looking at Fairy and turns around.

“F…Fairy.” Raka struggles to say.

Swara gets shocked after hearing the name.

“Fairy? Is that Fairy Dada?” Swara thinks.

Just then she sees Sanskaar heading there with a broken liquor bottle. She gets shocked.

“He’s going to hit you with that?” Swara says and gulps.

Sanskaar gets shocked seeing her.

“What is she doing here?!” Sanskaar thinks.

Swara then stands up and faces Sanskaar.

“You’re not going to come out of your bad habits are you?!” Swara angrily says.

All look on and gasp, Fairy is stunned.

“Move out of the way and let me do my work!” Sanskaar says angrily.

“What work?! If you were doing some good deed then I wouldn’t have stopped you but killing somebody isn’t a good deed!” Swara says.

Sanskaar angrily looks away and then looks back.

“You don’t know what we do here so it’s better to mind your own business!” Sanskaar says in a high tone.

“You can’t kill my brother!” Swara says while glaring at him.

All get shocked including Raka, Fairy and Sanskaar.

“Your brother?!” Sanskaar asks.

“Yes… My bother!” Swara says firmly.

Raka looks on.

“But I’m…” Raka says but gets interrupted.

“No Raka… Whoever is helpless… in trouble or in need… Swara is their for them. So at the moment you are and I can’t let them kill my brother.” Swara says while looking in Raka’s direction.

Raka gets emotional while Sanskaar and Fairy are stunned.

“You can’t make a criminal your brother!” Sanskaar says.

“So?! I’m not seeing what his religion, caste, status or background is… He needs help and his sister is here!” Swara says.

Sanskaar shakes his head in a disagreement and gives up.

“Do one thing, make the whole enemies your brothers and get us killed! Then you can play the brother game!” Sanskaar says

“You don’t know how eagerly I’m waiting for that day. Can’t wait to see someone kill you.” Swara says with a smirk.

Sanskaar angrily smashes the bottle and then leaves.

Swara then helps Raka up.

“Where are you going to keep him? This whole Basti will reject him.” Fairy says.

“I didn’t know who you were before… But everyone has a heart but some don’t show it… It’s just fear who’s stopping them.” Swara says in a serious tone.

“Oh, so it’s the matter of fear?” Fairy asks.

“Thank you for bringing me here… I won’t forget your favour.” Swara says and walks forward with Raka.

The driver comes back with Swara’s bags. Fairy signals him to follow Swara. Swara makes Raka sit down.

“What was the need to do all of this?!” Swara says and bends down.

The driver leaves her bags near her.

“Thank you.” Swara says.

The driver leaves, Sanskaar is looking from upstairs with crossed arms.

“I didn’t know that someone like you would have a big heart too.” Raka says.

“Waise… How old are you?” Swara asks Raka.

“I’m 19 years old.” Raka says.

Swara is shocked.

“People like me do many other things too… I’m not only sweet and innocent… And some people are the same, especially that Jungly Billa, what does he think of himself?!” Swara angrily says.

Sanskaar hears and looks on.

Raka chuckles.

“And I’m only 1 year older than you.” Swara says and finishes aiding his hand.

“20?” Raka asks.

Swara nods yes and stand up, just then she feels water spill on her. It happens to be Sanskaar who spilt a bucket of water on her.

Swara angrily looks up and sees angry Sanskaar glaring at her. Swara gives him the death glares.

“How dare you?!” Swara says.

Raka also looks up and sees Sanskaar. Sanskaar puts the bucket down.

“Abhi dikhati hoon!” Swara says.

Swara then picks up the shovel and looks at Sanskaar. Sanskaar looks on while Swara comes up the stairs.

“Is she actually coming this way?” Sanskaar says.

All the ladies look on, Swara manages to reach up and glares at him.

“Now watch!” Swara says.

Sanskaar then starts running while
Swara runs behind him, Raka smiles seeing them.

“Bas it’s only Swara who can make Sanskaar do that.” Raka says with a smile.

Swara then slips but Sanskaar holds her on time. Both share and eye-lock.

Raka then moves and the bullet misses him and hits the pole. Raka turns around and sees a man standing there while aiming the gun at him. Raka is shocked. Swara and Sanskaars eye-lock is broken by the sound of the bullet, they compose themselves and look down. Swara gets shocked.

“Raka..” Swara says and was about to go when Sanskaar grabs her hand.

Swara tries freeing it but in vain.

“Please leave me… Raka needs me.” Swara says.

“It’s better not to get involved between Raka and Anil.” Sanskaar says.

“Anil?” Swara asks confusingly.

“Yes, his brother.” Sanskaar says.

“His brother? Biological brother?” Swara asks shocked.

Sanskaar nods yes. Swara manages to free herself and walks forward.

“B…Bhai?” Raka says.

“You’re a looser! We can’t trust you anymore so Bhai said to finish you!” Anil says.

“Why?” Raka says.

“Because you have all of our information and…” Anil says.

“And you can’t trust me?” Anil chuckles and gets teary eyed.

Swara notices Sanskaar isn’t looking and runs, Sanskaar sees and shakes his head.

“She’s going to die! Kali aankhon wali Chudail!” Sanskaar says.

Swara reaches there and Raka sees her. Swara then claps her hand and walks forward, all look at her.

“Wah… A brother will kill his brother?” Swara asks and stands in front of Raka.

Anil looks at her.

“No Anil, he’s my brother and I would not let you kill him!” Swara says.

Anil laughs.

“What would you do?!” Anil says.

“I can do loads of things… Should I show?” Swara asks.

Fairy looks outside from the window and shake his head.

Swara then walks forward with the shovel.

“Stop!” Anil says.

Swara then stops.

“You’re going to scare me with this shovel?” Anil says and laughs.

Swara glares at him and throws the shovel at him, it hits his head and he drops the gun, Swara picks it up and aims it at him.

“No, not with the Shovel but with this gun!” Swara shouts while aiming it at him.

“And yeah, don’t underestimate the power of the Shovel!” Swara says while gliding it to her side with her foot.

Anil glares at her.

“I must say, this girl does have courage… She’s different.” Sanskaar says while looking on.

“Now leave if you love your life!” Swara shouts and moves back with the shovel and gun.

“Eh Ladki! You stay out of this!” Anil shouts.

“No! How can I?! He’s your brother for god sake, have you forgot you two took birth from the same mother… Have you forgot your childhood moments?! Have you watched Karan-Arjun?!” Swara says.

Anil and Raka think.

“Have you forgotten the promises that you made to your mother about taking care of your younger brother?!” Swara angrily shouts.

Anil looks down and gets teary eyed.

“Why is she torturing them with her emotional drama?!” Sanskaar says to himself.

“But Bhai…?” Anil tells

“Forget Bhai! Okay… Tell your Bhai that you killed Raka and Raka, take your mothers oath that you wouldn’t tell anyone about them or any information associated with them!” Swara says.

All get shocked.

“Is this girl crazy?! She’s ruining the chances for us.” Sanskaar thinks.

“Maa Kasam… I won’t tell anyone anything Bhaiyya.” Raka says.

Anil looks up and sees him, he then smiles and nods and leaves.

A song starts playing.

Suraj Kab Door Gagan Se
Chanda Kab Door Kiran Se

Anil leaves and Raka smiles through his teary eyes.

Khushboo Kab Door Pawan Se
Kab Door Bahaar Chaman Se

Sanskaar yawns.

Yeh Bandhan To Pyaar Ka Bandhan Hai

Anil turns and sees him and then leaves.

Janmon Ka Sangam Hai

Episode ends on Swara’s smiley face.

Precap: Dhak Dhak… Kiska Dil Dhadka??

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